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Reg Jan 20th, 2000 09:18 AM

Travel writer says Jamaica bad
In the obscure cultural magazine called Chronicles, Jeffrey Meyers, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, writes of the decline of Jamaican society in general and the decline of Jamaica as a tourist resort. Says Professor Meyers, "Far from welcoming tourists as a source of jobs and revenue, the impoverished and disconteneted people-notably lacking good humor or natural gaiety-were touchy and volatile. Except for hotel employees who were paid to be polite or touts trying to wheedle something out of you, they were sullen at best and often quite hostile." And, "Most of the staff at expensive hotels were poorly trained and the service was often ludicrous. A waiter at one hotel showed us a bottle without a label, which had fallen unobserved into a bucket of melted ice. A porter at another place tipped our luggage onto the wet grass while attempting to transport it from the lobbly to our room. The cook who came with one villa and couldn't be dismissed insisted on serving dinner at her convenience, not ours, and transformed the spaghetti into a glutinous mush. A waitress who dropped a syrup-ladden knife between my daughter's bare legs exclaimed, "Look where it done choose to fall!" Among other niblets, Prof. Meyers claims that the Jamaican government tried to blame the murder-mugging of one father and husband on his getting drunk face down in the surf--but his wallet and Rolex were mysteriously missing. Prof. Meyers adds, "... many foreign girls feel their holiday experience is incomplete without a brief 'romantic' encounter. One truly broken-down man approached my young daughter on the beach and brazenly said, "I give you my attentions. Keep yo' body clean and ready." Dodging the evening dope peddlers on the beach at Negril, I saw a Jamiacan stud standing up behind a fruit stall and having sex with a tourist girl, who seemed oblivious to the small audience gathered to observe them." Needless to say, Jamaica is not to be recomended.

C.Clark Jan 20th, 2000 10:33 AM

Hi Reg, we were in Jamaica and loved it and loved the people. We traveled everywhere, even Kingston, on our own. <BR>It really doesn't suprise me that the people are starting to rebel. When we were there we watched as places owned by Americans and other countries hired people from Jamaica and paid them next to nothing but still charged the tourists large amounts of money for services rendered. We watched as a young girl tried to serve about twenty-five tables herself with no help and I went to the manager and said if you were in the States would you be able to get away with this? You know what he said? We're not in the States.We should all remember what Martin Luther King said,Injustices for one are injustices for all. <BR>I personally am extremely ashamed when I see what people do just because they can. And I'm so tired of being told look at the money that we're bring into their country. Sometimes other things are just as important, such as a person's selfworth. This is just my opinion, but I do wish it was shared by more people. <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>i <BR>

Diana Jan 20th, 2000 02:29 PM

CClark, <BR>I definitely agree with you. We are going back to Jamaica this summer, not only because it is a beautiful island, but the people were gracious and friendly. I hear a lot of negative comments about Jamaica, but I didn't experience any of it.

jess Jan 20th, 2000 03:37 PM

We went to Sandals Montego Bay last year. The entire staff went out of there way for us. I've never been treated so great.The beach was really beautiful and I was really pleased. We did not leave the resort,and we didn't have any problems. We heard scary things on the news,but things happen everywhere.The airport was fine.Next I think I'd like to go to Dunn's River.

Kim Jan 20th, 2000 04:40 PM

Well I think the guy that did not like Jamaica is one of those guys that would find fault at the Best of the Best. We <BR>were in Jamaica last yr and even though they are a poor country the people are great, very respectfull and courteous and have a wonderful attitudes about how they live. They dont take things for granted like us Americans do. We will definitely return there next yr. So I guess he will have to find another place to criticize!

Fran Feb 10th, 2000 12:47 PM

Sadly, what Reg says is mostly true. When you get away from the resorts in Jamaica, service is bad. And he's not kidding about coming across white gals from Europe and America getting their Spike Lee "Jungle Fever" flings. Perhaps all white women need to have a fling with a black gentleman before they settle down to married life. But out in the open on the beach. Come on!!!

