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Lester Aug 16th, 1998 03:20 PM

Bermuda Cruise on the Celebrity Horizon
I am cruising to Bermuda aboard the Celebrity Horizon departing from New York on 8-30-98. I am travelling with my wife, two children ages 5 years and 9 months and with my parents. How is the weather at that time? What about hurricanes? Activities for children? Which is the best beach? Please list activities.

Kathy B Aug 17th, 1998 07:27 PM

Lester, the popular time frame for cruises to Bermuda is from May through October, so you're fine. Celebrity has a program for the five year old called "Ship Mates," supervised by youth counselors. The kids enjoy painting, drawing, songs, dances, movies, and other activities that are right for their age. Babysitting is usually available but you'll have to check on that. You'll be offered island tours, glass-bottom boat and snorkeling trips, sailing, and nightlife tours. Most tours are 3 hours & range from $30-$40 (kids are about 30-40% lower. But, if you want to go on your own, there are forts, museums, art galleries, the aquarium, the Botani Gardens, etc. You'll have FUN! <BR>Kathy B. <BR>

Lynn Aug 19th, 1998 03:22 PM

Hi Lester - We took the exact ship to Bermuda in June departing from Philly. As far as hurricanes, April-Nov. is hurricane season, so it could happen, but so far they seem pretty few this year. We don't have children, but I spoke with a family who had children in the children's program. They said the program was geared towards "younger" children, which will probably be good news for you and your daughter. Their daughter was 12 and was disinterested with the program. I saw the children involved in activities, however, many times on the ship, in the pools and at dinner. I've been on six cruises and this was by far the most children I had ever seen. Being that you will be going near the start of school, I'm not sure if that will be the same, but I'm sure there will still be some. What port are you traveling to. We docked at the Naval Dockyard on the west side of the Island. Once there, you can choose to purchase a three-day transportation pass or rent mopeds to get around the island. The transportation pass allows you unlimited use of the bus and ferry system for three days. Personally, I would not recommend the mopeds if you are not accustomed to driving a motorcycle or on the opposite side of the road. We saw many near accidents and one serious accident where a passenger on the boat fractured his leg severly (we saw it coming back to the ship on a tour bus). We got out to help, but couldn't do anything. Their 911 system takes about 45 minutes to an hour to respond. We heard later he was flown back to the U.S. Anyway, it's not worth ruining your vacation for, when you can get around easily on the buses or ferry. Just evaluate if and how many tours you are taking and decide if you will need the transportation pass. I think it's about $22 or so. I think a one way trip is about $7 (?). Bermuda has many beautiful beaches. We visited Horseshoe Bay--BEAUTIFUL! I wanted to snorkel, but ran out of time, but I was going to try to go to Church Bay, supposedly very good and about a 30 minute bus trip from the ship at the Dockyard. Horseshoe Bay is about 35-40 by bus. To get to Hamilton, it's about an hour by bus. It's possible to bus into Hamilton and catch the ferry back. The trip to St. George (very quaint) is about 1 1/2-2 hours by bus from the Dockyard, so you will need to plan your days accordingly due to the travel times. While we were there we got to see a re-enacted dunking at the town square in St. George--very entertaining. Enjoy your cruise. If there something else I can help with, let me know.

Lester Aug 23rd, 1998 02:46 PM

Thanks for your advice it is much appreciated. I see that a hurricane is coming up the east coast. Hopefully, nothing will develope next week. I will be docking at the naval yard. If you have any more information please write. Thanks. <BR> <BR>lester <BR>

Lynn Aug 23rd, 1998 04:19 PM

Yes, I saw that yesterday and today on the news. When I saw it today, I thought of you and your cruise because I recalled you asking it about it. Hope everything works out. By the 30th, hopefully everything will have cleared out. <BR>

Parrot Mom Aug 24th, 1998 02:50 PM

Hi-we are leaving for Bermuda from Boston on the Majesty on Sunday, this will be our 4th trip. The Norweigan Majesty docks for the 3 1/2 days in St. George which is a lovely town-Last year when we got there I bought over the counter at the druggest Stugeron a anti-seasick pill recommended by a physician I know who sailed across the Atlantic..I'm praying it works--I'm going equipped with ginger tea, the pills, wrist bracelets and whatever....You will love Bermuda--the children will enjoy the aquarium and little zoo..The people are wonderful-you'll be glad your on a ship once you see the prices for eating--but the shopping is great...The Dockyard is a place for the kids to run off steam...and of course make sure you take the ferry--there is a long and a short route--don't take the long--it takes forever.... <BR> <BR>I wish us both a good crossing-- <BR>

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