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Jen2 Aug 6th, 2012 05:22 PM

Where to go with lots of family
Hi everyone, I hope you can help with a family dilemma. My husband's father is generously going to take us and my husband's sisters's family 'somewhere' for Thanksgiving. We have a family of 4 (2 daughters, 6 and 9) and my SIL has a family of 4 as well (2 sons, 6 and 9). We are considering Grand Cayman (house rental. the Retreat, Ritz) as it's familiar to us, but are looking for a higher end property with:

Golf (maybe)
Something cool (Cayman has Stingray city and great snorkling)
Great food
Easy flights from the east coast of US

Anyone have any great ideas? Thank you in advance.

Best, Jen2

doug_stallings Aug 6th, 2012 06:25 PM

It seems to me that Providenciales might be a good choice. There are many condo-style resorts, some with restaurants (Seven Stars is one of the best), beautiful beaches, and excellent snorkeling. There's only one golf course on Provo, and I'm not sure about tennis.

One other option might be Puerto Rico. You could go to El Conquistador and then do a biobay tour at night. There are good golf courses, though none that close to El Conquistador. The resort has everything else you are looking for.

You might also like the Radisson Blu on St. Martin. But St. Martin has no good golf course. But really superior restaurants in Grand Case, which is fairly close to the resort. And Loterie Farm is a really cool attraction.

Continental_Drifter Aug 7th, 2012 10:06 AM

There is a golf course on property at the El Conquistador. I think there's one about 15 minutes away near the St. Regis and perhaps one at the Westin property too. :)

Weadles Aug 8th, 2012 10:04 AM

Check out The West Bay Club on Provo. It's a very luxurious condo development on the quiet end of Grace Bay Beach, close to fantastic snorkeling at Coral Gardens. We stayed there last November just before Thanksgiving and had a great time and unbelievably perfect weather! I only have two hesitations about recommending it: The food at the resort is very mediocre, so you have to be willing to either cook or take a cab/rent a car; and the pool is not that big.

However... it was one of the best vacations we've ever had in the Caribbean. There is tennis nearby, although we didn't play. And the Gansevoort is next door if you really need more of a scene. We found Provo quiet-- not too much nightlife, but the restaurants were really excellent. And Grace Bay is one of the prettiest, longest beaches I've ever seen.

If this doesn't quite fit what you're looking for, also look at The Seven Stars Resort. I thought the beachfront was much more crowded than at West Bay, but they do have a bigger pool area, and accommodations there are supposed to be equally- if not more so- luxurious.

blamona Aug 8th, 2012 11:55 AM

Seven Stars has excellent tennis courts. Actually many resorts on Provo do.

Seven Stars is one of the best, similar in style to a Ritz. Another ne to look at is
Grace Bay Club which has an excellent kids club (although you can use it by paying if staying elsewhere) but amazing what the kids get to do!

Most resorts have kayaks, hobie cats, stand up paddle boards, etc.

TCI is excellent family friendly destination. Great flights, best beach in the world. Iguana Island, and excursions on water exploring uninhabited cays, diving fr conch and sand dollars make excellent day trips.

Okay I'm going to suggest, only because of the amounts of people going, you might want to consider
Beaches. it is an All Inclusve. But ts tbs of fun. Wat park, waterspouts, tennis, huge multiple pools, 16 restaurants. Takes the pressure off of everyone because there's something for everyone, no thinking for anyone or organizing dinners, rides, etc.

If you like privacy, there are also some gorgeous villas out there that can accommodate everyone which are stunning yet reasonably priced.

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