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didayooper Feb 19th, 2000 06:13 AM

It is true that there is a lot of proverty in Jamaica and the people have to do their best to support themselves, but I think the vast majority don't do it by stealing and murdering tourists. I also think this Mr. Meyers needs to lighten up and enjoy life. Also the Jamaica people are very handsome, both women and men. Can't blame the female tourists being charmed by them.

Randy Mar 3rd, 2000 08:23 PM

In refernce to "jungle fever" what we saw was rich older white women picking up young rasta's for a good tim. For an inside look into this, read the letters to the editor in the local papers. The rastafarian men, apparently, are ultra macho, and the local women find it funny that they dtrut around around the local women, and then follow around the rich white women like gigolo's. Any way I read the the original posting before going to Jamaica, but went anyway. I loved the people. They were very hospitable, and I felt a hell of a lot safer here than a mostly black area in an american city. The only real crime going on was the selling of drugs, and this was mostly pot. Lighten up. It's ammusing for people to go on a carribean vacation and get shit faced on rum every night and then complain when somebody lights up a little harmless reefer. I did not like Mobay but I loved Negril. In both places the people were fine, but Negril is a truly vacation resort.

Helen Mar 5th, 2000 07:13 AM

I don't know where you stayed in Jamaica to have had such an awful experience. We stayed at Sandals-Mo'Bay. The only downside was it's CLOSE proximity to the airport(more literally, the runway across the road). Otherwise, the staff and accomodations were great. Off the premises, we were fine because we stayed in a group. I've talked to people who were turned off by the obvious poverty as you traverse the island. This is an unrealistic reason to avoid Jamaica...poverty is everywhere. Going to a tropical getaway won't protect you from seeing it. <BR>I would recommend to anyone going there to 1) take your travel agent's advice, not the brochures' photos, as not all beaches are created equal. 2) use good common sense as you would in any American city environment. and 3) take full advantage of the resorts' activities in your package. They keep you so occupied, you may never leave the resort very often.

charlie Mar 5th, 2000 07:46 AM

Thanks Helen that's just what I needed to hear.It's good to know that I can travel all the way to Jamaica and spend the entire vacation on the resort property and be completely entertained,heck that way I wouldn't even know that I was in Jamaica.Say what???????

Helen Mar 5th, 2000 09:47 AM

Charlie, <BR> <BR>There ARE things to do off the resort. You don't have to be held captive on a "compound". We took the 1/2 day trip up to Dunn's River and climbed the falls. You can also take trips that tour historic homes, plantantions, etc. We also took a boat ride up to the center of Mo' Bay where we took an "interesting" walk through town to the local craft market. This is fun if you like to haggle. While you're on the have tons of water sports and a great beach. This is where we spent most of our time. They have parties at night, the food is good....5 restaurants, and plenty of bars with booze. We stayed 7 nights. we were never bored ON or OFF the property.

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