What's with all the rain in the forecast?

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What's with all the rain in the forecast?

I have been checking the weather site and it is forecasting rain almost every day in St. Kitts. Has anyone been there recently? What do they mean by rain? Some sporatic rain showers or all pouring? We're looking for sun & warmth.
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Try not to worry , not much u can do anyway ! We have been in the same situation , announcing rain the whole trip , it turned out fine . Usually it means showers on and off .....
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caribbeanbound, I answered your other post yesterday. You can click on your screen name in blue to find it.

I live the next island over and we have been having some cloudy and rainy days lately, but we have also seen the sun each day. I'm not a meteorologist, but from my experience of living here it is quite rare to have a whole week of nothing but rain. It does happen on occassion, but not very often. From the sattelite photo it seems to me that you don't have much to worry about. Maybe some sporadic showers here and there, but I'm sure you will see more sun than showers.

Have a great trip!
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One more thing - if you checked the weather web-sites for an entire year you'd swear the sun hardly every shines in the Caribbean. That's because in the tropics (especially on mountainous islands like St. Kitts) it usually rains someplace on the island everyday. These showers are usually very brief and very localized (not unusual for it to be raining on the top of the volcano while it is hot and sunny down by the beach). That said, there are never any guarantees when it comes to predicting the weather so there's no telling what it will be when you are going to be visitiong. You can't conrol it so why worry about it.
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I hate to rain on the optimism below, but I just returned from a week in Antigua, where I experienced three consecutive days of stiff wind, gray skies and showers. The locals tell me the weather has been relatively wet, cool and unsettled for about the past nine months. That's atypical for Antigua, where droughts are usually the weather concern. They didn't know of any unusual atmospheric conditions to explain it; they said its just the way its been around the Carribean.

I don't want to seem too negative; the sunny days where spectacular and I managed to have a good time despite the weather disappointments. My advise to you is to bring some light rain gear, and try to develop "rainy day" plan before you go just in case.

I truly wish you a sunny and enjoyable trip!
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hi, Shamrock--curous as to where you stayed in Antigua and what you thought of it. It's a place my husband and I love and have many fond memories of, but it doesn't get much mention on this board.
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Perhaps if the USA and Australlia sign the Kyoto Treaty, the weather patterns in the tropics will not be so eratic.
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I just returned from St. Kitts. It rained a little bit every day, but just for like 20 minutes or so. The rest of the day was nice and sunny.
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Just got back from Nevis Feb 12th-19th. I also looked at weather forcast before we left and saw rain everyday. It didnt rain more than 10 minutes a day.
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