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Chloe Apr 27th, 2001 11:40 AM

Wyndham, Swept Away, Breezes Montego Bay or Club Caribbean/Ambiance
Hi everyone: <BR> <BR>Can anyone recommend which resort would be great to have my wedding at. Maybe someone has attended a wedding at one of these resorts before? I want the perfect atmosphere for play and relaxation - more the latter. We're a young couple - our parents will be joining for four to seven days - they're adventurous. Any help would be much appreciated. <BR> <BR>PS. These are the resorts within our budget (can't afford the Grand Lido's- anyways, they're a bit older crowd). Thanks! <BR>

mari Apr 27th, 2001 03:35 PM

Wyndham allows children, Swept Away and Breezes Mo Bay do not, in case that is a consideration for you - it is for us -we avoid the places with children. Wyndham is not(or at least was not a few years ago, when the in-laws went) a "true" all-inclusive - i.e. you can purchase an all-inclusive package, but not all guests will be on that package. Translation - you will have to tip, may be retricted from some restaurants, and may have to pay for some "extras" that you would not have to pay for at an all-inclusive such as Swept Away or the Superclubs properties. Breezes Montego Bay is generally not recommended unless you are on a tight budget and recognize that the rooms are very small and subpar. It is by far the lowest rated Superclubs resort. The other Jamaican Breezes, Golf & Beach (Runaway Bay) is much nicer. I am very surprised to hear that Breezes MoBay would be in the same budget range for you as Swept Away - according to my pricing info, Swept Away is a fair bit more expensive. Swept Away is also considerably more upscale, has more dining options, and has a MUCH nicer beach. I know nothing whatsoever about Club Caribbean so can't comment on that. <BR> <BR>As a side note, I'm amused to hear you say that the Grand Lidos are an "older crowd". I'm 29 (surely I'm not "older" yet!), have been to Grand Lido resorts 3 times, and there were always plenty of other guests in their 20's!

monique Apr 28th, 2001 08:36 AM

I agree with the above poster on everything he said. If you can get swept away for the same ballpark price as the other resorts take it. It will be the best value I'm sure of all of them. Breezes Runaway bay is also much better than Breezes Mo Bay. Also Lidos are not for just the older crowd. I am 27 and going to GLSS. I picked it and expect to have a great time. Anyway you go though I hope you have a great time. You are blessed to be able to get married in Jamaica no matter what your budget!!! Have a great time.

Chloe Apr 30th, 2001 06:05 AM

Thanks so much! I agree, breezes is not in the same ballpark - that's why I'm asking for advice - breezes mo bay may have been a diamond in the rough for all i knew! I have no idea about theses places. In regard to the Grand Lido's - this is just something I read on posts - see what asking advice can do - you may not get informed info! so, thanks again - i think i'm caught between wyndham and swept away - I would really love to get married in negril...know of any moderately priced ones??

mari Apr 30th, 2001 07:00 AM

Chloe - Between the Wyndham and Swept Away, personally I'd choose Swept Away. For one thing, Swept Away is in Negril, and you said that you would really like to be married in Negril. Wyndham is outside of MoBay, beach is not nearly as nice. Also, I think you will find the atmosphere much different at a resort where there are no children as opposed to resorts with children. It is much more romantic and quieter at a resort without kids, and personally I find this to be more enjoyable, unless you are travelling with kids in which case obviously the adults-only resorts are out. If this is your wedding, and there will be no children in attendance, I would think you would likely find an adults-only resort to be preferable in terms of overall ambiance. Good luck!

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