XCARET Mayan ruins in Mexico - need info pls!

Feb 27th, 1997, 03:46 PM
David Wilson
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XCARET Mayan ruins in Mexico - need info pls!

Yes--pretty much all you said is true. The caves (cenote)are very nice. Swimmers use life jackets (included in the about $30 admission charge for adults) and fins. Can't remember if the fins are available, but it is nice to have them. The river runs along a very slow current pace and it does get pitch black at times in the caves. My wife and I took two granddaughters age 12. and 14 with us. The kids don't swim all that well, but with a little support made it through just fine and wanted to take the other river also(there are two routes to take). As I recall the trip is about 1/2 mile long and takes about an hour, depending how fast you swim and how crowded it is. It can get a little crowded, best to get to Xcaret (SHaret) early before the tour busses arrive about 10-11 A.M.
This is a very nice location, but it is very commercial (a beach disneyland of sorts)-- Have fun and go early!!
Mar 7th, 1997, 01:05 PM
Ron K.
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Xcaret great fun, although not the best site for ruins. Continue downt he coast about an hour to Talum for incredible Mayan ruins. Well worth the time. Simply awesome. Suggest a guided tour out of Cancun. Back to Xcaret, the underground river is fun, but don't miss the chance to swim with the dolphins. Honest. There is a wonderful enclosed lagoon where they have several tame dolphins. But get to Xcaret early as they sell a limited number of tickets for the dolphin swim. As to ruins, there are some very interesting ruins right in Cancun that don't get a lot of traffic. Called Del Ray, it's at the south end of Cancun and well worth a walk-thru. If you are into snorkeling, near Talum their is a marvelous lagoon pronounced Shell-Ha, not sure of spelling. Rent masks and fins and see hundreds of tropical fish. Very safe, very clean. If staying in Cancun, try a "Jungle Tour" which is a guided trip, via your own SkiDoo, out to open water and the reef for snorkeling. Again, very safe and great fun. Ole"
May 19th, 1997, 03:39 PM
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If you plan on swimming with the dolphins you must get to Xcaret by about 7am. Rather than staying in Cancun I would recommend staying at Playa del Carmen which is only 6 km North of Xcaret. Then instead of taking a tour you could rent a car for the day ( or get a taxi for about 40 pesos each way) and be sure to stay for the evening show (definitely worth seeing). Playa del Carmen is less commercialized then Cancun (and much cheaper). The ferry for Cozumel leaves from Playa del Carmen and if you are into snorkelling or scuba diving then you should definitely take in Cozumel. If you walk along the beach North of Playa you will come to Coco Beach with beautiful white sandy beaches and very few people. Although Playa doesn't have the same night life as Cancun the group of friends that I went with all agreed that we preferred Playa.
The cost of Xcaret is $30 US and to rent snorkelling equipment was another $8 US. It was worth it (unless you are experienced in cenote diving and can find your own throughout the Yucatan penninsula).
May 21st, 1997, 12:19 PM
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Agree with everything above-1 more important note. When we were there 4 years ago, they did not let you bring food or sunscreen into the park. Sunscreen apparently contaminates the water. They searched bags and held your sunscreen bottles and food at the entrance, then you pick them up when you leave. Better to just leave them at the hotel. Another note-the lagoon by Tulum is Xel-ha (Shell-ha). If you really want real ruins, take a bus trip into Chichen Itza. It will take all day (3 1/2 hour ride each way, and about 3 hours in the park) but well worth the ride. Tour could cost $100 per person. Can get flying tours too-more expensive, but less travel time and more time at the ruins.
Sep 20th, 1997, 01:26 PM
Kathy Desmond
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Xcaret was fun. Very hot in July. My family did
not like Xel-Ha. The water was murkey. Check out
Yal-ku lagoon in Akumal. $5 entrance fee. Way better! The ruins at Coba were great! Very jungly and a lot less people.

Sep 21st, 1997, 06:49 AM
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The reason that the water is so murky at Xel-ha is because it has been ruined by swimmers using sunscreen. This is a perfect example of why snorkelers or divers should wear a tee shirt instead of using any kind of oily screens or lotions. Once the water in a lagoon gets murky the vegetation starts to die and soon the fish and sealife are all gone too. So its not a bad thing that they search bags and confiscate lotions to protect the water. Enjoy the water - but leave it clean for others.

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