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Lou Feb 3rd, 2003 10:31 AM

War on Iraq- traveling in the French Caribbean
We will be going to Club Med in Guadeloupe in early March. Most of the guests are supposed to be French speaking. That is fine with us, at least I'll get a chance to use my high-school French :-) <BR><BR>One thing that has me worried though is how the possible war on Iraq has given a rise to anti-Americanism (especially in France). <BR><BR>Even though I do not wish a war upon anyone, I don't want to and will not apologize for being an American (although born and raised in Europe). <BR><BR>Has anyone traveled recently in the French Caribbean and has this been an issue?<BR><BR>At least my French is not good enough to get into a fight about politics :-) But still, it would suck to spend a vacation in a semi-hostile environment. <BR><BR>Please share your stories.<BR>

Louis Feb 4th, 2003 05:17 PM

My off the cuff guess is that the people there would welcome you with open arms. They have more important things to think about than Iraq.

Lou Feb 5th, 2003 07:14 AM

That is my hope too. Although after Rummy called the French and the German the &quot;old Europe&quot; (ie. irrelevant), I could see why they would be severely miffed. And rightly so!

buckeye Feb 5th, 2003 09:26 AM

Just back from Guadeloupe, had a great time, and never encountered any hostility at all. Everyone we met was welcoming and warm (and forgiving of our feeble French).<BR><BR>We did encounter a persistent misconception: when they discovered we were Americans, people thought we must be from New York. Apparently Midwesterners are a novelty in parts of Guadeloupe.<BR><BR>I did have a sort of political discussion with the nice lady at the Maison de Cacao near Pointe-Noire. She was surprised to find out that not all Americans want to wage a war.<BR><BR>Have a great time in Guadeloupe. The island is great, and so are the people.

Lou Feb 5th, 2003 10:01 AM

Hello buckeye,<BR><BR>Thank you for your post. I was hoping that would be the case and it is great to have it confirmed. <BR><BR>Thank god, most people are friendly and normal, no matter where one travels.

PaulNY Feb 12th, 2003 12:25 PM

Just back from FWI and there was no sign whatsoever of any issue with Americans. If anything, the French are probably more concerned of the opposite - how we'll treat them. I wouldn't give this a second thought.

jackflack Feb 12th, 2003 12:32 PM

Lou, it should not be an issue because more stones have certainly been cast in our direction... <BR><BR>From an article in the European based Financial Times last Thurs titled &quot;European insults fall on deaf ears in Americas Heartland.<BR><BR>&quot;For years Americans have got used to being condemned as global bullies by critics in Europe. But the real story here is th almost complete absence of genuine anti-European sentiment on this side of the atlantic. <BR><BR>&quot;Of course European gutlessness- particularly French- has always been the butt of American jokes. One characterisation of the French as cheese eating surrender monkeys springs to mind.&quot;<BR><BR>&quot;This enduring tolerance of Europe's foibles owes much to the fact that, even today many Americans claim a European heritage.<BR><BR><BR>

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