Where to go with NO kids.

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I was just reading a book -- Top 100 Resorts in the Caribbean which says that Biras Creek doesn't allow children under 7 year-round and Little Dix Bay doesn't allow children under 8 Jan 3 - March 15. Both are on Virgin Gorda and are great resorts.
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Might want to check the dates of the "no children" policy at Little Dix. Since Rosewood assumed management of the property, there has been a push for "families" including the establishment of a Kids' Club! The families must stay in either the villas or the premium rooms, the ones that they have sealed up and a/c'ed. Many reports coming out about the hi chairs in the dining room, etc.so you would want to check with Rosewood to see if that policy is still in effect!!! The same is true for Caneel Bay, LDB's sister resort on St. John but they ask that several of the beaches be reserved for "adults only" - ecouraging children to go to Caneel Beach and Turtle Bay, the location of the Kids' Club.
There are still some resorts on Barbados that limit ages - you might check Royal Pavilion, Cobbler's Cove and the higher end places including their partners for their policies. Also, Curtain Bluff (all inclusive tho) on Antigua, I believe also limits children, or did, during season. I am sure there are others but seems that they are getting harder and harder to find!!! Biras Creek does limit children also. Meridian Club on Pine Cay does restrict but don't know that meets your requirements since it is the only resort on the dry scrubby island and no where to go "out" to eat!
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Check out the Horned Dorset Primavera in Puerto Rico. Secluded, peaceful. gourmet food and no kids.
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I agree with Parrot Mom who said that it's not the kids . . . it's the parents who are at fault. We were on the beach at Le Meridien in Tahiti, and a woman walked into the water with her maybe 3-year-old, a small child with water wings. She plopped him into the water waist-deep, and proceeded to swim away from him. The kid started screaming, "Mommy! Mommy!' She ignored him. He screamed even loud, starting to get panicky. Everyone on the beach was infuriated, not only by her complete disregard for the safety of her child, but by the fact that we all had to endure this screaming child. What had been a nice quiet time at the beach turned into a nightmare. Why do these people think that they can just inflict their children on the public like that? The same thing happened on an airplane. The parents of a really young child, maybe 18 months old, just walking and loving it, were told that the child had to be strapped into his child seat before the plane could take off. A terrific struggle followed, and you could hear the screaming all over the plane. It went on and on . . .
Now, to answer your question: Prior to the fiasco on the beach in Tahiti, we were on a cruise of French Polynesia aboard the Paul Gauguin. There was not a single child to be seen. The islands were gorgeous, we went to the beach every day, swam in crystal clear water with some of the most beautiful fish we have ever seen. The ship is fantastic -- get a suite with a balcony -- and the food is simply the best at sea. And, best of all, the wine is complimentary! A great trip for adults.

One more suggestion: go to one of the French islands in the Caribbean. Even if there are children there, you will not be able to understand what the parents are saying to them. It all just floats over your head, like elevator music.
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Kevin-It's not the Caribbean, but if you want a place that is usually free of children try the Melia Playa Conchal resort in Costa Rica. It is on the Pacific side of the country but still close to much of the ecological beauty. There is a very nice Robert Trent Jones golf course on site and the resort has a nice village-like lay-out. You can venture out as much as you like, but we have friends who have visited on our recommendation that never left the resort. It has the largest free form pool in all of Central America (I know that doesn't sound like much, but it is a very, very nice pool--swim up bars, jacuzzis, etc.). The beach is nice sand, but is not the squeaky white that you may be used to in the Caribbean, but other beaches in the area are very nice and snorkeling is available.

Just a thought if you want to try something a bit different. Also, unlike some of the Caribbean, CR is a very inexpensive country particularly when you are outside of the resort complexes. We had a great time and would certainly go again.

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