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Trip Report TRIP REPORT: Atlantis, Paradise Island: Royal Towers 7 days

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Hi everyone,

After a few years traveling with the assistance of wonderful people on this website, I try to post trip reports to share my experience good and now a tiny bit negative.

My husband Chris traveled with me (Natalie) and my daughter Gianvieve who turned 1 on May 17th, my mom came and my best friend Michael.

May 14th: We arrive at Continental international check in and the woman was deliberately slow. Weighing everything 2 times.... Then stating its overweight even though I didn't mind paying over weight fees. I stated I always pay overweight charges and would gladly pay instead of relocating items to other suitcases. The woman insisted we reweigh our bags, again very slowly. After 20+ minutes of this, we paid $125 in overage fees. As mom and Michael check in a woman whispers, "there are 2 seats left" then suddenly the main woman says check in is closed you missed the flight. We state " its not even 7:30am" and she said, “there are no seats we overbooked so you were bumped since its getting late”. I was in shock!

They offer a 3pm flight through Texas that we can fly standby (with an infant). Alternatively, they offer a 7pm flight into Ft. Lauderdale where "we" would have to pay for a hotel to take a connection Friday morning Ft. Lauderdale to Nassau. The women at Continental were unhelpful. Poor customer service overall.

We figure we need a new outbound flight and call Jetblue. I was leaning on the continental counter (which was empty). As we start calling the continental person interrupts stating we no longer have our return flight because we missed the outbound. And it would be a few hundred in change fees to keep the return.

Michael immediately calls Jetblue to find out we have to pay $2800 for new flights out of JFK. We now need to take a van at a cost $140 from Newark Airport, New Jersey to JFK Airport, NY with an infant. Instead of boarding an 8:35am flight we board a 12:20 flight, losing our first day in the Bahamas.

Boarding Jetblue was wonderful! Terrific airline! We had the first row w/extra legroom. It was such a nice flight.

We bought a few books to read while waiting for our flight. Michael turns to my mom, Doreen and says “if you fall asleep I want your book”

I turn to Michael “if she falls asleep and then you fall asleep I want your book.”

-->Passenger sitting beside us in row 1 turns to us: “if you ALL fall asleep I’ll watch the baby.

Gianvieve would not sleep at all on plane. Benadryl gave her energy but she was an angel anyway. No trouble with her ears because she sucked on her binky. We gave he puffs anytime she was fussy. They make her happy :) she didn't want to sit with me wanted daddy the whole time. Poor Chris.

Landing was smooth. We immediately received our gate-checked stroller, which was so convenient next time I'm bringing the bugaboo. Our maclaren was small and super easy to use though. What a convenient stroller for travel. Folds, reclines, good storage...

We got our luggage in 20 seconds. Lightning fast! We took a majestic transfer from the airport to atlantis w/the baby on our lap. Not how we imagined it since we brought a car seat. The ride was nice stopping at another hotel then the Atlantis.

The ATLANTIS was grand indeed! The lobby was spectacular. Check in was a breeze. The woman helping us was a doll. We asked if our rooms had balconies and she said suites do. I asked how much it would be to upgrade and she said $350/p night, so we did. We had a lovely 2 bedroom suite rooms 6568 and 6570. 6568 was the suite, living room, small dinette table, half bath, and flat screen with mini bar. We got an extra refrigerator. The master was enormous with terrace, walk-in closet and gigantic bath, Jacuzzi, stall shower, enclosed toilet, double sinks and separate vanity to get ready. There was an ironing board and iron. Though I wished there was a robe and slippers here. I enjoy a nice cool room but would have liked relaxing in my robe in the morning.

The master bedroom was spacious with a club chair and ottoman and two addl club chairs and a desk and chair w/laptop connection. Michael and my moms room was very nice, two queen beds, desk and chair, club chair and ottoman with french balcony. The bathroom was nice. Both beds were extraordinarily comfortable! One of the more comfortable beds I've stayed in. Top 3! Behind the bed at the Quisisana and Villa Feltrinelli. I did notice the suite couch was worn and the club chairs were torn. They are definitely in need of replacing them at the rate charged! The suite had a pull out sleeper for too. Convenient for the future~ absolutely!

