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Saint128 Sep 17th, 2008 08:25 AM

Villa Rentals
We are considering a trip to Turks and Caicos at the end of April and would like to know about villa rentals. We've been renting villas on St. John USVI for a couple of years now and love the villa vacation. Can anyone recommend a reputable villa company for Turks and Cacois as we have never traveled to that island. Thanks!

turksoldtimer Sep 17th, 2008 08:51 AM

virginia Sep 17th, 2008 02:14 PM

i've spent a lot of time looking at villas on provo. and have stayed in a couple. if you can describe your house - size, pool?, beachfront?, budget, i might be able to recommend a house or two.
if you haven't had kids yet you should look at: ballyhoo, callaloo and coriannder -
mr. moog's houses are very nice. well maintained, clean. these 3 are in a really nice location near smith's reef for outstanding snorkeling, and turtle cove marina with 5-6 restaurants you could walk to. it is away from the busy part of the island where all the resorts are. if you dive there is a dive co at the marina - provo turtle divers.

although provo is small you will need to rent a car.
there is a very complete grocery store. and quite a few wonderful restaurants.

Saint128 Sep 18th, 2008 07:10 AM

Dear Virginia,

Thank you for the site. We did look at those and think they would be perfect as we only need a one bedroom villa. Maximum 2 bedroom in order to get a larger place. Sometimes pictures look better than the real thing and want to be sure we book with a reputable company since we don't know the island at all or what areas to stay in. Are the car rentals in Provo $$$? We are huge beach people and don't mind driving around the's all part of the adventure! Thanks again!

virginia Sep 18th, 2008 03:44 PM

grace bay car rental was $39/day may be more now. others include:
Avis (649-946-4705)
Budget (649-946-3709)
Executive Tours (649-946-4524 / 649-231-2358)
Hertz (649-941-3910)
National (649-946-4701)
Rent A Buggy (649-946-4158)
Scooter Bob (649-946-4684)
Tropical Auto Rental (649-946-5300)
Turkoise Excursions (649-946-5379)
i've always used scooter bob because he is in turtle cove marina and that's where the house we rented is. calling scooter normally is more efficient than email.
i'd say get a car but arrange to trade it in one day for a jeep so you can drive out to malcolm road beach - gorgeous spot but the road out is lousy in one area. 4 wheel not needed but clearance is.

re the 3 one br houses. i'd say these will be exactly as in the pics. i've stayed in one of his houses on the south side of the island and been in several others. all impeccably maintained.
if you type coriander cottage into the search box above you'll find a couple trip reports from fodorites who have stayed in that house. (drwawlt & jennreyiw - or just type in the screen names and scroll to t&c and click) at least 1 i recall attached pics.
i've not heard any major complaints about any of the other rental companies. those include:,,
^ grove west guest house is in a good location on central grace bay beach.

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