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Tortola revisit or St John?

Old Nov 5th, 2000, 10:14 AM
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Tortola revisit or St John?

We are looking for advice regarding St John vs. Tortola. We stayed in Tortola 2 yrs ago (loved it) and are planning another trip, however my husband is entertaining the idea of St Johns. Are there any cool little beach bars around? What areas are best/not so good? (we plan on dong a villa with a few friends,poss)We have been there before, but I am clueless about what we all can do there.
Thanks in advance for any input..
Regards all
Old Nov 5th, 2000, 10:22 AM
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-My apologies- "do a villa" is what I meant (I admit I had a huge laugh at my error)
Old Nov 6th, 2000, 07:03 PM
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My wife and I honeymooned in both places. We spent a week at a villa on St. John and a week at Long Bay on Tortola. All in all we like Tortola better, but St. John is very,very good as well.

St. John:
-Excellent beaches, but can get crowded with boat people(cruise of course).
-Good shopping and some night life.
-Skinny Legs is a neat bar/rest. where you can get a good cheeseburger and enjoy some local flair, it's not on the water but interesting none the less.
Old Nov 8th, 2000, 04:51 PM
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I went to Tortola last year and am going to St John in March. Loved Tortola but want to go to St John for the great beaches and better snorkeling. We too are staying in a villa - far from all the people! Want some peace and quiet. Good luck deciding!
Old Nov 9th, 2000, 02:42 AM
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On St. John, since most of the island is Nat'l Park, you won't find places like Bomba's "hidden" on the beaches but there are plenty of watering holes both in Cruz Bay and out in Coral Bay. The beaches on St. John win hands down - all of 'em are lovely and you can jeep from one to the next and try 'em all - unlike Tortola where many can be rough and have rocky bottoms! The Nat'l Park offers activity - hiking, snorkling, etc. The sailing is wonderful and if it is too quiet you can always sneak over to STT for a livilier time!!
Old Nov 9th, 2000, 03:11 AM
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Thank you all for your responses. We are still deciding- but maybe we can make the best of both!
Thanks again,
Old Nov 9th, 2000, 04:10 AM
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About 9 years ago we discovered our first beach bar in Barbados,our criteria was beach,and different restaurants. We fell in love with beach bars and waterside restaurants. Now we go to many different islands and look for that ambience. We had our first trip to Tortola last December. We enjoyed our trip,stayed at Long Bay, explored the island. We were very disappointed in the beaches. We did combine that trip with one of our favorites St. John. The beaches are spectacular,it is easier than Tortola to get around,it is uncrowded(yes Trunk Bay is busy) but there are other beaches right next door that are empty. Cruz Bay is a fun little town,it has a laid back feeling, almost like a beach town with lots of little restaurants. Actually the whole town has that happy dappy beach bar attitude. I would highly recommend St. John. We go to many islands,we will not go back to Tortola, but always include St. John. It is one of the best!
Old Nov 9th, 2000, 04:57 AM
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How many islands have you traveled to? If you've just been to a handful, then I recommend trying others. It's hard to figure out which place is "the one" for you until you have a bit of comparison. Although I have some favorite places (Abacos, Grenada, BVI, T&C) which have received return visits, we still visit new places, because you never know which one will strike a responsive chord until you get there. On that basis, I suggest you go to St. John, knowing that if it doesn't fit the bill, you can ferry over to the BVI.
Old Nov 14th, 2000, 06:40 PM
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We've been to Long Bay on Tortola and the Westin on St. John with our two sons. Both islands are great. We felt that Tortola was more authentic. Its people and scenery sticks in your memory even though it isn't as postcard perfect (you're more likely to see a rusty vehicle in Tortola parked next to someone's house). St. John's north shore beaches are the most beautiful beaches I've ever seen (especially Hawksnest) and are easier to swim in than Tortolla's beaches. But Tortolla's Dolphin Bay has fantastic snorkeling. We found some attitude among St. John transplant "locals" from the mainland that we didn't see on Tortola.

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