DINNER: Bahamian Club
We had a 7pm reservation and only booked because it was convenient with Gianvieve. It was my least exciting restaurant (so I thought) and wound up loving it the best looking back on my week. My moms lamb chops were the best I've ever had! Michael and I split french onion soup and escargot. The soup was amazing!!!! I had salmon. Gianvieve had a high chair and enjoyed eating out with us. She played at the table and was laughing. Such an angel!

There were two ladies behind us clearly perturbed that there was a baby nearby as though she was carrying swine flu. Shockingly, the lady stopped by our table after paying the bill. She made fish lips at gia ignoring us. And left disregarding us lol.

After dinner we returned to the room and played with Gianvieve for a little while playing the game "I'm going to get you" where she is a fish out of water screaming. We put her to bed and went to the casino while mom watched her. We played a few tables and I ended up squeezing my way into a hot craps table where I was up to $2,000 (starting with like $300), but of course it was hard to leave the table when it cooled. In the end I was up about $1500ish (that was temporary).

My favorite part of vacationing is returning and ordering room service. Michael raved about the burger as if it was the best burger on earth.
It was a dried out hockey puck lol. I was buzzed eating it so I said " Is this your burger from last year?"

It was hilarious! I half fell asleep while waiting for room service. I ate and snuck into our room where the baby was sound asleep.

What a great first day.

Day two, to be continued…

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    Waking up was wonderful. The bed was so comfortable. Gianvieve loves our room, crawling around. She was soooo excited having space to move. She started to crawl around on her hands instead of military style slithering around on her forearms. Like she was going through the woods. She’s a big girl now. Atlantis states online that they provide “Crib requests at Atlantis come with a Gentle Travel kit for babies including a lullaby CD”. No one seemed to know what this was. We went from the desk to guest services, to a variety of stores in the Royal Towers to get one confused face after another. Odd!

    We walked over to the Cove and had breakfast at Mosaic which we heard was unbelievable. It was so delicious with 20 stations of food (maybe 10). An overwhelming variety of options such as ham, filet mignon, omelet’s, eggs benedict, coconut French toast, crepes, pancakes, yogurt, you name it.

    We were near the Cove so we went to the pool there. This was Gianvieve’s first time EVER in a pool. We had a giant crab float for her to lay in as well as 70 block on every inch of our peanut. She was safe from the sun! She loved the water and would kick around. It was exciting watching her face as she enjoyed every minute of the water. My mom, Chris, Michael and I put on a ton of block. The sun was strong.

    DINNER: Nobu
    My mom’s not a fan of Japanese but figured she would be a good sport since our meal plan included dinner at Nobu, one of our favorite NYC restaurants. My mom always drinks a cosmopolitan with dinner. Tonight was no exception.

    We’re sitting at dinner, just after ordering. All of a sudden my mom leans in and says “you have big boobies”.

    I look at her funny and she replies “My drink said it.” Lol

    Moments later, a waiter walks over and placed a dish in front of my mom. She says “No thank you” and the waiter pulls back.

    I immediately told her this was the king crab legs she ordered. He gives her the dish and leaves saying "Don't be scared”.

    She whispers. “I thought they were giving away free food"

    To which Michael snarls "At Nobu?"

    Dinner was very good. My mother had the best steak in a long time. The dishes were delish.

    At one point two waiters bent over at my husbands feet gawking saying "are those Louis?"

    Chris replied "no I got them in Rome" (about his white loafers). I don't know which brand. Do you mind if I take off my shoe to check"

    Waiter: "no not at all they're very soft" (petting the shoe)"

    Chris: "they're Baldini"

    Waiter "very nice"

    It was so funny watching this skit, reminded me of Coming to America when Eddy Murphy was at the basketball game and someone from Zamumda recognizes him and starts bowing “Prince Akeem, Prince Akeem” It was just funny!

    We ordered coffee and a few desserts. One of which was pretty good. My mom leaned in and Michael asked “what is this dessert” to which I replied “sasquatch” when it was Santandagi. Silliness!

