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DianeL Dec 1st, 2003 12:31 PM

Trip Report Cap Juluca 11-21-29
Arrived in SXM on 11/21 around 1:00 and were met by Cap Juluca's Executive Service.
Whisked thru immigration, and off to the dock where "No Fear" was waiting. After a few minutes our luggage arrived and we were off to Cap Juluca for our 5th visit. What a wonderful way to arrive, although we did stop at Blowing Point and they had to remove the large luggage for inspection. Immigration just looked at the bags and asked us where we were staying. Off we went to Cap. Checked into our room and off to Georges for lunch. Back to the room to unpack and relax. Dinner that evening at Altimer, just fabulous. I had French Onion soup and Filet mignon for dinner, my daughter had coconut shrimp which she was not crazy about. My husband had gee, I can't remember! Service is impeccable and the place is beautiful.
Saturday 11/22 - Spent a relaxing day on the beach, had a great lunch at Georges. Saturday night, reservation at Pimms which I had the concierge make a week before we arrived requesting a table near the water.
We arrived and were greeted by Wilma and escorted to a table next to the lobster tank with mops and pails and the sound of running water (like a dishwasher). We asked Wilma to move us to the empty table across the room which was by the water and she told us it was taken. Half the restaurant was empty and she told us she could not move us. We got up and said, we'll come back another night. She quickly ran over to the podium and said which night would you like to come back. We told her we'll call you. I guess she is looking for a tip in order to get a good table. Needles to say we did not go back. After we left Pimms we headed back to Altimer, greeted warmly and given a great table.
Another wonderful meal, I had lamb chops which were fab and my husband and daughter had the filet of beef, sampler for dessert excellent!!

Sunday 11/22 after our wonderful breakfast on the balcony headed for the beach. Things started to cloud up so we went on a road trip to check out the new spots. Stoped at Irad's on the beach in Sandy Ground (Irad was the former F&B manager at CJ and his chef is the former chef from
Kemias.) Had a great lunch, whole grilled lobster $30.00 which my husband and I each had and my daughter had a lobster wrap which was excellent!!! A couple of glasses of wine and I was in heaven, the waves crashing excellent food what more could you ask for. We liked it so much we went back on Monday night. After lunch we went over to Johnnos where there was a great jazz band, had to taste the ribs, which were great. Spent about an hour and headed back to CJ. There was very little rain in Sandy Ground, but when we got back to CJ everything was drenched. The sky had cleared so we spent the rest of the afternoon on the beach. Sunday night, reservation at Mangos. Great table next to the water, food was as good as always, I had caeser salad and sesame snapper - out of this world!! My daughter had the filet of beef (again) and I don't remember what my husband had. Dave was not there that night, we were told he went back to NJ, his mother passed away but would be back on Tuesday.

Monday - Vegg day, lunch at Georges, relaxing on the beach. Dinner at Irads, asked Wayne the manager from Georges to stop by and say hello. Had another great meal, I had the lobster again, my husband had a seafood pasta which he is still talking about, we also ordered some lobster fritters for appetizer which were great!! Sat with Irad and Wayne and laughed all night. Great people!! Would highly recommend this this spot.

Tuesday - Another beautiful day on the beach, lunch at Georges and dinner at Straw Hat.
I had the spring rolls, and the snapper special my husband had a blackened steak and my daughter had a steak as well. The food was very good.
Wednesday - Beach in the morning then off to Scily Cay. First stopping for a tour of Serenity Cottages which are very nice and would highly recommend it. Lovely furnishings, extremely nice people and a small beach with a beach bar. Probably not exciting enough for my daughter, but certainly fine for my husband and I. Then off to Scily Cay. It was not extremely busy, but for some reason it took 1 ? hours to get our lobsters (I think the waitress forgot to put in the order) I was smart enough not to order the rum punch, as I did not see any ambulances parked near the dock to take us home (LOL) I must be getting old, but just can't take those drinks anymore. Takes too long to recover.. Wednesday night - back to Mangos, Dave was back had another great meal, I had the Conch Chowder and the sesame snapper (a creature of habit). For dessert I had the chocolate cake
And my daughter had the coconut cheesecake. Both outstanding. Dave sat with us for awhile had a few laughs and discussed all the new places being built on the island. Mangos is always one of my favorite spots.

Thursday - Thanksgiving -Pouring rain!!! My husband and I decided to take a road trip, daughter stayed behind to go to the fitness center and e-mail friends. We decided to check out Skiffles Villas. Very nice,
And would recommend that spot as well, but again, probably boring for a teen. Then proceeded down to the Calahoo Club and Lockrom Estates. Can't see much but from what you can see it is beautiful. Drove down to Cinnamon Reef, the entrance was blocked off, so we could not get in.
Decided to head back to CJ and at that point the sun was starting to come out again. Had another lunch at Georges. Spent the rest of the afternoon on the beach and then over to Frangapini to meet a couple we met at the CJ cocktail party who are also from Connecticut. They were at CJ for 5 nights and then Frangapini for 3. I used to think Frangipini was very nice, but it appears to need a face lift. The couple told us they went over to Frangi while they were staying at Cap to make a reservation for 3 nights and were shown a top floor 2 bedroom 2 balcony suite. When they got there the staff tried to put them in a small room with a very small balcony. The couple was very unhappy and were told they could not get their money back if they left. After much arguing they ended up in a first floor 1 bedroom right on the beach. We all went to dinner at Altimer, again another great dinner, followed by great desserts.
Friday - Last full day. After breakfast we headed for the beach and only left the beach for lunch
At Georges. Had cocktails in our suite with our Connecticut friends and then off to Mangos.
Had a great time, there was a band playing that just got everyone going. Ended up in a Conga line by the end of the night!! People were dancing, a couple of guys were dancing with the blow up doll, it was hilarious. A great way to end a great vacation!!
Saturday - Time to go home. We were picked up in a beautiful Cigarette boat and wisked off to the airport where a gentleman from Execeutive Services was waiting on the dock. They took our bags and put us in a van, drove across the street to the AA counter. Told us to wait, went up to the counter checked us in and our bags and escorted us over to security. No hassels, no lines!! What a wonderful way to end a wonderful trip. Now it's time for a big diet!! Next stop St. Barths for Christmas!!!

