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jennydohair Jan 19th, 2004 06:46 PM

Turks & Caicos vs. Anguilla
Let the battle begin!

jennydohair Jan 20th, 2004 08:01 AM

Wow, no one has been to both of these islands.

HowardC Jan 20th, 2004 01:40 PM

We have visited both islands about 15 times. About 3-4 months ago i did a comparison believe on this site. on the upper right if you click on Anguilla or Turks and Caicos and scroll down you might find it. Briefly both islands are British. They are both coral islands which I think have the better beaches as compared to volcanic islands. However you will not find the lush rain forests, waterfalls etc you find on volcanic islands. There are palm trees but most of the vegatation is scrub. Grace Bay beach on Provo is typically rated among the top three is the Caribbean and is 12 miles long. Anguilla has about 32 smaller beaches. I consider Meads Bay beach and Shoal Bay Beach East among the best beaches. Provo is more developed than Anguilla. There are three AI's where there are none on Anguilla. Most of the resorts on Provo are condo type resorts with kitchens. Our favorite resort is Coral Gardens where you can snorkel on a reef right off the beach. Our favorite resort on Anguilla is the Frangipani on Meads Bay. Also condos. Don't know when you plan to honeymoon but is after mid April the Sun Sea and Sand package is a really good deal. About $1900 including tax and service charge. Frangipani is small, quiet and intimate. There are excellent restaurants on both islands in all price ranges. Not a lot of night life on either island but probably better on Anguilla

mpmellum Feb 29th, 2004 07:27 AM

We've been to both. We had a mosquito outbreak on Provo that was awful in April 2003, Had to quit golf it was so bad. Had mosquitos also in evening (sunset) on Anguilla but not every day as on Provo. Provo is the only Caribbean island I have ever been to that the majority of hotels/condos had screens on the lanais (porches/decks). That should tell you something. Beaches are a toss up. Both have great beaches. Both islands are scrubby looking. Restaurants are better on Anguilla. Provo's are fine. You have the option of taking the ferry to St. Martin for the best restaurants in the Caribbean. A short trip. Snorkeling in Provo is much better. In fact Anguilla's was non existant Very little coral. Anguilla has Scilly Cay for lobster and Provo has Boogaloo's for conch. Neither has clear street signs. Getting lost is easier on Provo. Airplane access from the US is easier to Provo. Anguilla has some world class resorts but Provo has admirable ones too. Didn't fish at either place but would bet Provo is a lot better. Anguilla has Johnno's Bar that has some atmosphere at times. Uncle Ernie's is fun also on Anguilla. Provo has very little in the way of Caribbean beach bars. Most of the atmosphere revolves around the yacht harbor or resort bars/restaurants. Music of the reggae/Caribbean sort is pretty much non'existant on Provo. Provo is basicly Florida in the Southern Bahamas culturally. Provo has Beaches, a huge family oriented resort that Anguilla doesn't have. Kids would have a better time on Provo. I liked them both.

PandDS Mar 9th, 2004 10:29 AM

My wife and I, are thinking of going to Provo for our tenth. We would like little or no kids (we are leaving our three at home). Does anyone have any info on the Grace Bay Club? I see they have a "no kids under 12" rule. I also understand that the island is British and somewhat conservative but, also in the Caribbean. So my next question: Is it common to see people wearing thongs at the beach or at any of the resorts? Or do people have to venture off for that? Any other suggestions on places to stay or other islands are welcome! Thanks!

Ted Mar 9th, 2004 10:52 AM

We've been to Provo several times in the months of Nov, Jan, Feb, Mar and August and we have never had any issues with mosquitoes. In fact I don't like turning on the a/c, although we did in August, and I always leave the sliders open, without screens, during the day! I'm sure mpmellum's experience was true, but I don't think it is typical at all.

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