    After dinner we returned to the room to put the baby to bed. We planned to head to the casino afterward. I gave Chris some of my winnings and we both headed to the tables. It wasn’t long before we returned all our winnings from the prior evening. We had so much fun doing it. We contemplated going to the club, but as we approached, they wanted to charge Michael to go in. So weird, we were staying at the hotel and I guess we assumed it would be free admission for guests. I don’t know why I thought that would be the case.
    My favorite part of vacationing is returning and ordering room service. Tonight we thought we’d be adventurous and ask for an item on the “early” menu hoping they would give it to us. The 12am-6am menu was scarce. Sure enough, they agreed to give us pizza. Yum! It was the least exciting, delicious pizza I had eaten in a while.
    What a great second day.


    We arrived at Mosaic’s, having another delicious breakfast overeating and drinking juice and coffee. We would give Gianvieve a small bagel to eat. She just loves bread.

    After breakfast, we went back to our “spot” at the pool to enjoy a fun day in the sun. There was another family with four children nearby who we chatted with. They had an adorable baby girl who was 19 months old that played with Gianvieve.
    We enjoyed another nice day at the pool. Gianvieve was in the water kicking and splashing away.

    Walking back from the pool, my mom was looking around. She says “Gosh, I’ve never seem so many pleglant woman in my life”

    To which we reply “Pleglant?”
    Mom: “Pregnant, I mean I’ve never seem so many pregnant woman”

    Michael: “Pregnant on Mosaics”

    DINNER: Mesa Grill
    We arrived at Mesa Grill for dinner. It was a lovely restaurant with beautiful views of the water. It was clear Mesa Grill only recently allowed children under 6 to dine because they kept placing fragile and dangerous objects in front of my daughter who was turning one the very next day and quite interested in touching and throwing anything new. The waiter recommended a few dishes. I had taken his suggestions, as did Chris. I was happy I listened. Everything was delish.

    Chris turned to us and said “oh wow this is actually good I didn't think I would like it at all”.

    We all reply simultaneously, you ordered a dish you thought you wouldn’t like AT ALL?

    He was trying to expand his horizons and try something new!

    In the casino we ran into my brothers good friend, her fiancé and her parents. We hung out with them all night went to club Aura. While dancing in the club we ran into my cousin’s friend, it was a Staten Island reunion of people who never really met. The club is one of the cleanest clubs. As people spilled their drinks everywhere, a clean up crew would immediately mop up. Impressive!

    Day four to be continued...

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    DAY FOUR: Gianvieve’s 1st Birthday at ATLANTIS

    We dressed Gianvieve in her adorable tutu bathing suit, covered her in block and headed out for the day. For her special first BIRTHDAY!

    I forgot to mention that we shipped supplies to the resort using It was a great service. We shipped food, bottles, a fold up bouncer, bath stuff, booster seat and cleaning supplies to our hotel. The shipping and custom fees were pricey, but the convenience was worth it.

    We arrived at Mosaic’s, hoping we’d see our family friends. As we were seated towards the back, we realized that we being seated beside our friends. We were thrilled and actually connected our tables to eat together. Apparently, I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue and vacation narcolepsy. I could NOT keep my eyes open without 5 cups of coffee. Exhausted!

