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Callie Mar 20th, 2000 09:09 AM

Tips for a Honeymoon to St. Thomas
Hi! My finacee and I are going to St. Thomas for our honeymoon in June. We'll be staying at Bluebeards Castle. Neither of us have ever been to the US Virgin Islands. We enjoy water sports (swimming, snorkling, waterskiing, fishing, etc.), shopping and nature walks. Does anyone have any tips of interesting things to see/do on St. Thomas or the nearby islands? Thanks!

l wilson Mar 20th, 2000 09:18 AM

Callie <BR> <BR>I have heard excellent things about St. John which is a nearby Island be sure to visit. <BR> <BR>Congratulations

Karen Mar 22nd, 2000 03:33 AM

BlueBeard's offers great views of the harbour and town and they do have a shuttle that will transport you to the beach at the Elysian for beaching it! They also have scheduled activities both at the Castle and at the Elysian that you might choose to do ... an all-day beach party, for example. You might want to check out the shopping on a day the cruise ships are not so heavy either at Havensight or in Charolette Amalie and take a day or two to explore St. John ... there are ferrys at both Red Hook or Charolette Amalie. And you might want to take a day for a day trip to the BVI's ... there are trips to the Baths with another snorkling stop on the way back! Renting a car is an advantage and gives you the freedom to explore and dine around some of the good restaurants that STT offers but taxis are readily available. Bluebeard's does work with New Horizons who is their vendor for sailing trips (half or full day) for snorkling to some of the coves on St. John that are inaccessable by land! Go to and you might start your planning there especially at where you will find the yellow book which is the weekly guide to the activities on both St. Thomas and St. John. Email me if you have any questions!

Callie Mar 22nd, 2000 06:39 AM

Thank you both for your help. As I do a little more information searching I very well may e-mail you Karen if you don't mind. One other question. How expensive is it to Island hop between St. Thomas and St. John or the BVI's?

Cheryl Mar 22nd, 2000 07:23 AM

Callie -- <BR> <BR>Congratulations! I sent you a nice long reply, but the posting got lost. Feel free to e-mail me and I'll send you some information. <BR> <BR>Cheryl

karen Mar 22nd, 2000 02:18 PM

Callie, <BR>Feel free to email me! The ferry between St. John and St. Thomas is $3 pp from/to Red Hook and $7 pp from/to Charolette Amalie. Fares vary between USVI and BVI but run around $35 - 40 pp for the round trip. But there are day trips with a stop at the Baths, lunch and a second snorkling stop for around $100 (some include lunch, some you are on your own at Copper Island for lunch). Rumor has it that passports will be required after June 1 but have seen no "official" notification and these rumors have surfaced before!! But you might want to be prepared and it does make immigration go quicker!

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