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sboemia Jul 24th, 2016 08:22 AM

Turks, West Bay Club_trip 7/27
We leave Wednesday morning (7/27) an arrive in Turks at 12:00. The first day I suspect we will throw our stuff in the room and head to the beach! We are staying a West Bay Club. Is there a good place for dinner near our resort? We were thinking we would not rent a car until Thursday. Is there a place to rent a car near our resort?

We want to visit all the places with good food and music, if possible, on the beach! All the best locations, and best days to go, would be so appreciated! I could just print out this page and take it with us :)

We think we want to take a sunset cruise, go deep sea fishing, and maybe ride horses in the water? Would love to zipline but don't know if they have that. If you have any ideas of other things to do that is fun, please advise. If I mentioned something that's boring or a ripoff, let me know that too! Any particular company for excursions that is fun and upbeat for tourist, would be appreciated.

Last question, should I bring a lot of cash? or should I just use my credit card?

Thanks to all we are excited!!!

Weadles Jul 24th, 2016 01:41 PM

SOMEWHERE CAFE is within easy walking distance of WEST BAY CLUB, but unfortunately I would not advise walking there after dark. Same is true for most places along the beach, unless you are simply going next door to The Gansevoort Hotel.

For most restaurants, you will need a taxi or car. Taxis are insanely expensive, so you might want to rent a car. See if GRACE BAY RENTALS has anything available. They are really nice, and will drop off/pick up car at your hotel.

Some of my favorite restaurants on the island:

Somewhere Cafe, as mentioned: Good Mexican food, drinks. Great place to go at sunset. Sit on top of the bar so you can see over the beach.

Coco Bistro- Some people think it's the best restaurant on the island. The restaurant is set inside a palm tree grove garden. I find the food rather expensive for what it is, but the setting is gorgeous.

Bay Bistro- Next to Sibonne Hotel, on the beach. For a special dinner, you can pay extra for a torchlit dinner at a private table on the beach. The food is very good. IMHO better than Coco Bistro.

Le Bouchon- In town at REGENT VILLAGE. Quirky French menu, so- so service and setting, but the food is really excellent.

Mr. Grouper- Fish shack/restaurant with very good drinks.

Da Conch Shack- Fun place for lunch. On the beach out of town.

Las Brisas- On Chalk Sound. OK food, tapas, drinks. Beautiful setting.

Newish Italian place in town just after the roundabout if you're coming from WEST BAY CLUB. Very good food!

Again, to access some beaches other than Grace Bay, you need a car. Chalk Sound, Taylor Bay, are both worth a visit!

I don't know about deep sea fishing, but CAICOS DREAM TOURS may offer that and def does snorkeling trips.

You do not need to bring a lot of cash! There are ATMS at the supermarkets, and many places take credit cards.

blamona Jul 25th, 2016 02:54 AM

Rent a car the whole time, for the taxi cost from airport you'd already have a car the whole time, and can eat anywhere. Grace Bay Car Rentals is awesome.

Add Bugaloos to eating list. Sunday's live bands. Awesome

Add Fish Fry Thursday nights to eating/entertainment. You can walk to this(many park around WCB anyway). Follow karaoke at Danny Bouys, it's a hoot

Add Tiki Hut Wednesday nights for ribs.

There's parasailing, banana boats, skiing. Explore North and Middle (requires ferry and another rental car for the day)

Forget fishing or be prepared to spend $800 a half day

Explore other beaches around the island-- Leeward/Pelican is amazing, Sapodilla Bay a giant wading pool. Chalk Sound is mind blowing turquoise.

Palms Spa, awesome gorgeous setting (many magazine covers, it's stunning)

sboemia Jul 25th, 2016 04:07 PM

Thanks you all of you for your reply! Off work now and packing to leave the house at 2:45am for a 5:00am flight,Wednesday morning. Be on the beach by 1:00pm :)

Thanks for the heads up on fishing! Not going to spend that! Anyone have an opinion on sunset cruise or horseback riding fun or dud?

Love the idea of watching karaoke, sounds like a good laugh!

What is the best local dish, Conch?

Thanks again! All opinions are welcome and appreciated, especially on music!


sboemia Jul 25th, 2016 04:09 PM

What's the cost of a car? $55 us per day?

blamona Jul 25th, 2016 04:10 PM

Provo Ponies ride at Long Bay

Conch is local dish

Sunset cruise Atabyra (funcharters)

Music at Fish fry, Quinton Dean plays at places, Where When How magazine (free and at airport, supermarkets, everywhere) might have a line up

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