Stephanie Feb 10th, 2000 06:27 PM

I in no way agree with the original post. Jamaica is a beautiful country with gracious, kind people. often what happens is that white/european tourists go there and expect to get the kings treatment while they themselves have forgotten the common courtesies such as please and thank you.While in jamaica i was disgusted and embarassed when on several occasions I saw tourists treat people in the service industry with absolutly no respect and not even a hint of kindness! I'd suggest that Reg go into another country like he would go into a friends house, be gracious, be respectful and treat the people with kindness, and i'm positive he will get the same treatment back. I suspect he was a bit arrogant and less then polite and thats why he didn't get the treatment that he felt he deserved

Jim Feb 11th, 2000 05:09 AM

Stephanie, I believe almost everything Reg wrote was from an article in a magazine. Why pick on him?

Diana Feb 11th, 2000 06:44 AM

Fran, <BR>Obviously it bothers you to see white women getting their "jungle fever" kicks. If they are happy who cares. When I am on vacation, I am there to enjoy myself and could care less about what anyone else is doing as long as it doesn't affect me. My god, get a life.

Fran Feb 11th, 2000 09:46 AM

Dear Diana, <BR> Maybe you can encourage your daughter to partake in a little "Jungle Fever." However, I do believe once it happens you'll be quite so tolerant.

Buddy Feb 11th, 2000 01:01 PM

Fran, <BR>You should learn to proofread before you post. Your last message's racist content did not come across as well as you probably wanted.

Jerry in ATL Feb 11th, 2000 01:54 PM

First, let me step into un-P.C. doodoo: <BR>Fran comments aren't racist. Maybe the rest of the world wants to assume that everyone on the planet except white people can make comments including reference to race, but I just won't go along. She said nothing demeaning or hateful. It simply happens in Jamaica, a lot, and is really none of my business. <BR>I'm going back to Negril this summer, it'll be my 4th trip in 3 years. Some things from the article are true, but the good far outweighs the bad for me. The hustlers know me by now and know that my pockets aren't easily emptied. <BR>Service can be really slow, so don't walk into a restaurant in Jamaica starving and impatient. I can't wait to get back!

Buddy Feb 11th, 2000 02:21 PM

OK - here is my chance to step in it Jerry. I'd expect that from someone in Atlanta.

Diana Feb 12th, 2000 01:25 PM

Dear Fran: <BR>First of all I consider the term "jungle fever" offensive. For you to be so concerned about "white" women dating I am sure you meant "black" Jamaicans, then perhaps you need to vacation in Europe, where you won't have to be so distressed.

Noah Feb 12th, 2000 11:06 PM

'dating' and explicitly soliciting (and even having) sex in public are not quite the same thing.

Buddy Feb 14th, 2000 09:59 AM

Rude solicitation from men towards attractive women is not exclusive from black men in Jamaica. It happens in Europe, Latin America, and even here in the U.S. Perhaps the author of this article and Fran should think about what happens to a single woman in Italy or Spain, or in the U.S. simply walking past a construction site. This harassing behavior is not exclusive to Jamaica. However they would rather indulge in the typical racist idea of black men as either a servant to whites or a sexual predator preying on white women. Shameful.

Rosie Feb 14th, 2000 12:41 PM

Jamaica is fabulous and wonderful. I can't wait to get back this May to Negril. We have yet to have a bad time in Jamaica, and have met some of the best people. The Jamaican people are lively, intellegent, gregarious people who have always gone out of their way to make us feel good. Leave your impatience at home. Come to Jamaica and Feel Alright!

Noah Feb 14th, 2000 01:04 PM

I think you make some valid points Buddy.

Diana Feb 15th, 2000 08:21 AM

Buddy, <BR>I agree with you totally. I am going back to Jamaica this summer and I am going to have a wonderful time, like I always do!

Pam Feb 18th, 2000 05:11 PM

I think the service comments (complaints) made in the original posting are common world wide & folks - accidents happen. I have had soup, water, you name it dumped on me. Most of it in the good old USA! And everything else that was complained about. oh, God - to be perfect! Complaints like that give me a pain in the ass! Now with that said.... we ahve friends who have lived in jamaica for years & they have finally bagged it. The body of the family pet left on their door step broke the camel's back. No, things aren't good. However, they understand how it all came to be. When the majority of the tourist $$$ is big business owned, the locals don't see much return on it. This seems to be becoming a problem in other areas as well.

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