Young Island for our honeymoon?

Nov 3rd, 2003, 05:40 PM
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Young Island for our honeymoon?

We are considering going to Young Island for our honeymoon in July. I was hoping someone could give me some information.
1. What is the weather like? I know it is the rainy season, but what exactly does that mean (long thunderstorms or short showers)?

2. What type of activities are there outside the resort? Prices?

3. We want to book a luxury cottage (without plunge pool). Which is the best one?

4. Is there a wide variety in food selection? We're vegetarians.

Thanks so much for any help anyone can give me.
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Nov 3rd, 2003, 06:27 PM
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One more question . . . sorry!

Is the sail away option worth it?
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Nov 4th, 2003, 03:34 PM
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You can read reviews at and also at

July will be warm with some tropical showers passing over once in a while. The main storm season is usually August and September.

Lots of day trips in and around St. Vincent - if you like snorkeling, there's some of those trips too.

We like the Luxury Cottages at the top of the hill - a lot of privacy and they are very big with views of the ocean.

St. Vincent is a tropical paradise and grows many fruits and veggies... they serve a variety of fresh ones, so you won't have a problem. They also serve 6 different kinds of breads at each meal - coconut, wheat, banana, cinnamon, and others. YUM!

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Nov 29th, 2003, 10:47 PM
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We are travelling to Young Island in 4 days (December 6), so can't tell you much about the weather in June. We have heard that if you contact in advance they will acommodate restricted diets (i.e., vegetarian). We will be staying for 7 days then chartering for 4 days. I will be happy to post info for you on our return.

Best regards on your upcoming wedding

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Nov 30th, 2003, 12:10 PM
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It has been ages since we stayed at Young Island...aaah that bread!

If you are adventurous, here's an unforgettable day trip: Rent a 4WD vehicle and drive up the coast of St. Vincent on the windward side, all the way to the park at the Owia Salt Ponds on the northern tip. You can see St. Lucia from there, and the landscape is unforgettable - only in Hawaii have I seen a landscape as spectacular. This is an all day trip, but there are little villages that have Coke stands along the way - the people are wonderful. Have a great honeymoon!

P.S. to gingele: Have a great time too!
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Nov 30th, 2003, 03:24 PM
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Honeymooned on Young Island almost 20 years ago. Doesn't sound like it's changed alot. Went in April and it was very hot then. I would think July would be really warm.

Have you considered St. John????

Good luck,

Kathy in Tennessee
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Dec 17th, 2003, 10:07 AM
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Just retruned from 12 glorious days in the grenadines. ahhh..

Wanted to come back & reply to your questions on Young Island.

Still can't help with the weather in July, sorry

Activities outside the resort: First, there is very good snorkeling just off the beach at Young Island. For mellower days this is a great option, as they have equipment there to use and it is free. For day trips, there are plenty of options. We did the following on two separate days - first, we did a daytrip to Bequia. We arranged this with 2 other couples we met at the resort and went thru Dive St. Vincent. We chartered one of the larger powerboats and were taken to Bequia by 2 of their staff. FUN trip out there - lots of waves, like riding a rollercoasater for 9 miles. fun fun fun (really)! About a 20 minute ride, but then the Dive St. Vincent guys toured us around Bequia by boat, so we arrived Admiralty Bay about 1.5 hours after leaving Young Island. We then knocked around Admiralty Bay for around 3 - 4 hours, ate, shopped, etc. Nice island all around and would definitely recommend it. Trip back the waters were calmer, saw more of the otherside of Bequia, then across the 9 mile channel to Young Island. Wonderful day. I think it ran us $50 US per person.

