Worse Airline Experience?

Dec 13th, 2004, 05:43 PM
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Too funny, sorry I missed responding to your comment on ignoring MM response. That goes back to his ignorant rabblerousing some time ago where he left with tail between legs. A case where actually I wasn't the instigator, he was plugging for a debate and I wouldn't bite. You might find unusual and interesting here's the link:
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Dec 13th, 2004, 05:46 PM
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Well that was the wrong link but more of our history, though here's the one I'm referring to:
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Dec 13th, 2004, 07:08 PM
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Traveler, one of the downsides of a forum where you only read anonymous posts is the inability to interpret facial expression and body language. As a result sometimes we misunderstand intentions. Hopefully that is the case here. If so, mea culpa.
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Dec 14th, 2004, 05:30 AM
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I guess I took things too personally.
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Dec 14th, 2004, 08:06 PM
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Isn't there a rule--something like rule 240--that if an airline cancels your flight(unless it is weather related), they must put you on the next available flight (upon your request) even if it is on a different carrier? They may not have offer it, but I believe you can request it. I have never (thankfully) been in a position to test out this rule, but it sounds like it sould have been requested by the Delta poster.
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Dec 16th, 2004, 03:37 PM
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You are absolutely correct, rule 240, great input. I had a friend that knew the rules and first flight back from Paris (at the time) was the Concorde...otherwise would have been shuffled with the thousands. Good thing to stay aware of. Reminder these are only cases where the airline is at fault, e.g., cancelled flight, mechanical problems...they have no responsibility for weather, air traffic control or airline or other worker strikes or any other forces beyond their control.
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Dec 16th, 2004, 07:54 PM
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You seem to be quite well informed about the travel industry. We have a flight scheduled at the end of Jan using ff miles on USair. I know the judge is due to issue a ruling in their bankruptcy case by the beginning of Jan. Any guess as to how soon a forced liquidation would begin to affect their flight schedule? Thanks for any input you might have on this issue.
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Dec 17th, 2004, 01:21 PM
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Well , do not know if it qualifies as Real Bad , but was scary / funny at the time . The place , Venezuela 18 years ago . Trip with friends , air only , no hotels booked , tight budget . Leaving the airport on Margarita Island en route to Caracas we are in the waiting area before boarding . There is a very large Varig jet ready to depart just in front of the waiting area which is basically all glass with glass doors . The jet loads , engines start , we are allready intrigued because this is all happening so close by . Well this huge jet swings around , its butt facing us , all 4 huge glass doors fling open with the force of the jets , the old fashioned cylinder metal ashtrays go sliding and crashing , papers flying all over and all this with the incredible screech and roar the engines make ! About 4-5 men attempted to push the doors shut against the force of the engines . After it pulled away we were all amazed , it was rather like a Monty Python movie . Crazy ! Later that same day , we are on yet another domestic Venezuela flight en route to Merida in the mountains . As we get close to destination , the jet starts to tilt left , then right , and starts an incredibly steep and fast descent . The flight attendant starts speaking incredibly fast (I am convinced she is telling us to put our heads between our legs , hold on , or something ), but all in spanish . I love flying , and do not get scared easily . But I was freaked , this jet was at a crazy angle , back and forth , and going down steep ! Well , I start to say the lords prayer , out loud , thinking this is it ..... Turns out the runway is just really short , nestled between the mountains !!!!! This was normal .... That was Venezuela , 18 years ago , we loved it ! Faith
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Dec 17th, 2004, 04:37 PM
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Simply had to add to my previous post because its all the same trip .... On our return home we had to get to Margarita Island from Peurto La Cruz for our international flight to Canada . We decided days before to take the speed ferry from the mainland which still left us lots of time . But .... we get to the ferry terminal and guess what ... , its broken , the regular ferry would take too long . We rush to the airport and all domestic flights are booked . As I sit in tears we get approached by an American lady whose hubbie owns a private airplane , we literally grab our stuff and RUN !!! We pull into The airport on Margarita only to see our flight to Canada pulling up the ramp .... OOPS !!! We run inside , speak to the airport personel , as we still see our flight sitting there , and they will NOT let us on . MORE TEARS !!!! I believe we were flying Wardair , long since gone here in Canada . We ended up stranded for a few more hours , paying 245.00 extra on a diff. airline to get to Canada , where we then landed in Toronto when we needed to be in Dorval , in Montreal for the connecting flight to Halifax . Lots of running ,lots of scrambling , in the end a fun story , From my adventures in Venezuela , 18 years ago . The End , Faith .
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Dec 17th, 2004, 07:17 PM
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Since I've never had another plane zipping past my wingtip, or anything even close in the danger category, most of my bad airline experiences rank somewhere on the annoyance scale. At the top of that scale is the following:

