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Jim Aug 29th, 2001 04:19 AM

which rooms? How's the weather in January?
We're pretty sure we'll be going to Breezes Bahamas the last week of January. Got a real good price, I think, from Liberty Travel. Question is about the possibility of rain during January. Any idea what to expect? Any suggestions on which tower/ rooms would be the most desireable? <BR>Thanks

Gail Aug 29th, 2001 02:49 PM

It is not always very warm in Nassau in January. The weather is very similar to Florida's. When we were there at that time of the year we could sit out by the pool, but it was too chilly on the beach and NO way warm enough to go into the water.

Gail Aug 30th, 2001 09:27 AM

Have been there 3 times Nov. thru Feb. Out of all three trips have only had 3 days of bathing suit weather- Lots of rain also.

Danny Sep 3rd, 2001 06:18 AM

Jim, <BR> The "average" temperature in the Bahamas in January is 70, and the average rainfall in that month is 1.9 inches, one of the driest months of the year in the islands. Nancy and I have been visiting the Bahamas for 21 years, although most of the past 16 we've been on GBI. We go in February and the weather is very similar. Water temps are usually in the low 70s, but the problem is the breezes. With daytime temps usually in the 70s and low 80s, the gulf breezes make it less than ideal for beach bums. We play golf every day when we visit on our annual 8 day trip and have been rained out exactly one time in all those years. Showers are usually tropical in nature and last minutes rather than hours. We have experienced cool weather, but only once did the temperature not hit at least the low 60s. That happened at Cable Beach a long, long time ago when they thought the all time low record for the islands was going to be set. Didn't happen, but the high for that day was around 50 and we froze to death on the golf course. I wouldn't be real concerned about rain, but would be sure to take a jacket or sweater for evening wear. Incidentally, those temp and rainfall averages are right out of Frommer's Bahamas booklet from 2000. <BR> <BR>Danny

Jim Sep 4th, 2001 12:04 PM

Danny, thanks for the info. Extremely helpful. Even tho' we're beach people the temperature is less important to us than the amount of rain. We went to Braco, Jamaica last year during Superbowl week and it poured for 3 days. The year before it poured there for two days. Kinda spoied the vacation. We've gone to T&C previously in January and sitting on the beach was fine. Since it is is so close to the Bahamas we figured the weather should be similiar but were unsure about the rainfall. As long as we can sit onthe beach and drink pina coladas we'll be fine. <BR> <BR>Thanks <BR>

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