What is Grand Cayman like?

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What is Grand Cayman like?

Can anyone give me a sense of what Grand Cayman is like to visit. Somehow I can't seem to get a sense of the place. My travel agent has recommended the Hyatt on 7 Mile Beach but I am concerned that the place will feel too resort-like.

My wife and I are looking for a good carribean destination that is easy to get to with a direct flight from Philly for a 4 night getaway (w/o kids). We are hoping to find a place that has lots of natural beauty (good beaches, and snorkeling of course), but that strikes a balance between comfort and authentic style (ie - not too corporate).

Any suggestions?

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I would say that Grand Cayman is as close to being in the US as you can get without actually being there. Very safe, lots of good restaurants, a movie theater, great if you like to snorkel or dive or just want to relax. It is not one of the most beautiful of the carribean islands because it is completely flat. If you are looking for beauty, go to St. John. 7 Mile Beach is the best part of GC - a beautiful beach with that crystal clear turquoise blue water. If you are looking for a nice hotel, I would recommend Westin over Hyatt. It is MUCH nicer for the same price. WE stayed at the Hyatt once and I would not go back. Hyatt is across the street from the beach and their section of beach s tiny and wall to wall people. Westin has a beautiful wide stretch of beach with trees at the edge for shade if you want to get out of the sun.Hope this is helpful. Email me if you want more info.
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Cayman is a nice island, very safe, you can walk the streets and not worry about being mugged. The stores roll up their sidewalks at about 5, everything is very expensive.

When I go there I don't feel like I'm in the Caribbean. It is so Americanized that there is no island flavor to the place.

Downtown is very busy, especially when the cruise ships are in. Traffic has been heavy all the times we have been there. Parking was hard to come by downtown.

They have good snorkeling, nice restaurants. Stingray City is a must see. WE took an island tour the first time we were there but I think you can do just as well on your own renting a car. The only other "attractions" are Hell (a waste of time) and the turtle farm.

7MB is a lovely beach. It is wider in some places than others and by the Treasure Island Hotel it's all ironrock and very hard to walk on.

There is decent shopping and the locals were always nice.
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You've found the right spot. 7MB is awesome. Agree about staying at the Westin, or better yet rent a condo. Lacovia Condos has four 1BR units that I know of. GC will remind you of some developed beachside resorts in Florida, but it's actually quite different because of the variety of people who live there, the different types of food, etc. There isn't much shopping or nightlife, but for pure R & R on the most beautiful beach in the world you can't go wrong. The snorkeling will amaze you, too.
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Georgetown tends to be crowded as the cruise ships stop there, otherwise there are not a ton of people.
The highlight of the trip for us was the resturants, the pristine water and Stingray City. Drinks are decent everywhere on the island. Everyone seems to serve Mudslides.
We stayed at the Westin and there were two days that there was no place around the pool due to other functions going on. Their beach is nice. They need someone to remind them that their guests are the reason they have jobs. When we do return, we will abandon the idea of a hotel and do a villa.
It is a popular place for snorkerlers as you are able to observe many things in the water.
It is quite a bit like being at home, as it is a lot like the US. It is a perfect island for strolling around at night. We enjoyed it as it was easier for us to get to than any other place we've ever been.
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Haven't been to GC but am currently planning a trip there (skeptically after reading all these posts). Like another poster, I might suggest St. John. You can get there via ferry from St. Thomas.
Good luck
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We have been going to Cayman for 15 years and absolutely love it. If I were you though I would opt for a condo, many nice ones in Cayman. So much more relaxing and private than a hotel, regardless of which one. We have several favorites I can recommend if you'd like to e-mail me.
Cayman has great restaurants, some fantastic snorkeling, wonderful beaches.
Not much nightlife but just a great place to relax. Beautiful sunsets. Unseen poverty, very clean, very low crime rate. We've been to many islands, Cayman is our favorite.

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