Unbelievable Jamaica Deal (Not an Ad.)


Aug 10th, 1999, 06:45 PM
Decent Tropical
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Unbelievable Jamaica Deal (Not an Ad.)

This is not and Ad. I am in no way affiliated with any of the parties involved with this offer. I just never saw what seems like such a "steal" before and I wanted to tell others about it and see if anyone had any comments.

Monday's (August 9) edition of the Frommer's newsletter listed this offer from Sunburst Holidays, available if you book by this Friday (August 13):

Seven nights at the Samsara hotel (Negril Cliffs) for as low as 620- p.p. All Inclusive WITH ROUND-TRIP AIR!!

Departures from Miami are even less and available after this Fri. as well.

Go to the Frommers.com and then click-on 'previous newsletters' and select the one for Mon. Aug. 9 for more info.

I found a website for the Samsara hotel:


but each of the two times I went there it caused my computer to crash before it fully loaded.

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Aug 12th, 1999, 08:32 AM
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Saw the same promo. Did you book it???
We are seriously considering it. Also went to the web site- it looks beautiful!
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Aug 12th, 1999, 09:48 AM
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Samsara has a good reputation. If I'm not mistaken, they recent began offering
all inclusive packages. That could be
the reason for the good deal. Samsara has a sister property on the beach. I
think the name is Legends and a free
shuttle is offered from Samsara on the
cliffs to the beach. Sounds like a good
deal. Wish I could go!
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Aug 12th, 1999, 02:53 PM
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Anybody actually able to book this deal?
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Aug 13th, 1999, 12:23 AM
Decent Tropical
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There are several reasons why I can't go myself. I wanted to tell others about this and I was curious to hear what people thought of it.

I also posted this on the rec.travel.caribbean newsgroup and someone replied as follows:

"I went to the Frommers site and you're right, it is an unbelievable deal and I suspect someone at Frommers got their wires crossed. SamSara is not an all inclusive and their site mentions nothing as such. The only "meal plan" is a 10% discount in the restaurant for persons staying on the property.

I've seen it happen before where someone reads a phrase like "price includes everything - airfare, hotel, even transfers!" and it ends up in a newsletter as "all-inclusive". So before anyone signs on they would do well to confirm with Sunburst about just what is included.

When we stayed at Seawinds a number of years ago, a couple of ladies arrived at the same time as us. The only reference they had to the A/I part of their deal was a newsletter. Of course the hotel wasn't responsible, nor was the tour company and they couldn't get hold of the people who did the newsletter (though I doubt it would have helped). They had only brought a little spending money and had little resources back at home. The hotel DID give them a voucher for dinner the first nite but the rest of the trip they had to rely on the kindness of strangers.

If however, Frommers is right (which would make me wr.. wr.. wr..), this is probably the best deal anyone will EVER come across. I'd go today, but I've got way too many frequent flyer (hotel, AX, Car rental) points to justify PAYING for a vacation. I thought Sunburst had a website but I can't seem to find it."

I suggest asking Sunburst to fax you something which specifically states what is included before you actually book so that you will have something in writing.

Please keep us updated on any experiences.

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Aug 13th, 1999, 07:38 AM
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Actually, while not an A/I in the traditional sense, you can pay an additional $30 or so/day for all 3 meals. Probably still have to pay for drinks though.

When was the hotel remodeled? I have been looking at this property for a couple years now (Apple Vacations offered this property last summer for roughly $500 air/hotel/transfers)and it didn't look this nice before. Was it MTV's Spring Break at the hotel that led to the "new" look?

Anyone get the deal yet?
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