    After breakfast, we went back to our “spot” at the pool to enjoy a fun day in the sun. Michael and I went briefly to the adult only pool at the Cove “Cain”. Walking towards the pool we felt like we were entering into another resort altogether. It had a completely different look and feel, with incredibly chic pool chairs, lounges and benches. There were huge poolside beds, with a canopy, cushions and pillows. I wish I took pictures, because it was truly incredible. I just looked around thinking and maybe saying that I’d love to design my future back yard with a similar feel. As you walked in, people looked as if you were “someone” special walking in. It was such a scene! Gorgeous people everywhere with gorgeous bodies covered in designer everything. It was incredible.
    We enjoyed another nice day at the pool. Gianvieve was in the water kicking and splashing away. We gave her a Ben and Jerry’s vanilla ice cream, which she enjoyed thoroughly. It was so cute watching her face as she ate it. It was cold so she kept furrowing her brow, but leaning in for more. Michael and I with our friends Steph & Jon went to the non-lazy lazy river where we screamed and flipped over getting crushed by the current. It was definitely misnamed. But it was a fun river ride around the Atlantis. I was grateful my bathing suit was attached because I could totally see my bottoms falling off in the strong current.
    Since its Sunday we are considering extending our trip and departing Thursday instead of Tuesday. After the delay arriving, we really want a bit more time in the Bahamas. We were having so much fun, we couldn’t imagine leaving on Tuesday. After calling Jetblue to find out the pricing was reasonable we changed our flight to a Thursday departure. The hotel extended our stay at a reasonable rate as well (although they tried to double charge us upon checking out – tbc)

    DINNER: Casa D’Angelo
    Michael did my hair in a curly side sweep. We tried to keep it back and to the side but had trouble because I didn’t bring enough clips for my hair. As I was getting ready my mom offered to help us. We need more clips.

    Doreen: When you say hair clips, what do you mean?

    Michael: Anything for the hair. Clips, pins, anything!

    Doreen: But what do you mean when you say hair clips?

    Michael: Do you mean sausage?

    Silliness! Everything is just a joke to us…
    With my curled hair side swept, I wore a red strapless cocktail dress. Michael thought I looked like a sexy Spanish senorita. We left for dinner and proceeded to the elevator. As we walked to the elevator bank the doors opened a man was standing there. As he spotted me he was literally stopped in his tracks and said "Wow" in the funniest way possible. I can’t explain it, but it was as if he meant to comment in his head and instead he said it loudly. But it was sweet and funny!!!

    In Casa D'Angelo the topic of conversation was the difference between Puerto Rican flan and Italian flan and Spanish splan. We were ordering dessert and my mom was anxious to leave for a cig. So she said order me Puerto Rican flan and we looked at each other realizing she wanted the “panna cotta” on the menu. Then she tried to correct herself and said “order me the Spanish splan”.

    For Gianvieve’s birthday we had an adorable hat and these 1st birthday wings, which we put on her as if her tulle dress wasn’t uncomfortable enough. For some reason she loved it though. She didn’t tug at it or try to wiggle out. She was such an angel. We lit a candle in her dessert and sang happy birthday to my little girl who turned one TOO FAST.

    Shockingly, we returned to the room put the baby to bed and proceeded straight to the casino to meet our friends and their parents. We played craps and 3 card, making a small donation to the Atlantis resort. We planned to meet our friends the next morning at Mosaic’s for breakfast at 10:30am.
    Back to the room for a delicious bite to eat followed by bed!


    We woke up ordering two pots of coffee to the room, which has become routine during our trip. Gianvieve loves to crawl around both rooms and scream and laugh. She’s enjoying her four favorite people immensely on her birthday vacation.

    We head to Mosaic’s to meet our friends for breakfast our out 10 person table. Gianvieve was eating bread as usual enjoying everyone at the table. Her new friend Uncle Jon spoils her and loves to hold her. She secretly adores him and I expect her first tattoo to be a picture of him and her wearing a tutu.

    Michael was bit by an African tsetse monkey on the lazy river. An African tsetse monkey is of course a second cousin to the tsetse fly commonly found in Africa as well. I seriously don’t know what that is, but it is soooo funny sounding.

    I has finally overcome chronic fatigue syndrome thanks to crack-bull. 5 of them!

    We got a makeup pencil sharpener thanks to Chris saving the day. I think he was scared I’d wear red lipstick again since my nude pencil was finished and I forgot my sharpener. Oops.

    Later in the day, Michael and I had late lunch with our friends and their parents. Poolside food at the Cove is in a league of its own. They had a burger with mushrooms and onions that was unbelievable. We also ordered loaded French fries, which was loaded with fat and deliciousness. Our friends split salads, which made me feel like a fatty – a happy fatty. There was a 10-minute sun shower, but we were eating under a giant umbrella fortunately. Dom has renamed his future son-in-law hazel eyes. Which has become funny to us. Jon really does have lighter eyes. Especially when he wears the right colored shirts.

