Tips on St. Eustatius??


Nov 9th, 1997, 06:57 PM
Rachel and Darren
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Tips on St. Eustatius??

My fiance and I are planning our honeymoon for early July, 1998. We were very much intrigued by the write up in our travel guide about St. Eustatius. We would love to hear from anyone who has visited the island, especially those who might have also stayed over in a hotel. Any recommended hotels? We would also be interested in hearing your general impression. We are not looking for the "beach volleyball, dance the night away"-type of holiday. Could this be the island for us??
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Dec 15th, 1997, 04:05 AM
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Rachel and Darren-
We went to the island of Statia, on our first trip to the Caribbean, five years ago. The Dec. issue of Islands magazine brought back memories.
It was very enjoyable there and the people are some of the friendliest you will ever meet. You can totally relax there where theft is almost non-existant.
We stayed in some cabins out on Zeelandia Bay, they were pretty rustic, but the view of the ocean and the Quill from there was beautiful. They are near a black sand beach. You need a car or some kind of transportation to get there and back to town. The
name of them is La Maison Sur La Plage and I read where they had been remodeled. If you don't stay there, do go out there for dinner some evening.
We had good food also at the Talk of the Town and
King's Well. It isn't inexpensive though.
Diving is good there, they say, other than that about all there is to do is climb the Quill.
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Dec 16th, 1997, 04:24 PM
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My wife and I went to Statia a little over a year ago. It is a charming place for reasons that don't readily come to mind. Very freindly people that don't see to many tourists. After 3 days on the Island and driving around in "Rosie's" car I think everyone Knew we were there. You can drive every road and cover the whole island in a couple of hours so naturally you retrace your steps a lot and pretty soon everybody really does know your presence.I believe we may have been the only visitors that month( October not long after a hurricane) The beaches leave a little to be desired but the diving and old ruins are very good. We had to climb the Quill because it was there. Although it was a little arduous it was kind of fun seeing there was not a soul around except an occasional crab or snake(just one little guy who slithered away as fast as he could)We stayed at the golden something or other right on the water,lower town. It was just OK,kind of like an old motel room that are on all the old highways that got replaced by the interstate system.We found a really charming place( I think it was kings well) run by some expatriots, I forget her name"lois?" but he had a German accent and I think his name was "vill" I would definitly stay there if and when we return. They also run some diving packages.GO to Statia,we loved it. We also found two BLUE BEADS which you will learn about, they are now my wifes favorite earrings.Good Luck!
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Dec 16th, 1997, 04:36 PM
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I just spent 20 minutes with a reply and I don't think it went thru. I'm too late to start again so I will just say my wife and I where there about a year and a half ago and we really enjoyed ourselves. we stayed at the golden something or other on the water in lower town, don't do it . go to "kings well" between lower and upper. very quiet island, freindly people.
Look for blue beads, climb the Quill and chill. you'll have an experience you will remember forever.
Good luck. I hope this one gets posted!
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