"Ugly Americans"

Old Mar 12th, 2001, 08:46 AM
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What are all of you people thinking about when replying to this topic. This is supposed to be a board for tips on places to visit, not spreading gossip. You all who supposedly love to travel should feel silly about replying to such a remark. THe person who started this had a bad experience somewhere during a vacation,,,,LET IT GO!! THanks for reading,,,,,
Old Mar 12th, 2001, 09:18 AM
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AMEN ARIEL!!! <BR> <BR>Lyn, in must be nice to be so perfect. Judging people by their appearance is ugly...get over yourself!!!
Old Mar 12th, 2001, 09:22 AM
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Being a Canadian, and being raised to say my "please and thankyou's", I can tell you that it garnered us some very good service in St. Martin a couple of years ago. <BR>I thank the person who amusingly suggested that someone might be mistaken for a Canuck by using these manners! <BR>The only "ugly" Americans were the ones that just didn't seem to get it. In the Caribbean, one must accept that not every commerce moves at light speed like we do! <BR>Personally, I found most of the Americans on our trip to be a blast, and only a few that thought they would get bigger and better by being louder and obnoxious. <BR>They were but an isolated few -which goes to prove the "one bad apple" train of thought. <BR>
Old Mar 12th, 2001, 09:59 AM
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Lyn is demonstrating what an ugly American is. <BR>Live and let live. <BR>This forum is for travel advice. Let's move on, please..............
Old Mar 12th, 2001, 12:09 PM
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Jamaica Is Still a Dump!
Old Mar 13th, 2001, 08:16 AM
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Poor, Barry! Still can't afford one of the good Ja resorts!!
Old Mar 13th, 2001, 09:26 AM
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Mellie, <BR> <BR>Get your story straight, in Aruba 4 languages are spoken, Spanish, English, Dutch and Papiamento..
Old Mar 13th, 2001, 10:50 AM
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Canadians are the ugliest Americans of all!
Old Mar 13th, 2001, 11:26 AM
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Eddy..what I meant was Aruba is more "america" than most islands..and yes, I spent a week there more than 10 years ago and have stopped in twice via cruise ship.. The proliferation of Taco Bell and the McDonalds in Aruba is a crime to the culture.. The "average" tourist does't want to bother learning a language unfortuately.. No, let me say that SOME tourists want to go where it's like home..yes, I heard Papiamento and Dutch but most often it was english..the only spanish I heard was a guitar player one evening.but that was 10 years plus ago..
Old Mar 13th, 2001, 12:08 PM
Yea, Eddy
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The "ugly American" judges the current culture and situation after just a one day visit from a cruise ship!! Give me a break! (Oh! that's right, she was there once, ten years ago!). The American influence is strong on Aruba and I am sure that all those American timesharers have a lot to do with it. But, it can and does offer many things for loads of people but not for me! In the meantime, "ugly is as ugly does." And those who are so prejudiced here are the ugliest of all!!! I assume that they are US Residents - after all "Americans" can be from anywhere in North, Central or South America! LOL
Old Mar 13th, 2001, 01:18 PM
A friend
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"If everyone looked the same, acted the same, and thought the same, wouldn't the world be a boring place?" People should be accepted as they are - no one is perfect."
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YIKES! Count me as one mild-mannered, pleasant US citizen of French Canadian heritage who sincerely hopes not to encounter a few of you folks on my next Caribbean visit. Backing slowly out the door..
Old Mar 13th, 2001, 07:35 PM
Parrot Mom
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Don't blame Mellie..maybe she feels about Aruba the way I feel about the Grand Caymens..Sometimes areas get so money hungry they let in too many time sharing units.. I myself fell in love with Cozumel after one day there and went back several times for a week each time..Just remember there is a place for everybody..for her it's not Aruba obviously..
Old Mar 13th, 2001, 07:49 PM
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No one is blaming anyone for disliking a particular island but when you say stupid things that are incorrect and just plain prejudical and ignorant, then you should be confronted .
Old Mar 13th, 2001, 09:18 PM
Francois Fountaine
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I think it's nice to go to Martinique because many frogs live there so I see not many damn Americans there who are rude and speak only the English.
Old Mar 13th, 2001, 09:35 PM
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Three cheers for HAWAII -- the most Americanized (and preferable) place of them all!!!

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