    DINNER: Seafire Steakhouse
    We had a reservation at the steakhouse. It was always an adventure getting ready and leaving on time for dinner. Plus most of the restaurants on the grounds were a 5-12 minute walk. That time is precious and underestimated every evening. We arrive shocked that we are late. I really wish someone could beam us there. It would be much more convenient and a great way to maximize our time. Although the walk through the grounds was spectacular. There were so many yachts docked at the pier. One was bigger then the next. We took a picture of a helicopter on a yacht. It must’ve landed on the yacht while at sea. It was really impressive. I mean you have to fly to your boat to dock at the Atlantis. What a life! The restaurant was nice, food was delish. The waiter serving us was by far our favorite of the trip. He was so nice and friendly and Gianvieve kept turning and looking for him. He apparently won her over in a big way!

    We return from dinner and put Gianvieve to bed. As always we head to DONATION-CENTRAL, where we play craps and a variety of wonderful games. We are now addicted to let it ride. Partially because you slowly lose your money, partially because its fun. I cant seem to remember the rules and confuse this will 3 card. Every time I’m dealt a pocket flush I instantly get excited only to realize I didn’t win a thing yet. Sigh... Dom said at the let it ride table that he was going to smack the b*tch at the next table if she screamed one more time. It was hilarious… had to be there to appreciate it. Later that night, Dom was chatting with us and whispered that the woman at the baccarat table had to have sold a lot of take out to play the way they were playing. He was convinced they were mother/daughter when they were not. I swear he should do stand-up! I’m going to write a list of the funny things Dom said on our trip. I’ll be a Letterman top 10 list, stay tuned!

    After another fun night in the casino, we depart excited that they are NOW going to build a wing named “Licini Luxury Escape”. It’ll be an exclusive resort located on the far side of Atlantis with underground access to all the amenities shared by the other patrons. Although our pockets are empty, the thought of contributing to this new wing makes us smile or cry. I forget which…

    We say goodnight to our friends. Dom yells “don't be late tomorrow - ten thirty” and I sarcastically say “I will be on the phone with my office and come immediately afterward” since Dom has business to tend to which prevented him from joining us ON THE DOT today.

    When we got back to the room, once again we ordered room service. I jokingly meowed like a kitten and my mom launched herself out of bed and said “was that the baby?” It was so funny! We discovered my moms driver’s license says she has hazel eyes when in fact they are browny brown brown.

    Our trip couldn’t get any better!

    Day six to be continued…

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    We wake up in the rain, sad and disappointed. It looked like a torrential downpour that might never end. My mom and Chris take the baby and Michael and I head down to the front desk to check out and back in to get new room cards. The manager kindly extends our meal plan for the same rate including Mosaic’s in it as well. We attempt to head to meet our friends for 10:30am breakfast at Mosaic’s, which is the happiest place on earth filled with goodies! It should be called Willy Wonka’s Breakfast Factory or something cool. The name Mosaic’s is too mysterious for me. Unfortunately our efforts were thwarted with rain that was so horrendous it was pouring in a direction parallel to the ground. We tried to make a run for it and were literally drenched. We took cover at check in at the Cove and tried to wait it out, but gave up. We ran full speed and got to Mosaic’s in a fit of hysteria laughing so hard, my eyebrows were dripping with raindrops. The lady gave us napkins and we proceeded like wet dogs to meet our family and our friends.

    We ate so many plates of food the staff practically rolled us out of there for fear of us camping out all day in the rain..

    We head to Seaglass in the Cove, which is a nearby lounge and mini-casino. We relax and feed Gianvieve lunch while the men play a bit of blackjack. Of course I play a little, after all, we are in the midst of designing the new wing in our honor. The weather clears and we head to the pool. You wouldn’t recognize the weather. It was beautiful out. The boys went on the water rides at “Power Tower” and got their butts bruised up.

    We get back to the room and my mom mentions my phone rang and it was the car service picking us up in NY except we weren’t there since our flight was changed. I totally forgot to reschedule and felt so bad. The nice guy waited over an hour. I think we landed on their s_ _t-list. Yikes!

