Worst Time at Frenchmans Caye

Old Apr 24th, 2000, 06:09 PM
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Worst Time at Frenchmans Caye

My boyfriend and I spent a week sailing in BVI with 2 other couples- then 4 of us had reservations and hoped to relax at Frenchmans in the west end of Tortola for three days... it was by far the WORST Experience ever...
please read before you reserve!!

*the owners were rude from arrival
*they handled food plates and helped with
prepartaion during the dinner service
while chain smoking (both of them)- we even
snuck around the corner to snap a picture!
* no hot water for the entire stay
* dirty sheets and stains on towels
* when I approached the owner- I was told to
go to h_ll and to fu_k off
* Elementray school cafeteria style cuisine
spaghetti (not even cooked all the way or
with a garnish- $23.00- you have to be

On our second day we went around the island to check out the other hotels etc.. like Long Bay, the Sugar Mill, etc... stay at Long Bay!!! It's amazing and has the best beach by far..

I hope this helps anyone who is deciding between Long Bay and Frenchmans like I originally was. Please, don't make the same mistake we did!

S & W
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Was at Frenchman's not long ago and not for the first time. My experience was completely different than zilan123's above. Excellent resort. Managers were extremely courteous. I will go back again. I have a very hard time seeing the managers being rude to anyone. Many positive postings here on Fodors.
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I agree with Alby. I have real trouble believing this original post. I stayed at this hotel in February. This story must be gross exaggeration.
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Unlike the unfortunate couple, S and W, I have nothing but recommendations for Frenchman's Cay including the dinners which were first rate and better than the overpriced Brandywine!! Find it hard to believe that Terry and Pam were anything but gracious! The villas are lovely with great views. Unfortunately we had one 10-day stay at Long Bay and found the water not only impossible to swim in but one could not get in above the ankles due to the roughness and rockiness - even down in the little part that they say is "good" for swimming!! Something just doesn't "fit" ... or maybe they were just unhappy campers having to come home!
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I've read this posting a few times and have tried to imagine the staff at Frenchman's being what S & W describe. The best I can say on their behalf is that they may have arrived with expectations of a luxury resort. As they show on their website and as my husband and I have experienced, they aren't Little Dix nor are they Caneel Bay. They are simple and charming with a small staff that provides friendly and ALWAYS courteous service. I recall Pam one time being upset, but it was with a kitchen person who didn't do things up to her standards. And if the water heater busted, it can be hard to get things like that repaired on the islands right away.
Well, so much for trying to see things from S&W's point of view. FC is the best small resort we've ever been too. Their food is wonderful, we have always been invited for cognac at the Pam & Terry's personal table and we have always seen them personally oversee the dinner meal. They have extended freebies to us as part of their charm and courtesy. In short, they're the best! I think that FC's main product is relaxation and tranquility in an atmosphere of courtesy and friendliness.
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Last night I got an e-mail from a couple I've written to in the past telling me about this posting. Good grief! I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I have never seen ANYTHING remotely resembling the conditions S&W (is that Smith & Wesson by chance??) saw. I completely concur with the responses above. And like one respondent the best I can say for S&W is that they arrived with unworldly expectations. Pam & Terry, the managers, would have to have brain transplants to be as described by S&W. A real Jekyll & Hyde conversion from the friendly, doting managers they are to the tyrants that S&W describe. We've been there 4 times after seeing a recommendation in a Travel & Liesure article that called them the best in the BVI. You don't return 3 times to what S&W described! I maintain FC is the best value in the Virgin Islands, as courteous as any, a super restaurant that has a great choice of meals, the packages offer choice of any dish on the menu rather than some "value meal", and the cleaning ladies are jewels. We seemed to usually get this tall 70ish lady who was just as sweet as could be. Paula, our waitress, always kisses us hello. What more could S&W want???
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Just received an e-mail from a couple that stayed at FC in late early April. They mentioned two couples at FC for a few days that drove everyone crazy. Whined about everything, raised a ruckus, all of which was incomprehensible to everyone else there. The finale was that they were thrown out of the resort for "drunk and disorderly" and made quite a scene as they exited the following morning. Could these be the ones??? I don't know, but the notion makes more sense than their posting does which, I conclude, is a pack of lies based on another posting very recently that talks about what a swell time is to be had at FC in the same timeframe as zilant123. Life is a mystery!
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It looks as if the above posting pins the tail on the donkey.

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