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MikeDeb60 Sep 5th, 2007 04:28 PM

Which Island T&C, Aruba or GC?
My family will be heading to the Caribbean for spring break to dive. Which island do you recommend for early April: Turks & Caicos, Grand Cayman or Aruba?

Anguillagirl Sep 6th, 2007 10:56 AM

I definatley would recommend Grand Cayman. There is excellent diving there, 7 mile beach is fabulous and there are great restaurants, many within walking distance. The people are very friendly too.

RoamsAround Sep 6th, 2007 11:13 AM

If diving is your pleasure then Grand Cayman is the best destination of the islands on your list.

Knowing Sep 7th, 2007 07:05 AM

As the others have said, GC is your place. The color of the water is beyond words. The island is touted as one of the world's best diving sites. I'm sure you will enjoy!

patsfan1 Sep 7th, 2007 11:52 AM

Because diving is mentioned as the main purpose of this trip then most people will suggest Grand Cayman as it's possibly the best caribbean island for scuba diving.
Aruba has by far the most nightlife and more predictable nice weather while T&C has by far the best beaches of the 3 islands.

diann24 Sep 7th, 2007 01:07 PM

My husband loved Grand Caymans and T&C for diving. Aruba would not make the list at all. If diving is your main purpose more than likely Grand Cayman would be the best. T&C while it has gorgeous water color, for myself and family it was a bit to quiet for us. Shopping was non-existant. This was a few years ago so it might have changed.

StanKase Sep 7th, 2007 01:20 PM

Another vite for GC for diving. If any in your party wants quality snorkeling it is almost gone. Just near thed Wall at Cayman Kai resort is really the only good rref area left. Food prices are very high but thee are 5-6 good. not excellent dinner places byt you will pay $90-$150 for 2 with a drink or a cheap wine/tip. As said Aruba is a bust for diving or snorkeling. T&C almost as good for diving as GC but less spots and snorkeling not as good.

christiegr Sep 11th, 2007 04:35 AM

Grand Cayman!

doug_stallings Sep 11th, 2007 06:03 AM

I'm assuming you want a good beach to go with good diving, so Grand Cayman or Providenciales would be best. Though I'd urge you to take a look at Grand Turk, which is much quieter, has excellent beaches, and is also in close proximity to good dive sites. But Bonaire and Saba are probably better destinations for diving.

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