    DINNER: Bahamian Club
    We planned dinner tonight with our friends and their parents. Bahamian Club was one of our favorite restaurants so it was a great choice for the evening. They seated us at a table so small that the chairs were angled to fit around it. It was insane that they considered squeezing us in with the baby and her high chair. Finally I had to ask to be relocated. We did and that is when the poor service began. Besides bad attitudes, overcooked food and absolutely nothing to drink we had a great night and enjoyed the wonderful company. Dom said some of the funniest things I had ever heard another person say live in front of me. I can’t even disclose it in this report. There may be a X-rated addendum to this report.

    The baby was tired so my mom left dinner to bring her to bed. We had her dinner wrapped and Chris brought it back for her. I ordered her favorite key lime dessert to go and we brought it back to her along with a pair of shoes she was eyeing the entire trip. She was so surprised. I had put the shoes on the nightstand and put her pack of cigarettes upright in the shoes for her to see. When she woke after we got in late that night, she screamed and laughed all excited about the shoes. Then she proceeded to put the shoes BACK on the nightstand until Michael stopped her saying “you don’t need to keep them up on the nightstand Doreen”.

    After dinner we headed back to the casino. Shocker – right! We wanted to see updated blue prints of the new wing they were building. Dom was giving me life advice, which I greatly appreciated. I was able to curb my gambling with his help. It was actually working. Thanks Dom! I was tempted to give my money to Jon and let him play because my luck had run out the day we landed, maybe the day before. Lol.

    There was a bar in the casino with awesome music pumping all night long. Finally when Lady Gaga came on we ran over. It was a teen dance off with some of the best people watching of our trip. There was a tall girl grinding her tall boyfriend that could have easily been a skit on Saturday Night Live. Then there was a young couple doing the dirty dirty on the floor, but in a PG13 rated way. Finally our main man Dom arrived with dance moves that made your jaw drop. He was incredible! I saw people watching him all EQUALLY impressed. I couldn’t wait for Chris to return from the slots to see this in person because I was excited. Then his daughter showed him a new move, and he instantly did it with some major rhythm. Very nice!
    Back to the room with promises to meet at 10:30am for our last breakfast at Mosaic’s. What are we going to do without Mosaic’s in NYC. Awwww!!! So sad!

    DAY SEVEN: ATLANTIS … our last full day!

    The last day of vacation is never fun and this was no exception. We sadly headed to Mosaic’s secretly hoping that the hotel would extend our stay until Labor Day since we were their favorite hotel patrons. Unfortunately that was not the case. We enjoyed breakfast with our friends at our special VIP table. Breakfast was always an extravaganza and this was another day in paradise. We learned that Dom can not only dance, but he has an incredible crooner singing voice. I was instantly racking my brain to think if we encountered karaoke anywhere on this island. I was about to call and emergency ship a karaoke machine to the Bahamas. Imagine that!

    We headed to our spot at the pool and enjoyed the sun. I eventually took Gianvieve upstairs to nap (while I snoozed myself). I returned to a beautiful day just missing a 10 minute sun shower and we headed to the beach to see what our little girl thought of the sand. As you can imagine since she’s a Licini… that girl was a natural. At first she picked up sand and wiped her hand on daddy, but then she was comfortable. We took her into the water and she LOVED getting wet by the waves brushing up against the shore. She would scream and make her OW face. She would stamp her feet and get all excited, as a wave would approach. It was adorable. Michael hung out with our friends at Cain and joined us back at the room near dinnertime.

