Young Island Resort...To Go or not to Go

Jul 6th, 1998, 02:28 PM
Paul Tryder
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Young Island Resort...To Go or not to Go

Has anyone been to Young Island Resort off of the coast of St. Vincent? I am planning a honeymoon and would like some details from people who have been.
Jul 7th, 1998, 09:29 AM
Louis Dameson
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We have spent a week there during carival and a week at Palm Island some years ago. Young Island is a very small hill about 300 feet high that is covered with lush gardens about 200 yards from St. Vincent. It is owned by a native born doctor this has an outstanding reputation in St. Vincent for his good works. The management and staff is entirely from the local native population. This is a pleasant change considering how many places are owned by foreign iterests and managed by imported help. He has added animals to the island and some run free like the agutes. Some rooms are located along the water and others are up the hill side. You have a steep path with many steps to get to them. The rooms are pleasant. You also can book a stay that that is part on land and part at sea. Sailing however is not like Drake's Passage where you are in sight of land at all times. Instead it is more like open water cruising. The food is good and there is a ferry that goes between Young Island and St. Vincent continuously. There are some things to do on St. Vincent but we did not spend much time on the island at other than carnival events. Due to the bar just on shore at St. Vincent, the sound of the drum beat from jump-up type of music can go on late at night. This was carnival time and I don't know if the loud music is there at other times. This
did not bother us but it drove one couple from England that were ballet dancers out of their minds. There was no place on the island to get away from the sound. The snorkeling was very modest and I did not see anything better off the shore of St. Vincent on a trip to the waterfall. I swam around the island in the search of good spots. It is a little hard to get around the tip due to the shallow coral.

My wife liked Palm Island better than Young Island. It is hard to compare the two. Palm is flat with little vegitation other than Palm trees. It is quieter and there were fewer people as we had the island mostly to ourselves since this was off season in August. I think others would like Young Island better. It depends what one enjoys most.

I have heard very good thing about Petite St. Vincent. This is likely a more tranquil version of Young Island, the food may be better and the rooms more luxurious. It is mountainous and covered with lush growth. Due to a bad turn in the weather we did not visit there but you could see it from Palm Island.

I am not certain what you are looking for and expecting from your selected destination. I would let the bride have the major voice in the selection. On our first trip, my bride did not really like any of the places I had selected to visit. If you both try to please the other, you can both end up with the short stick. Also, take into account sunburn and insects that can make life miserable at any time.

We just returned from Fiji in May. If you want a romantic, tranquil, lovely spot for a honeymoon, I would highly recommend Matangi Island Resort. You can look them over at If you want someplace with a similar atmosphere that has more varied activities nearby, I would recommend Kona Village Resord in Hawaii. I have suggested both of these to others recently. See If you have specific questions about Young Island, contact me direct.

I asked my wife and she had a hard time remembering the island. She then said it would be alright if you have been living together and want to go somewhere where there are people and you could go over to mainland to jumpup with the locals. Also, she said that she would want to be up the hill rather than the room on the water where we stayed.

Jul 8th, 1998, 04:02 PM
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How would you compare the snorkeling at young and palm islands. Did you go yo Tobago Cays to snorkel.
Have been thinking about spending some time at both
young and palm islands. The petit st vincent island resort looks nice but is very expensive
Jul 8th, 1998, 07:06 PM
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We went to Young Island six years ago on our honeymoon. We loved it. It is a small island with just 30 rooms. We had room #30. This was the last one on the pathway at the very top of the hill. It was l26 steps up from the beach! We got used to the climb. And it was worth it. The room was very private with incredible views. We had the same view from the living room, deck, bed, toilet, and shower. I thought the rooms were nice. Decorated very Caribbean in feel and ours was quite largel. The staff, food, and service were great. We did take advantage of the sail away. It was just my husband and myself on a 40' sailboat with a captain and first mate. Sailed to Bequia for one night and Mustique for the second night. We had a great time. As far as the previous post about the music across the way, we only heard it on Saturday night and it did not bother us. The grounds are very lush, tropical plants everywhere. Quite beautiful. The beach is very small, but adequate for the resort. We did rent a car for one day and toured the island of St. Vincent. Went up one side, came down and went up and down the other side of the island. Very rustic and non-touristy, but worth the trip. We spent l0 days on Young Island and loved every minute. Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions. KathyH
Jul 8th, 1998, 09:26 PM
Louis Dameson
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This is for Ron: My comments regarding snorkeling are based on comparing areas in the Caribbean and Pacific that we have visited during the past 40 years. As you can immagine the ocean and reef conditions have not improved over this time span. On this basis, I consider snorkeling at both Young and Palm Island, when we were there, as being mediocre at best. As always you can find something of interest in some of the most desolate spots of the ocean. I would give the nod to Palm Island over Young Island. Snorkeling on the far side of Palm Island looked somewhat promising but the weather was stormy while we were there and visibility was not the best as this was the windward side of the Island. If your primary interest is snorkeling there are better choices than either island. We went to Tobago Cay for a day by sail boat with two other couples. Unfortunately, none of the others had snorkeled before and barely knew how to swim. For their sake the captain anchored in a shallow sandy area that was waist deep with a few coral heads around. From this I cannot give a fair comment. It was a pleasant trip, however if what I saw was typical, it certainly is not an outstanding snorkeling spot. We liked Palm Island for other reasons particularly the sunsets over Union Island and the bird that would steal cream out of our pitcher at afternoon tea in front of our room. I agree with the prior writer about room at the top of hill at Young Island. A friend of ours that was then an editor for Island magazine was staying in the same room they had. It is a very nice room, location and view. While time spent on St. Vincent was not extensive, the other writer's comments jibe with what I saw. A boat trip to the waterfall is a nice way to spend a day while at Young Island.

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