We also did a different daytrip with Dive St. Vincent a few days later. With 2 different couples we went by boat up the coast of St. Vincent up to the Falls of Bailene. This was an all-day trip as well. Left around 10am, followed the west coast of the island northwards. The day was perfect - we could even see St. Lucia 20 miles north. Watched as the populated part6s of St. VIncent became fewer and farther between. Stopped for a snorkel and ultimately stoipped at the Falls. Note: waht was a simle trip inland by foot was at that time not so easy - a rockfall a few weeks ago has now made the path more of a mini-mountain hike. Be prepared to scramble over some fairly major boulers Etc. But for us, it was definitely worth the trip to bathe in that cool fresh water under the beautiful falls. Back out after a while, then on the boat and down to Wallibou Bay for liunch. Neat to see the "town" built for the Pirates move. Then down again , this stop Petit Bayahut by my request. Picture perfect bay with an eco-lodge made up of 5 rooms/tents , a bar and a restaurant. Manager very nice - gave us a tour. Really spectacular place. Then back to the boat and home to YOung Island again. Again, around $50 per person (before tip).

Luxury Cottages -
The only one we were able to see was #28 but WOW!!!! and I mean WOW. What a place. The couple staying there had also been in #30, they said that the room itself was comparable, but you had more of a view ourind the backside of Young Island towartds Bequia as well in that onoe. All I can say is WOW, and hopefully you don't mind stairs - its a small hike up there, but worht it. Plus it will help burn off oall the great food & drinks. By the way,, we also made friends with a couple staing in #10, which is on the beach level, but that had a private pool, gazebo, patio & hammock. But frankly for my $$, and so long as my knees permit, I'd go up the hill to #27 - 30 any day.

Nice variety in food choices. Do let them know before you arrive - they'll accomodate any request (one gal we met - in her 20s mind you - was there for 2 weeks and after her first week of fish, fish and more fish, she cracked and would only eat - are you ready - hambuger and fries for dinner for the final nights of her say. Lovely girl and we got a kick out of this. But never a problem from the kitchen). At each meal there are usually several veggie selections from the soup (always excellent - ate it at each lunch and diiner) to the appetizers, and often from the entrees as well. One in particular I remember was vegetarian ratattoui wontons. Yum. Not sure if you are strickt vegansa, but if you are not and will eat fish, then you will be able to eat off the menu at each meal with no special requests.

I'd love to answer any more questions you may have.

Happy travels -

Amy K
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Dec 17th, 2003, 01:27 PM
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Amy I'm so glad you posted a trip report! I've always been interested in Petit Bayahaut...would you ever consider staying there? Was it expensive? I remember it sounding very expensive, and wondered if I'd feel trapped inside a campground with no roads in or out, what is there to do?

Glad to hear YI sounds as wonderful as we found it so long ago...we stayed in their basic accommodation, and thought we were in heaven. Do they still do a candlelit cocktail party at the tiny islet just beyond YI?
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Dec 17th, 2003, 02:16 PM
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Hey Amy - great trip report, I have always been intrigued by young island - would alos love to more thoughts on petit byahaut. I found what little I have seen/read to be most the outside toilet aspect which I must admit tweaks me slightly!
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Dec 17th, 2003, 03:06 PM
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First of all, note to self: SPELL CHECK
I apologize for the horrid condition of my earlier post. shame shame.

Re: Petit Bayahut. I asked to stop there as I had found it an intriguing place as well (thru internet, etc.) It is located on a picture-perfect cove in a sparsely-populated part of the island. Certainly no one else on the cove, and near impossible to get to over land. My kinda place. But if you require any type of civilization AT ALL either rethink this as an option or only stay a few (like 2) nights to get a taste. Take some good books and someone you love.

You arrive by boat to a gorgeous cove, lush and green in front of a deep valley, beach is edged with palms. Note - beach is nice but not white sand. It is more of a volcanic beach, so sand is soft (but not "powdery"), and dark. It is also a narrow beach, so if you are truly a beach purist/enthusiast (aka anguilla, turks) you may be put off. Not me, I kept going.

There is an expanse of green "lawn" until you hit the trees, where the shade is wonderful and chairs and hammocks are scattered for lounging.

The manager Brian (canadian there with wife and kids) showed us several cottages. By far the best view was from number 5, but with a price...a long walk up the hill (stairs, yes, but not for the faint of heart). We saw a few more lower down the hill, views not as spectacular (none bad, mind you, just more trees in the way of viewing the bay).