    Poor Michael had been using 30 block and recently 12, but today he used 8 block and got sun poisoning. He did not make it to dinner, but we brought him a ton of food back. My mom thought the food was by far the best of our trip. I agree the appetizers were excellent, but that’s about it. Dessert was also good, but my mom swore that was her best cappuccino. It was a running joke every day that, EACH cup of coffee or cappuccino was my mom’s favorite since she is a caffeine fanatic. We should rename her Caffeine instead of Doreen. We had a stuffed artichoke for dinner, which was funny because the day before we were asking our friends mom what some of her best dishes were and this was one of the many. My mom insisted we let Gianvieve try some of the stuffed artichoke. I didn’t know what to expect but MAN that kid was in love. She practically ripped the leaf out of my hand to chew on it. It was hilarious and quite unexpected. After about 5 leaves, I had tried to give her a new one because she was near shredding the one in her hand. She FREAKED and started to shake and throw a temper tantrum. I practically threw a new leave at her scared. She took it and ate it like a piranha. So funny!

    Back to the casino to see the groundbreaking ceremony for the new wing lol. Once again we played craps where we were convinced we would win. The only time I won since Thursday was when I played the ATM: I put in my bank card and hit the jackpot every time.
    I played baccarat and let it ride. I made a few small donations and returned to let it ride because the dealer was so funny. He had some funny jokes. His name was Donahue, Phil Donahue, except not Phil. He could have paired with Dom to start a comedy act.
    We didn’t order room service tonight because we had leftover Carmine’s to enjoy.
    We went to sleep and reminisced about our wonderful week in the Bahamas.

    DAY EIGHT: our departure

    Our departure was nearly identical to our arrival with a near missed flight and extraordinary costs that we did not anticipate. We packed and checked out. As I received my final room bill I noticed they doubled our room rate. Instead of paying $1400 for two more nights, they were charging us $2800. I don’t know what is up with that $2800 figure but we were in awe. They billed us for breakfast again meanwhile we had a meal plan. It was comical. Beyond having remote control issues and buzzing from the flat screen TVs all week. There were water leaks in the hall that made everything smell like mildew. We constantly had someone come repair things in our room. To be charged double, have breakfast added on top of a meal plan where breakfast was pre-paid. I told them that I was not authorizing these charges and literally left check out insanely pissed. We got in the van to head to the airport to realize that we were near the cutoff and may miss our flight. I tried to call our friends who were coincidentally leaving on our same flight. They didn’t answer. We were in such a panic that this was happening again… Michael called Jetblue to have them HOLD THE PLANE, which of course I called “doing a Das” which is a private joke among my coworkers and family.
    We arrive and jump out of the van, dash to check in and find that the people are so nice and helpful that we will in fact make our flight. They were incredibly kind and helpful. We actually had about 90 minutes before departure but it was scary indeed. Our friends actually arrived just after us surprisingly. The whole security process and customs went smoothly although our friends were getting patted down every other step they took. Quite annoying! We boarded the plane after a quick hop to Dunkin Donuts for 4 iced donuts and a coffee.

    I couldn’t imagine boarding that plan without inhaling 700 grams of carbs. I had missed breakfast at Mosaic’s so this was the least I could do for my body which was experiencing severe withdrawal.
    The flight departed on time without a hitch. Gianvieve was good for about 30 minutes until we hit naptime. She doesn’t sleep on us which is never a problem except in this case. It was torture but mom rocked her and luckily she slept a bit. Uncle Jon came by to check on Gianvieve later on and walked around with her. He is such a good uncle. Dom stopped by to give her a banana but she was too interested in removing all the pamphlets from the backs of the seats on our row and playing fetch.

    We landed and retrieved our stroller in 20 seconds from the gate. Our luggage took about 20 minutes to arrive, but it was all there. Our car service picked us up and brought us home in a snap. It was sad leaving the airport, but we had fun celebrating Gianvieve’s first birthday in the Bahamas. We ordered Paesano’s pizza on the ride home so that we can pig out when we got in.

    It was great to see Woody & Rocky at home. Our food came and we had one last meal together before Chris ran off to class, mom and Michael went home.
    It was a wonderful weekend in Paradise filled with memories that we will cherish forever.

    Although the hotel had a few mishaps and overbilled us significantly, I would return again. I would just carefully review my bill and maintain all receipts. This is a great vacation for families w/children or honeymooners.


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    So, did you get your bill cleared up?

    Although it's pretty clear that you and I have very different vacation styles, I got several chuckles reading your report. Thanks for taking the time to share it here.

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