Robrook Dec 1st, 2003 01:27 PM

Thank you for that food report. Did you do anything else on your vacation between meals?

penny Dec 1st, 2003 04:52 PM

Diane, thanks for your report. We were at CJ the 14th of the month. We used the executive service and private boat too! Its the way to go! We had Caps boat The Justice and Funtime on the way back. On our last trip in May the executive service never met our boat, I mentioned it this trip, so they credited
it on my bill! We used it home, nice to be picked up by the air conditioned van, and have everything taken care of.

LOL about the blow up doll at Mangos. We dined there twice too, and I also had the caesar salad, and sesame snapper, its my favorite. The other time I had the wonderful mahi mahi, and my husband had the lobster. Love the setting, its one of the best.David Coburn is an excellent chef!
Nice to hear about Irads. We went to Trattoria Tramonto, our home away from home. Its the whole package, beach, view, music, service and wonderful food.
We had lunch there twice, long lunches!
Dinner on our last night. I love the veal chop, ditto the decadent lobster ravioli, and Valters special the swordfish tortellini, with fresh chopped tomatos, and basil! Yummy!

Its a shame they did not treat you better at Pimms, but then again I find it is too busy, as the hotel sells lots of its packages. We usually skip it, as you know there are other excellent choices. We did have a late lunch at Kemia, love sitting by the splashing rocks!

We had dinner at Altamer, great service. We also like it for lunch, as we are the only ones there. Sipping champagne and taking in the view. BTW how did you like all those containers as you approached Altamer! Lots of building.

We went on to Jumby Bay, another great spot. Next year we want to be either at CJ or Jumby for Thanksgiving.

Off again in January! Back to Jumby, and plan to try Carlisle Bay.

Lucky you Christmas in St.Barts! I will be here in NY, in the cold, but off to Connecticut for Christmas with friends!

DianeL Dec 2nd, 2003 02:59 AM

Hi Penny!! Great to hear from you, we do enjoy lunches at Altimer as well champagne included! We are planning to go back to CJ for next Thanksgiving as well!! Maybe we'll meet! Dying to hear about Carlsile bay,so please post!

Enya Dec 2nd, 2003 05:23 AM

That was indeed a rather comprehensive food report. Isn't there anything else to do in Anguilla besides eat??

August04 Dec 2nd, 2003 05:59 AM

Loved your report...thanks for sharing. Do you know how much a couple should budget for extra expenses at Cap J (food, excursions, etc.)? We are thinking of going there for all or part of our honeymoon, but weren't sure how expensive things are there. Thanks!

penny Dec 2nd, 2003 06:01 AM

Enya, of course there is lots to do!
But one of the many fine factors besides the glorious beaches, is the lovely little beach bar restaurants. Great food, lovley staff, outstanding ambience, and total relaxation. Anguilla is dining at all prices, on the water or not. No McDonalds, no casinos, no cruise ships( with all you can eat buffets) no crowds, just total
relaxation! Thats why the ones who love Anguilla keep going back, and those that do not or will not have other choices! I am sure you are in the latter group, so have fun where ever you go!

Diana Dec 2nd, 2003 06:02 AM

They have vacations for just about everything - The Winery Tour of the Sonoma County, The NASCAR Lover's Cruise, etc.

I guess that report was on The Eating Tour of Anguilla. ;)

It is a rather laid back island, but there are lots of things to do if one wants to be active.

We went over to St Martin on the ferry and explored, went horseback riding on the beach, rented a mini catamaran and about wore the thing out, got invited to some local parties, snorkeling, SCUBA, sailboat day trips, packed a picnic lunch, rented a car and found a deserted beach, live music at several places, etc.

SandyFeet Dec 2nd, 2003 06:17 AM


I would be glad to help you with any questions you may have. I just returned from 10 days at Cap. I have an itienary typed out in which we used, it will give you a pretty good idea of what it will cost. There are many places to go and to dine all are excellent and do not break the bank. If you are interested, send me an e mail and I will gladly help you:)

TedTurner Dec 2nd, 2003 08:36 AM

Enya: Anguilla has the best food of any island in the Caribbean. That's why people post details about it.
It's a genuine atttraction for people who like good food, and you sure won't find the same beach/tropical ambience in any NYC or San Francisco restaurant.
It's a bonus on an island which already boasts many of the Caribbean's best beaches, and some outstanding resorts.

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