What trip meant the most to you and why?

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What trip meant the most to you and why?

This forum and many of the participants have been a great source of info. to me & I'm sure I'm not the only one disappointed to see some of the hateful postings that keep resurfacing. So...let's start a new thread.

I have to say my best trip was still a cruise I took several years ago because I finally got on a plane after years of being too terrified (!) to fly. Despite other travels & a great carib honeymoon, that trip still means the most to me. I never forget to feel blessed to be able to visit other regions--many people will never have the opportunity. Happy new year & happy travels.
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I have to rate my Caribbean Cruise Honeymoon as the best (so far). A combination of being just married to the greatest guy, and leaving a cold rainy Mid-Atlantic for the gorgeous Caribbean (our first time), it was perfect.

The next best trip was when my entire family (brother,sister, parents and all our spouses) went on the same cruise last year. It was the first time in a LONG time that we had all been able to get together without little children, and we all had a fantastic time.
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Kim (IN)
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I have to say my most memorable trip was our trip to Sandals Negril in 1999. It was our first time out of the country and our first vacation alone since we had our kids. Our kids are 21 & 23 now and we have been out of the country a few time since then.The trip to Nergil, Jamaica was wonderful. The resort was beautiful and the staff treated us great. We met so many wonderful people whom we stay in touch with and even visit in another state. I will never forget the trip and plan on going back next Feb. This Feb we visit the Sandals in St. Lucia (Golf & Spa Resort)and Im sure we will have a great time but not like Negril, we are Sandals people all the way we have been SPOILED. Happy Travels!!!!
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Definitely my first trip to
magical Bermuda. Walking the
south shore beaches at daybreak
with a storm brewing & the sun's
rays splitting thru the boiling
black clouds & illuminating the
crashing waves & the pink sand.
I felt as tho I was the heroine
of some gothic novel.

A close second would have to be
the very first trip to the
Caribbean (which happened to be
Nassau). It was my first time
to fly & I was so nervous. When
I saw the aquamarine & blue as
we flew into the Bahamas, I
started to cry, not from fear,
but from the startling beauty of
the colors. I've never been the
same since & anywhere there is
water like that, I feel like
I've returned home.

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My best trip was the first time my husband and I went on a "tropical" vacation to St. John and stayed at Caneel Bay. We were not sure where we wanted to go, and ended up at St. John based on research I did through this website! Although there are mixed reviews on Caneel on this site, it was exactly the type of place that we wanted ... a natural setting, with accomodations spread out rather than a high rise. We were pleasantly surprised when we arrived to find out that we had been upgraded (at no extra charge!) to Cottage 7. Anyone who has been to Caneel knows that this is their prime accomodation. We had a huge room with 4-poster king-size bed, a large living room and dining area, as well as a large patio with lounge chairs and a table w/chairs. Our room overlooked a small beach that we had practically to ourselves the whole time. It was also the first time we tried snorkeling and enjoyed it very much right off the beach in front of our room, as well as the other beaches at Caneel. We rented a jeep and explored the rest of the island ... it was paradise for us! We have visited other places, including Bermuda which we absolutely loved, however our trip to St. John will always be a special memory.
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Years ago I was in a doctor's waiting room looking at a travel magazine & saw 7 Mile Beach in Grand Cayman. I was young and remember thinking I would probably never have the $$ to see such a beautiful place. In recent years I have been blessed to travel where I wish but the first time I sat on the almost deserted 7MB was definitely my most meaningful travel experience and I realized how far I'd come.
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Mia - what a beautiful memory. I grew up in Northernwestern Ontario, Canada where vacations meant visiting the relatives in Saskatchewan!
Years later I went on a cruise in the Caribbean and visited Ochos Rios and the same 7 mile beach you spoke of. Before I got stinking drunk in this old bar in San Miguel Cozumel (Carlos and Charlies), I remember looking out at our ship thinking that this was just all so wonderful to be in the Caribbean. The next day, I slept it off on some deserted beach further down the coast at some place called San Francisco beach.
Then to return years later with the man I love to spend a wonderful week at the Diamond resort (now the Allegro)and realize I had already been on that same beach!
We've only been on 8 trips to the Caribbean and each of those trips are meaningful all for different reasons - whether it be the new friends we've met (and still keep in touch with) or the things we saw and did or just the locale that we were in.
We've managed to find the good in all of our hard earned vacations to the Caribbean.
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We went on an 11 night Caribbean cruise last February. It was by far the most wonderful vacation we have EVER had. We are not the types to stay in one place for too long and usually get bored on vacation. This was perfect for us because we would go to bed in one place and wake up in a brand new place the next day without the hassle of moving all our stuff. Not to mention a magical bathroom that cleaned itself at least twice a day. I have read postings putting down cruise vacations and I can tell you that although the food is wonderful on the cruise ships, they could feed us macaroni and cheese and we would still have a spectacular time. It is true that you don't get to see as much on an island as you would probably like but that is why we are going again (same cruise line and itinerary) in February.

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