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Kelly Freeman Feb 3rd, 2000 11:07 AM

Where to stay in Negril?
We're going to Negril in April and are looking for a bohemian, relaxed, earthy, beautiful, friendly, and safe place to stay --beach and gardens a must. We're not really interested in the all-inclusive, club med-ish scene. Any spots you can recommend? Help is appreciated!

Kim Feb 3rd, 2000 06:43 PM

Try this web sight it might help you <BR>

Kim Feb 3rd, 2000 06:44 PM

Sorry here is another one 1-800-545-7937

Kristin Feb 3rd, 2000 07:09 PM

Hi Kim---I've read nothing but good about a resort in Negril called Cocolapalm. It's only 2 yrs. old, and everything I've read about it sounds good. Not an all-inclusive, just 42 rooms, laid-back. Owned by someone in Minnesota who really likes Negril. Their address is: lots of pix. Good luck.

JanGail Feb 3rd, 2000 08:21 PM

Go to and you will <BR>find information about the resort <BR>area and places to stay. As I recall <BR>from our stay in Negril, several <BR>resorts of your description come to <BR>mind: Negril Tree House resort, <BR>Negril Gardens resort, and Negril <BR>Cabins resort. Charela Inn is <BR>another possibility-- small, intimate, <BR>mediterranean in style, beautiful <BR>gardens, beach, excellent food. <BR>Hope this helps. <BR>JanGail <BR>

Andrea Feb 6th, 2000 12:11 PM

Kelly, <BR>I would definately go with Charela Inn. You absolutely cannot miss with this small intimate and very beautiful property. I had my weddingmoon there in September 1998. <BR> <BR>Another good choice is CocoLaPalm which is a stones throw away from Charela.

Stephen Feb 10th, 2000 06:54 AM

I was in Negril last May and have two close friends that grew up in Negril. My advice is to stay on the cliffs. There are many nice resorts on the seven mile beach, but nothing compares to the Rock House on the Cliffs. The food is excellent, very tropical atmosphere with open air rooms. There is a great pub that is known for its sunset celebration just down the road called Rick's Cafe, and you can take a 1 to 3 mile walk or taxi to the beach. Sunbathing and cliff-diving are tremendous on the 6-18 foot cliffs. The best places to spend the day at the beach are Cosmo's(great conch soup) and Arthur's. Both of these places have good food and party well into the night.

Randy Mar 2nd, 2000 08:22 PM

Just returned today. Stayed 5 nights in Negril at the Xtabi hotel. This is a great property. It's on the cliff's and if you want bohemian you want the cliff's. as suggested go to Rick's for the sunset, once. Outrageously expensive! Lots of good places to watch the sunset on the cliff's. Try the pickled parrot, same ammenities as Ricks but not the prices or hype. <BR>Have dinner at just natural(vegetarian and seafood) Archways pizza (ggod pizza and cheap beer). Xtabi has reasonably priced breakfasts and lunches, but turns upscale for dinner.

adrian Mar 3rd, 2000 09:17 PM

Absoletly recommend Tensing Pen.its on the cliffs about a 3 munute walk to Ricks Cafe. Their website is <BR> <BR>

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