Why would anyone choose Turks and Caicos

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Why would anyone choose Turks and Caicos

I have heard that despite great beaches, this place is a real dead end with no life outside the hotels. Please someone -- what is the attraction...I have a boyfriend who wants to spend a week there and I would like some input! Thanks
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Turks and Caicos are a group of islands, just as the Bahamas are a group of islands. Do you have any idea which particular island you will be visiting?
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Why Turks and Caicos?
no crowds if you avoid Provo
no cruise ships or cruisers
just a few of the drinking/party people - nothing there for them thankfully so they tend to stay away
genuinely hospitable hosts and islanders
no fast food or chain American hotels/restuarants
no plastic prepackaged visits (other than Beaches, of course)
many choices of accomodations from inexpensive to luxury high end places
did I mention the beaches, the water?
deserted beaches!
peace and quiet and privacy
the beaches!
long leisurely hours in the water, sunning and just drinking in the wonderful islands and cays!
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Each of the T&C Islands is different, with Provo having the most tourism infrastructure. My visits to Provo (the last at the Ocean Club) had plenty to amuse me, in a low-key, laid-back kind of way. Beaches to explore, snorkeling, diving, sailing, deserted island drop-offs, conch farm, etc. Not too exciting if you are looking for night clubs, shopping, and lots of action. However, if you view vacation as a respite from a feverishly paced life at home, like I do, this "dead end" is awfully appealing.

Grand Turk, which I visited in March, is even more laid-back, with even less stuff to do. However, because it has a real "town" (which Provo lacks), there is a place to hang out and meet people, both locals and visitors, so it was a more sociable experience than my Provo visits.
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I guess I never heard about anything but the main island. How do you get to the other islands. Also what is "Beaches". To the person who wrote the great description, what is your recommendation of where to stay! Thanks!
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You can get to the other islands by boat or plane depending on the island.

Some of the other islands are North Caicos, Middle Caicos, Grand Turk and Salt Cay. There are also lots of other small islands.

'Beaches' is the Sandals family-oriented(including kids) all-inclusive resort located on Provo.
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for us, the attraction was no beach vendors, no gigantic shopping arenas for the cruise set, no loud drunks, no crowds, no pollution or trash.

we loved the clean, white, serene beaches with barely a soul on them, the friendly people, the beautiful warm water with great diving, snorkeling, swimming, windsurfing. absolute paradise in my opinion.

we went to negril the next year for our annual beach vacation, and what a let down that was in comparison. narrow, dirty beaches, people requiring medical assistance because they passed out in the water from too much alcohol, etc, etc. yet the island was still beautiful in some respects.

i guess it's easier for me to explain through comparison. it really all depends on what you prefer. we're more of a sports and relaxation kind of a couple. after a day of activities or sunbathing, we will have a few drinks with dinner, but don't feel the need to party non-stop while on vacation. so provo was able to provide what we really enjoy the most - beautiful beaches and water, good people, gorgeous views, and a few good restaurants. it was really relaxing. negril provided what we really weren't looking for - lots of great parties, bands, nightlife. the sunsets were beautiful in negril, but i was quite disappointed in the beaches and water.
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If your into diving water sports snokeling and outdoorsy stuff theres plenty to do.As far as night life there's only one shitty little casino at Alegro.No shopping.For night life in Carib Pueto Rico St Martin or Aruuba.
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The attraction is that there is no life outside the hotels. That means, no crowds, no noise, just a nice, relaxing vacation. Some of us like islands that offer beautiful beaches and little else. It's a perfect escape from everyday life.
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I believe you are on the right track, you will be bored to tears on the TCI. I suggest Aruba or Nassau.
TCI is not for everyone. This is the good thing about TCI. If it were for the masses than most of us who love those islands would go elsewhere.
Old Jun 16th, 2002, 07:32 PM
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Definitely many more positives than negatives. But among the negatives
- water temp cool in winter
- not enough good restaurants
- lots of jellyfish some years
- land not particularly lush or beautiful.
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I spent a week in TCI last year and really loved it. We stayed in Provo at (oh my gosh) Beaches. We chose TCI because we want a quite and relaxing place to chill out. We got exactly what we wanted.

As the other posters have said. There's not much nightlife other than was is provided at the resorts. But the weather was beautiful. The water was warm and a wonderful blue color. If you like water sports this is a great place to go with snorkling, diving, boating, swimming, para sailing etc. etc. But if you want lots of crowds and wild night life, St. Martin, Aruba or the Nassau would be a better choice for you.
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c robertson
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Beautiful Beaches. Leeward Beach is deserted and my friends and I stayed there all day snorkeling and swimming. The water is so calm and clear it is like a giant natural swimming pool. We saw about six other people that day.

The locals and expats are really friendly and interesting if you take the time to talk to them. Latitudes across the street from Allegro is a great bar/restaurant. Stardust and Ashes is a nightclub that was spinning out some great dance music. There is nightlife on the island but if you are looking for Cancun-like variety, go to Cancun.

For divers, TCI is one of the best spots in the world. Dive Provo is located at Allegro Resort and is rated as a top diving outfit.

The island is SAFE. You can walk anywhere: for miles on the beach, at 2am from a local restaurant to your resort. There are no beggars or beach vendors breathing down your neck. No one trying to push drugs.

I've been twice and the second time was even better than the first.

Also, the conch served in many of the restaurants is fantastic. I have not had a bad meal on the island.
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We went to Provo in Jan. 1999. We rented 22 Degrees North, a 3br/bath villa on the south coast. It was the most relaxing vacation we have ever had. We went on vacation as three couples. We did everything we wanted at our own pace. Provo has no crowds and very peacful. We found the locals to be very friendly. The weather was not hot at all in Jan., but our pool water was cold. We think May would be a better time to visit.
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