Back a number of years ago, flying from Ottawa to Calgary on a business trip on the now defunct CP Air (or whatever name version they had converted to at that time). I get to my assigned window seat and sit down only to discover that the armrest under the window simply isn't there! Look again. Nope - no armrest. There's this sharp metal angular thing supposed to support the armrest - but no armrest! On a full flight like this, I try to lean as far away from the middle seat as possible in order to give the poor centre seatmate as much room as possible. That's kind of hard with nothing but a metal spike to lean on. I call the FA and ask for a pillow, which I am grudgingly given. I stuff it on the spike. Well, that makes not a whole lot of difference, since "pillow" is a euphemism for postage stamp in today's flying. I ask for another pillow and really aggravate the FA. When she refuses, I point out the spike and finally receive a second pillow which helps somewhat. This is a flight leaving Ottawa at just before 12 noon and is described as serving a hot lunch. Well, apparently 1 FA did not show up for the flight, so they had 2 FAs in first class for about 8 pax and 1 back in steerage for the rest of us on an Airbus 320. She served lunch from back to front and as I was 2 rows behind the 1st class bulkhead, finally got lunch 3 hours into the 4 hour flight (not her fault, obviously). However, immediately after lunch, she parked the trolly cart immediately behind our seat row and left it there. By this time, nature is calling to me in a very, very loud voice (I take diuretics). I wait and wait. Cart stays and stays. Finally I disturb my seatmates and get up.

Invisible FA materializes out of nowhere and says "What do you think you're doing???!!!"

"Well, I need to go to the bathroom".

"You can't. I'm cleaning up!".

"I'm really sorry, I can't wait any longer."

"Well that's too bad! Sit DOWN!!!!"

"That's OK - I don't need to disturb you - I'll just go forward and use the forward lavatory".

"NO! That's reserved for 1st class".

"Please try and stop me if you feel it's necessary". (I BARELY made it)

This whole incident is funny in retrospect (and with a relatively empty bladder), but it was embarassing and humiliating in the extreme at the time. And I pity the poor CP Air FA I met at a Calgary bar later that night that I unloaded on .....ad infinitum.

The second incident was just plain eerie, and funny in a bizarre way.

Last November, my mother died. As a sufferer of Alzheimer's, she had been living with us in Ontario since my father's death the previous year. When she died, my brother and I had to fly her back to Newfoundland to be buried alongside my dad. This turned out to be a very complex organizational process. Between a 2-province funeral home arrangement, all the church and other arrangements to be made, my schedule, my brother's schedule and airline tix for all three of us, it turned out that Mom would be shipped back about 3 days before we could travel ourselves - so we made the funeral arrangements accordingly. On the day my brother and I left Ottawa, our fllight was cancelled 15 minutes before I left home and we were re-booked to later in the day. When we finally took off, that flight was 1 hour late leaving and we were afraid that we might miss our connection (last of the day) in Halifax. Air Canada, was super though. When we landed late in Halifax, they had a gate agent with a cart waiting for us and whisked us through the bowels of Halifax airport to where we boarded the Dash-8 for Gander and a planeload of disgruntled pax who had been waiting ages for us (thank goodness Newfies have a hard time remaining in a disgruntled state!). So we sit on the plane and wait.... and wait... Then the announcement comes that the plane is broken and we have to get off and wait for a new (?) one. We all unload and queue up in the bowels of Halifax airport....and wait....and wait. Finally, as we are waiting, we hear a loud voice from a baggage hanndler at the back of the queue -

"Hey Joe? What's the problem???!!! Why can't we load the luggage?"

And from Joe, at the front -

"Hey boy - dey got to get da body on first - dat's da rules!"

My brother and I look at each other in fascinated horror! Can it be true?

Yes indeed! Somehow, they had managed to keep my mother's body in Halifax for 3 days, skip all the previous flights for that day to Gander and hold her to travel with us!

She never did like to travel alone!

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Dec 18th, 2004, 04:29 PM
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You too are a very informed traveler and ask an important question. One that I would be asking myself. Unfortunately there is no way to really tell which way it will go. I can only add from past experience is airlines don't go under overnight, you should be good for late January however sock me over the head should that not be the case. I would strongly recommend anyone with USAirways tickets to quickly take advantage and fully their mileage ASAP. Also do keep in mind there are also laws that force other airlines to reaccomodate displaced passengers from defunct airlines. However, you are last in priority but additionally they do want your future (now) business so it gets a little more complicated. My best advice is should you get could in something like that, do take a good review of what is due to you by other airlines but generally the being pleasant people, not DEMANDING of course unless you absolutely have to, will get you far more.. Happy travels.
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