Tobago Nightlife & Activity


Oct 19th, 2001, 08:51 AM
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Tobago Nightlife & Activity

Since I am a hyperactive traveler, need some help for upcoming Tobago trip. Looking at a late November trip and like to have some nightlife/dining options that require minimal traveling. We have no problem with renting a vehicle, but it would be great to have good snorkeling and short hikes nearby as well.

What is a good area to base ourselves? Please provide resort, dining, any special activities you recommend to help us make a decision.
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Oct 23rd, 2001, 05:24 PM
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I've been to Tobago a few times, thugh some time ago, maybe five years. Nightlife--no one is answering, and I don't remember any. The first time I was there I stayed in the area closer to the airport for part of my vacation; as I recall there was a place with a sign saying it was a disco, and a few local people in there not dancing.

The place I like on Tobago is Blue Waters Inn. It's on the Atlantic side of the island. People go there to get into nature--for snorkelling, for birdwatching, for hikes into the rainforest. You eat either there or at the restaurant nearby (but you need a car) whose name I forget, but which is in a tree (really).

There is a bar at Blue Waters Inn, itmight have a TV--you can sit there after dinner and socialize with other guests, who in my experience were interesting (people forma university in the US come to study birds & sea life; theatre people from Britain touring to study indigenous theatre forms).

It is across from an island called Little Tobago which is a birders' paradise. Bird life here is different from Caribbean birdlife as these islands broke off from Venezuela.

There is a nearby village called Charlotteville where you can go see the fishermen bring in their catch every day. When I was there there was a tiny restaurant in Charlotteville where you could have a lovely lunch looking at the sea out the window.

Could you be hyperactive all day, and sit at the nice bar in the evening? (Or--as we did--snag the Scrabble set)

You ask about dining--you eat what they give you, and from my point of view it was just fine, local food prepared in a local way. At the treehouse restaurant you have a choice of two things, or you can stop by in the daytime and order a lobster for your dinner.
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Oct 23rd, 2001, 05:39 PM
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Forgot: on the Crown Point side (area nearer the airport, where most hotels are) there is a restaurant not to miss--Kariwak Village--wonderful food (I don't like much vacation food, I'm from New York).
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