What's the best island in the Caribbean?

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What's the best island in the Caribbean?

My fiance and I are considering going to the Caribbean for our honeymoon. What do you think is the best island in the Caribbean and why? We're looking for a nice, relaxing atmosphere. We're not really into the nightlife.

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Choosing the "best" is SOOOOO hard. Each island is different and is a "best" for different reasons. But here are some "bests" to get you started thinking (and this is my personal opinion only -- someone who has been visiting regularly for 10+ years but seeks laid-back and fairly remote destinations):

Best beach: Providenciales, T&C
Friendliest Islanders: BVI
Best Beach Bars: BVI
Most Laid-Back: Abacos
Most Beautiful: Grenada
Most Exotic and Remote: Grenadines

And that's just a start. If you want better advice, think about what it is you want, how much you want to spend, what time of year you are going, etc., and then you'll get better guidance as to where is best for you.
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Dominica!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we've been to just about every island.
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Flipper, but a FODORS book & do some reading. It's about $20 & worth every dollar.

Maybe better to know where NOT to go. DON'T go to NASSAU or any of the main Bahamas islands. DON'T go to JAMAICA.
Cheap is not better. Kal.
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Hi Kaliope, I beg to differ with you about Jamaica. We loved it and think that everyone should go. What was it about Jamaica that you didn't like and where did you stay?
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Isn't it interesting how Jamaica polarizes people? Seems like most people who've been there either love it or hate it.
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1) Go to your local library, and you can borrow Fodor's & Frommers latest Guides.
2) My husband and I did extensive research for a perfect caribbean location of our honeymoon last year. BUT, Which month? makes a BIG difference. June-Oct is hurricane season, beware of certain islands of wind, rain, etc. We chose Virgin Gorda (and would never have chosen otherwise) in June. It's exempt from hurricanes anyway. Before doing anything, compare 1) weather (and each island has different styles like, desert, rainforest, etc) 2) Price (we got a great "off season" deal at Little Dix Bay, and will always return), 3) activities/atmosphere. Lots of people? Remote and Safe? Nightlife? What is important to you will help decide which island.
Good luck!
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What did you mean when you said that "Virgin Gorda is exempt from Hurricanes"?

Little Dix was closed for 5 months to clean up after Hurricane Lenny.

I agree that the chances of a Hurrincane in June are slim-but Virgin Gorda is not exempt from Hurricanes and is just as suseptible as the other Caribbean Islands in the area.

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