Tortola - fun? lodgings?

May 27th, 2001, 07:17 AM
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Tortola - fun? lodgings?

We need some advice. My husband and I will be in BVI for 6 days/5 nights in June. We have reservations at Little Dix in Virgin Gorda for the whole stay. Since we like to jeep around (or scooters), snorkel, drink (we prefer the 30 + crowd, not college age kids), lie on the beach, and eat great food (expense not a factor, as long as the portions are not tiny), we are a bit worried that 5 nights at LDix might get to be a little dull. On vacations, we tend not to hardly any time in the hotel room, and our pet peeve is rude service.
We thought we might change our reservations to 3 nights at LDix, and 2 nights on Tortola (or some other nearby suggestion). Looking for some help picking lodging, would like to be somewhat close to the fun. Would really appreciate any advice!
May 27th, 2001, 09:04 AM
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There is not that many miles of road to jeep around on Virgin Gorda and yes you might find Little Dix a little dull. As an alternative you might like better Biras Creek another up scale resort with better food than Little Dix by reputation. While this is also quiet, you are near a lot of boating activity and young boat people at the Bitter End Yacht Club. They are fun people to be around in the evenings which is walking distance from Biras Creek. You will have small boats available to expore the area. A day trip to Anegada from there is a plus and you can also rent a car or taxi for a day and explore Virgin Gorda from the Baths to the Park and Little Dix. One day is sufficient for this. Also, Bira Creek has a good boat room option. You only have 4 real days in the BVI and that is not enough time to split it anywhere. A day moving is a day mostly lost.
May 27th, 2001, 11:20 AM
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In my opinion, VG is very primative compared to Tortola. There is really not much going on. I always stay on Tortola & day trip to VG. Service in the BVI's is extremely s_l_o_w!!! Expect to spend at least 2-3 hrs for dining. An hour for them to come take your order, an hour to get your food, an hour to get your check. That's just the way it is. Tortola is also very upscale for a caribbean island, everything is expensive- helps keep out the sleezy people that vacation on islands such as St. Martin. Nudity is not allowed. You'll need a jeep, go to Mt. Sage & hike the nature trails. Shop in Road Town, drive to Smuggler's Cove Beach- incredible. For dining, Sebastians on the Beach is incredible. For drinks- Pussers Pain Killer is the best. You can also do a day trip to St. Thomas & shop fr hours.
May 28th, 2001, 03:31 AM
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Since you only have 6 days, with two of them "traveling" days, which will give you 4 full days, I would stay put right on VG (plus changin will also eat part of a day!). You can rent a jeep and explore VG - no scooters - and there are some wonderful coves and bays to find. You might also want to try a day sail because sailing is the best way to see the BVI's. I love VG and the quiet pristiness and did not enjoy my time on Tortola at all. It is much busier and seems to attract those who love to jeep about hunting for those couple of elusive beaches that don't come close to the tranquility and beauty of VG's beaches and many who enjoy the "partying" at places like Bomba's - kinda an adult fraternity party! But there are some wonderful bars and music places! Also Tortola does not offer the choice of "upscale" resorts like Little Dix and others on VG nor, other than a couple of restaurants, the dining experiences. You will find that Tortola is changing and maybe you could, if you must, spend a day checking out the shopping in RoadTown at the crafts market so it might be interesting to you to make your own comparison before it is changed even more. It used to be the sleepy little island but no more! With the arrival of cruise ships, the inception of timeshares and its popularity and even a "swim with the dolphins" experience in the works, it is a busy commericialized destination compared to the other BVI islands - but some people enjoy the hussle and bussle (remember it is all relative to the other islands!)and the jeeping about to the elusive beach. My "fun" is the wonderful beach footsteps from room and a great dinner followed by an evening watching the sky, listening to the island sounds with a bottle of wine on the beach and an early to bed so I can be up with the sun. Yes, it is more remote (but certainly not more "primitive") and for a short stay with some boating, snorkling and just limin' it will fit the bill! If you are expecting to jeep bar to bar and have more activity and "excitement," maybe Tortola is your answer. I would just hate to spend my 4 days jeeping about when I could have glorious beaches at my toes outside my room! I also find a more homogenous mix of guests on VG while most who I met on Tortola were Americans. Altho topless and nudity is illegal in the BVI's, you will see it but I have the feeling that it wouldn't bother you too much nor will you find the c/o beach like Orient Beach or the c/o experience that the lovely French islands offer (but don't think that was one of your original concerns). It's very hard to pick an island for another without "knowing" them but my one stay on Tortola was not a great experience when I sat on the "beach" looking at and longing for the "elegance" of Virgin Gorda, St. John, Jost, Anegada, Cooper Island - any of them. Have fun, which ever you choose and bet it won't be your last trip to the BVI's!!
May 28th, 2001, 04:57 AM
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We just got back from the BVI and spent 3 days at Little Dix. We loved Virgin Gorda, especially the Baths...which are better reached by water. We found Little Dix to be overpriced and under serviced. The attitude of most of the staff was marginal, at best. Compared to other resorts that we have enjoyed, Little Dix was a disappointment. Talking to people around the islands, that is the local reputation of Little Dix. The best part of our trip was being on a catamaran for 5 days and being able to sail and snorkel and go where we wanted. Whatever you do, go out on the water! The snorkeling is great.
May 28th, 2001, 08:21 AM
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Based on the prior comments I would highly recommend Biras Creek in place of Little Dix. If Jeeping about is your bag then I would highly recommend that you save a lot of money and stay the entire time at Frenchman's Cay on Tortola. The locatation is excellent for the ferry and jeeping to either side of the island. Their 7 night packages are a real value. The more I think about it this might be your best bet as you can shop in St. Thomas, explore Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke, and Anegada, and dine about every night from here.

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