The rooms we saw were all similar. They are built on the hillside far apart, so completely private. A large wooden floor is set down, and then that platform is separated into covered areas like the sitting area (more of a patio w/ table and comfy chairs, maybe a chaise), a hammock area, a sleeping area and the bathroom. The sleepiing area and bathroom are the only areas with any sort of wall. Otherwise it's just a floor underneath and a palapa roof over everything.

The sleeping area could be called a bedroom, as it has four walls, floor ceiling and door. However, it was more like a screened in porch than a true room. Plus, it's hardly larger than the bed itself. Certainly meant to keep out the critters, the walls are wooden about half-way up from the floor, and then there is very fine fabric (not screen) stretched tightly in frames where picure windows would otherwise be. All very tight and in theory bug free. Again, it looked like a small, square, screened in porch, just
with heavier (yet transparent) mosquito netting instead of screens.

Ah, the bathroom - well, yes, tis true - they are all outside. And I don't mean just the shower (ala Young Island and many others), but the whole kit & caboodle. And no door either. Some privacy walls and generally situated so as not to be directly in the line of sight with the other areas of the room, ie, off at an angle. But don't travel here and share a room with anyone you have not gone potty in front of. I'd imagine during the day you could run up for privacy while your travel companion is down at the beach. But middle of the night piddles are going to be a shared experience - at least audiably. To me though, those middle of the night jaunts would be a trick not for privacy concerns, but due to the local residence of the foilage - skeeters like me and I can't imagine the new places they'd find to get me.

They do have one rom the call a "tent", but we did not see it.

They have a bar (of course, what else is there to do?) and from what I hear a very good chef for your meals. They do get occasional people loke us who come in out of curiosity off a boat, and from time to time a few sailboats will be in the bay and so there will be some company during the day. If your like me that can be a nice addition - have met some nice folks that way - so long as they are not carting them in by the gross off a cruise ship nearby (not a chance of that here).

The rates did seem on the steep side for what the place was. Don't get me wrong, hubby and I seriously will consider spending a few nights here in the future, but I don't think I'd pay "rack" rate as quoted. They do have pricing options, where you can get room only, room + meals, and room + meals + optional activities (daytrips by boat, scuba, etc.). We were quoted rates ranging from $175 - $400 per night. Of course that does not mean you couldn't do better.

If you like camping, you'll love this place. If you need major (or even minor) amenities, forget it. If your like one of our group of 4 who toured that day...well, let's say she bailed after around 5 minutes and we found her sitting back on the boat when we finished. NOT her kind of place. But I think that they have done a wonderful job with the concept and would definitely stay here for a few nights, but not at rack rates.


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Dec 18th, 2003, 02:52 AM
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sounds just incredible - though this could be your lovely descriptive method!
thank you for being so down to earth about the - ahem - amenities. I suppose my main concern was 'going potty' in front of the manager who might wander down the path to let us know about an interesting bird migration or some such thing - sadly for my husband not even the four seasons can shield him from the 'blissfull marital state' of full disclosure.
sounds initimate, very unique and 'transportive' - thanks so much for the detailed report - methinks we have a professional travel writer in our midst no?
as for spell check - christ - have you seen any of my posts?

"atht was the ebst vacbtion of my entyre live!"

we all fall prey....just keep the great info coming!
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Jan 15th, 2004, 01:49 PM
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We spent a week at Young Island last April. The trip out to Owia Salt ponds was a fun diversion. We hired a driver and stopped at Ferdi's Footprint for lunch. We didn't snorkel there, but did hear good things about it.

Another spot that we plan to visit again was Blcak Point Tunnel. There was a gorgeous black sand beach there-pack a picnic lunch and spend a few hours.

The Botanical gardens are fun for an hour or two. Be sure to hire a guide-without one it would have been just like a walk through someone's yard. We had a great guide that made the trip a lot of fun.

For a taste of Kingstown, visit for a while on Market Day. We felt very safe and met some lovely people.

Enjoy your honeymoon and watch a sunset for me
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