Where to go for a Christmas vacation?

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Where to go for a Christmas vacation?

My family is interested in going away for next Christmas for a vacation in the sun. I have been to Jamaica but was not impressed. I have will have an 18 year old daughter with us next year. What age is gambling legal at Casino's and drinking? What island would have enough for us all to do, sitting in the sun, scuba diving or snorkeling, shopping, and good restaurants... Please we don't want to come home with any new diseases! Where is it safe to drink the water!
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Why not try a Caribbean cruise? Lots of activities for all ages.
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I would suggest Aruba. There is beautiful weather, scuba diving and snorkeling, shopping and lots of wonderful restaurants. It is safe to drink the water.
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Hi, Joni! We spent Christmas in Aruba this year.'s the scoop: The beach was beautiful (Palm Beach), the water warm & wonderful, the weather was
perfect (mid 80's every day, very low humidity so you always felt comfortable), the sunsets spectacular!
So, go for all of that...I wld. do it again. However,.....and I am only telling you this b/c there is another side...there is always another side, right?.....Aruba was bursting at the seams! Lots & lots of people like you & me searching for what I described above!
What we did was try to 'see past the crowds'[email protected] breakfast, @ the pool, on the beach.....interestingly, there were very few people in the water!!! So, we rented floating mattresses & had a lot of fun with those. I have one final comment: It did not feel like if you are wanting to 'get away' from Christmas or if you don't celebrate Christmas this is the place to go!
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It also sound like Aruba to me...

The legal gambling age in Aruba is 18 years and there are 12 operating Casinos on the island of which one does operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week and it is located in downtown Oranjestad. There are many great hotels on the island with high quality accomodations. There are over 100 restaurants on the island each catered to a particular family budget. Since you are coming in the high season and in the cruise season many places in the Caribbean are crowded including Aruba. However you can book at a hotel at Eagle Beach which is not crowded at all and is ranked as one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean.

There are also many activities for your 18 year old too but she will mostly love the island nightlife and thus a visit to Carlos & Charlies, Mambo Jambo, E-zone Club and Bahia is a must.
In addition there are great snorkeling spots such as the Palm Island and the Sonesta Island which are both reef island located 2 miles off the coast south of Aruba, other great snorkeling places include Baby Beach and Malmok.
For diving a dive at the Antilla Wreck in Palm Beach is a must.

There is great shopping in Oranjestad with many Malls, surprisingly an overwhelming amount of jewelry stores and clothing stores. I must also mention that Oranjestad itself is a beautiful city and an attraction on itself. All prices are in the Local Aruban guilders as well as in U.S. dollars. Aruba is a safe island, clean and the standard of living is high , last but not least the Arubans are a bunch of friendly helpfull and polite people.
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The gambling age is 18 years old and the drinking age by Dutch/Aruban law is 16 however most bars will only serve to 18 year olds.

Do not miss in Aruba,

The Cunucu bus tour which is a party bus that does bar hopping at different places around the island while people in the bus make there music with maracas, tamborin and drums, it is fun.

Also the Tattoo party boat is a must. The party boat is catered for both young and old. You can purchase tickets at the pier infront of the Radisson Hotel.
The boat will depart at 8:00pm at the pier of the Radisson and you will cruise the waters of Aruba viewing the spectacular lights of the hotel area and Oranjestad, food and a complimentary drink are included in your trip.

More fun in Aruba:
Butterfly Farm infront of the Aruba Phoenix Resort.
Watersport activities in the highrise hotel area.
In Aruba there is also a musical show called Galaxy with tiger Adonnis at the Stardust Theatre in Town.
There is also the Jewel Box Revue at the Copa Cabana Lounge at the La Cabana Beach Resort a must see!
An many other acitivities..

Since you are coming during the Christmas Season many homes in Aruba are decorated with Christmas lights so its advisable that you take a night trip in your car around the island.
Surprisingly Aruba is not very flat as many will think not if you have not cruised the country side with some hills and the island is also green during that time of the year.

The down side of Aruba is that is a bit Americanized, yet being in a different culture with a strange but easy to learn language Papiamento makes you feel like you are abroad and the ambience is still different. If you are looking to book for Aruba you would want to book way in advance. Airfares are on the expensive side but there are few internet sites in which you can affordable airfares to Aruba.
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we did club med for many years as an entire family from grandpa to the kids ages 20-36. the beach at turks and caicos is beautiful. being at a food all inclusive is great for a big family. everyone can go off on there own day activities and eat when ever and with whomever they wish. we usually would meet up with the parents for cocktails and dinner. drinking is 18 (i think!) there is the allegro just down the beach for the casino. its NOT large by vegas, atlantic city, puerto rico or aruba standards, but they do have slots and blackjack tables. there are also may other club med villages to consider. club med family vacations give everyone there own vacation and time together!
snorkeling is free twice a day at club med, scuba is additional. the island also has many excursions for sightseeing, and catamaran trips.
food is ok. some clubs are better than others.

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