To go or not to go...Jamaica in March?

Old Jan 31st, 2001, 12:25 PM
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To go or not to go...Jamaica in March?

My husband and I are planning a trip with another couple for next year and we're thinking of Jamaica. Friends of ours have warned of danger and the high crime, but I'm willing to take the chance. Anyone have any suggestions/rants/raves about it? Any fans out there of Sandals in MoBay or Negril?
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People either love Jamaica or hate it. They exist in about equal numbers on this board, I think.

Enter Jamaica or Negril in Fodor's handy search box and read the various postings. (There are lots!) If you decided to visit Negril, you may also find the message board at useful.

I haven't been to a Sandles resort, but we spent a week at Couples Negril and loved it. I highly recommend the resort. Our visit was about a year ago, though, so you should look for info from more recent visitors.

Good luck with your planning.
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If you stay in a fenced-off all-inclusive resort like Sandals, Couples, etc., you will be less exposed to potential crime problems and also to all the "higglers" who are constantly trying to sell you something. You also will be less exposed to a very interesting culture.
Jamaica has more of everything than other Caribbean islands - more square miles, more beaches, more mountains, more to see, more crime, more people, more problems. We liked it and would go again, but it is true that the constant attempts of local residents to encourage your participation in various income redistribution schemes can wear on one's nerves after a while.
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Sandals Negril is our Favorite place to vacation. The resort is wonderful the staff, food, drinks and company you cant beat.We have been to a few Sandals and they all have there good points. Negril is very laid back and a great place to veg on the beach and do some r&r. We met so many wonderful people while we were there and am planning on going back next Feb with 2 other couples whom we met while we were there. Never had any worry about crime while we were there. We are Sandals people all the way, off to Sandals St. Lucia Golf & Spa resort on Feb 25. email me if you like!
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My wife and I were married in Jamaica 4 years ago at the enchanted gardens. We returned last year and spent a week at Sandals Ocho Rios. Both trips were wonderful and I say go to Jamaica. Crime is everywhere, just use some common sense and you'll be fine.
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Does crime stop you from visiting Washington DC or New York?
Crimes against tourists are RARE in Jamaica (I don't mean the maid swiping your cash).
It's a lovely place with a rich history. By all means go, and don't stay at any of the all-inclusives---they tow the same "crime" line to scare you into staying in their "compound" and spending all your money with them instead of supporting the local economy.
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Jamaica is a poverty striken country. As is Mexico and many other beautiful places in the world. Were there is poverty, there is crime. You will be just fine as long as you watch your back. They have put plain clothes policeman around the beaches and tourist areas to cut down on crime.
Life is too short you should go. Another recomendation, Sandals Montego Bay is right near the airport. I mean airplans fly directly over the resort all day. Some peolpe don't mind. Also you can stay at one and play at all Sandals resorts on Jamaica. This does not include transportation. Hope this helps.

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