Why St.KItts is so unique and wonderful!


Nov 1st, 2009, 10:02 AM
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Why St.KItts is so unique and wonderful!

As I have been dealing with the consequences of signature vacations suddenly dropping our previously booked and confirmed vacation....I have had the chance to see
again and confirm what extraordinary people make this island so fantastic.

As I wrote my emails to Timothy Beach Resort informing them of the changes and our inability to go ahead with our booking I was amazed to have a response so personal and kind. The woman in Marketing offered me great deals (of course and smart) if I could still make it down - she then did a search to find alternative options for flights...

This may seem like nothing to some of you but the combination of her kind tone, friendly manner and out of the way efforts to assist me in proceeding with our much anticipated trip is not something I am used to anymore here in most aspects of Canada....I love Timothy Beach Resort for a million reasons - and now I have so many more...the staff really are unique and extraordinary and go out of their way to be helpful. Not that I needed proof I already knew this to be true - but impressive confirmation that things have only gotten better!

Bullseye Car Rental who we have used previously with reliable effective service and good customer service were next on my list of disappointing emails. Winston the man in charge at Bullseye responded graciously to my email - was sorry for my disappointment as it was obvious I was looking forward to my trip! He stated that he would keep the van ready for next year and be ready for our subsequent visit...it was another personable, friendly and caring response. I still have not yet heard back from the other car rental companies I contacted - in case- regarding my initial request to rent....No question Winston will always get my business when on St.Kitts....

Some of you may take a cynical approach and point out that these places need to do this - but in a struggling economy on a global scale I find I am consistently disappointed with customer service in many industry's and regularly here in my home country that I do love....but find struggles to keep customer service at a bare minimum. For these wonderful Kittitians to go out of their way - take time and make a personal contact with myself TO ME means a great deal and hopefully has a positive impact on you the reader as well....cynical or not....they are working a lot harder at doing a great job and demonstrating a friendly nature, than I find most places these days!!
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Nov 1st, 2009, 10:35 AM
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How right you are. We stayed at Timothy Beach on our first visit to St Kitts, and were also taken with the friendliness of the staff there. Even now when when we return for a drink at The Dock, or breakfast in the Sunshine cafe the staff remember us and our children with smiles and hugs. There are pubs local to us in England which we visit regularly that don't show the same level of courtesy!
We have now stayed at various villas on the island, preferring the privacy of having our own space, and have been particularly impressed with Turtle Beach House, http://turtlebeachhousestkitts.shutterfly.com/
where we stayed last time, but it was Timothy Beach which made the biggest first impression on us all those years ago
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Nov 1st, 2009, 12:15 PM
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AMEN!!! It is funny that you should say that about remembering children's names as well as yours - that was our exact experience after a year away - when Juliet from the cafe called out with great elation - our son's name....and he stopped in his tracks and then ran to her open arms...he is very shy and was only 3.5 a year after he met her at 2.5...imagine. A wonderful island and wonderful people - I am glad you still enjoy it so much!!
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