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Gord Feb 29th, 2000 04:27 PM

Hi all. Can anyone tell me if toplessnes is accepted on Varadero Berach? My wife is interested but does not want to create any problems by doing so without knowledge. Any info will be appreciated. Thanks all

Tim Mar 1st, 2000 05:29 AM

Gord, <BR>It won't create any problems on Varadero beach. I've seen women go topless every time I've been to Varadero, and it seems as though the locals aren't against it, although the Cuban culture in general frowns on it. It would be less of an issue if you're on a part of Varadero beach that is far enough away from the town that its almost exclusively tourists. <BR> <BR>Hope this helps. <BR> <BR>Tim

Gary Mar 1st, 2000 04:53 PM

Just got back from Sol group in Varadaro and no problem there.

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