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Batgirl23 Nov 28th, 2012 07:48 AM

Trip for 1 to a US Island in Early May?
I've never had a real vacation before, but since I've had the year from He** I want one. Even though it will mean that I will have to travel alone. I was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder this year and I was near death for 2 months even though I'm barely 30. so I'm not looking for a vacation to "hook up" with a guy. I am considered handicapped. I use a rolling walker most of the time. However, if the beach does not consist of a long length to the water of deep, sink in several inches, type sand, I can use a cane. Most of my trip will consist of sitting near the water. I can fly out of any airport around NYC like JFK, LGA, or Newark.
I need something as affordable as possible and here are my requirements:
2. No Cruises
3. I want my vacation to be based in the US for health reasons. I can take a day boat trip to another country's island, for instance.
4. I need an airline that you can pay for extra leg room (because of my health condition) without having the huge price tag of first class. I know Jetblue does this for instance.
5. I want something more on the Quiet and Peaceful side. (no screaming kids please) I don't mind boring :)
6. Air conditioning in the room.
7. Access to reasonably priced meals/food

Here are my wishes/things I would like to have:
1. A massage on the beach (a wish because I know this could make my entire trip much more expensive if the hotel is more of a spa)
2. Wifi available somewhere at the hotel
3. Transportation to a not too touristy but safe (oxymoron I know) market of local merchants (I'm just thinking of what I've seen in movies of locals setting up tables or booths to sell things)
4. A boat trip for sight seeing or to try fishing.

I don't really need any other activities other than those listed above. Obviously, I won't be renting a car. I am very flexible about when I can travel since I cannot work right now, however I am concerned with bad weather, so maybe in early May? I would like to stay as long as I can afford (ie a week?). I know that this would cross St. Thomas off my list lol!

Thanks so much for your advice and suggestions.

RoamsAround Nov 28th, 2012 12:18 PM

Well, there are only 6 US islands in the Caribbean. They are:

Puerto Rico
St. Thomas
St. Croix
St. John

You should know that you can't fly into Vieques, Culebra, from the US on any of the major airlines (you have to take either a ferry or very small plane from Puerto Rico) and you can't fly into St. john at all from anywhere as there's no airport on that island so that leaves you with Puerto Rico, St. Thomas and St. Croix. You also indicated "no cruises" so I'm guessing you actually mean you want to go someplace where there are "no cruise ships". If that's the case you have to eliminate Puerto Rico and St. Thomas as those are major cruise ship ports. This all means you have only one island, St. Croix, that meets your criteria. FYI - you can get there on a one-stop flight on Jet Blue or American Airlines out of JFK.

Now, you asked for "something as affordable as possible" but you didn't give us any indication of what you consider affordable. We really need an idea of your actual budget
for accommodations and food in order to make meaningful suggestions. There are quite a few hotels, resorts and condos on St. Croix that will probably meet your needs.

May has some of the best weather of the year in the Caribbean so don't let that be an issue. May is also "low season" so you'll find some of the lowest room rates of the year and you won't find crowds so you'll get the Peace and Quiet you crave. It's a great time to visit.

Lastly, if you have significant health issues you might want to forego a trip to the Caribbean and visit Florida instead. You'll have access to more and better hospitals, doctors and emergency care.

Jimmie Nov 29th, 2012 05:31 AM

If you have any possibility of needing serious or complex medical care, I would reconsider going to the US territories in the Caribbean (apologies to hard working health care workers there!). I might make an exception for San Juan. But most people that can afford it go to the US mainland for serious medical issues.

If you feel OK going to St. Thomas, look into Secret Harbour, a small hotel on a nice crescent beach. Make sure you can get a room close to the water, and you will avoid hills and long walks to the water. They have boat excursions from there. You can take a taxi downtown one day for the kind of shopping you described. Restaurant on-site.

I would also suggest Florida. Check into JetBlue low season package deals to Naples/Ft. Myers. You can good deals on really nice hotels on the water, beautiful beaches. Great medical facilities.

blamona Nov 29th, 2012 07:39 AM

My problem for you with the US territories is that they are extremely hilly and hard to navigate. Many cobble stones, rocks, etc. Not really conducive rolling rockers. Puerto Rico might be best, although Old San Juan might be rough with those streets.

Without knowing your condition, you could do the following: Turks and Caicos. Totally flat and paved. Sidewalks all over for miles. They do have a new hospital, but again, without knowing, don't know what they could do for you. Private doctors there that make house calls, Dr. Menzies and .dr. Bourne. Yu can actually email them and ask of special needs, they'll be honest about weather you should go or not.

But what I like about Turks, is that it's so easy to navigate. Sidewalks, paved, flat mostly straight. Easy to. Get around, with bonus, best beach in the world.

Of course, regardless of where you pick, get health insurance for travel, medivac from any island can be a huge expense!

eastenderusvi Nov 29th, 2012 03:45 PM

If you are asking about US Caribbean islands, I am not sure why you would cross St Thomas off your list. St Thomas has a hospital that, although it does not rival some of the top tier stateside hospitals, has better service than Puerto Rican hospitals, unless you are fluent in Spanish.

"Reasonable" is very subjective. The entire Caribbean is expensive, compared to most stateside locales. As you know, America hoteliers are not able to discriminate against small people, and their parents seem unable to control them anymore. LOL. There are many condominium-hotels with full kitchens on beaches which would help with your budget. From St Thomas, you could take day trips to St John or the BVI.

One other remark. "Locals" tend not to want to provide crafts, preferring government jobs for security. ;-) There are places you can find local arts and crafts, but the vendor areas are heavily invested in Indonesian and Chinese artifacts.

SAnParis2 Nov 30th, 2012 05:48 AM

Puerto Rico seems to best fit the bill, although I am not sure you should limit your selection to just 'US islands'...personally

debnjes Dec 10th, 2012 06:18 PM

BatGirl, Have you considered a traveling companion? I'm twice your age and not looking to "hook up" with grandpa, but want to do a Pre-move visit to St Croix. May would be perfect. I also am disabled from working so am limited in a way. I do not snorkel or dive but want to walk around to see the island and investigate life there. We could help each other and keeping each other safe. I can fly from JFK also. Splitting costs of hotel could work for both of us if you're interested to talk more about the possibility.

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