Dec 26th, 2002, 03:46 PM
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Load that crossbow and zing those darts right back! Got to love it! Absobloodylutely! Said as only the proprietor of an English pub but located a bit south of Merry Ol' could say it! Someone's a bit of a barmpot if you ask me.
Dec 26th, 2002, 03:59 PM
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Honeymooners; Congrats.
As fellow geographically handicaped midwesterners we travel to islands several times a year. Here is some tidbits that I hope will help.
All-Inclusives: fun, fun, fun but the food is often limited and studip human tricks get old quick. The one exception I have experienced is the "Royal Hideaway" in Playa del Carmen, MX.
Wherever you go check the Islands personality:
Lush tropical rain forest.
Arid, Flat, Desert.
Dirty, unkept.
Charming, Quaint towns.
Friendly People or Hustlers.
Make sure the Island matches what you are looking for.
I have been all over the Caribbean and Mexico and love it. but to address the weather issue my all time favorite Island is Kauai, the last unspoiled paradise in Hawaii.
Have a great Honeymoon my wife and I will be celebrating our 20th this fall at the four seasons on both Maui & Kona.
Dec 28th, 2002, 05:25 PM
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hey! Mind if I hop in on this? I'm a honeymooner to be (mid-May) of the same age and budget of our original Post-er. My fiance and I were thinking of Bolongo Bay Beach Club, St. Thomas because we liked the all-inclusive aspect and the fact that they had a choice of activities (water sports, a sports bar w/ karaoke at night, etc.)We found it online. Anyone know anything about it??
Also: St. John was actually our 1st choice (recommended by a few pals)but we couldn't find any all-inclusives (and by all-inclusive we mean DRINKS included, we're much less concerned about a meal plan)So any advice would be great (Should we go w/ Bolongo, St. Thomas?? Are there all-inlusives in St. John that we missed??) Thanks!
Dec 28th, 2002, 08:09 PM
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guessing it's the anticipated damamge to the budget that those umbrella drinks can cause that makes you look for all inclusive. Might also want to check out Sugar Bay, the only other all inclusive on the island. They are not Sandals=glitz all inclusive and you might want to check to see if the Marriott properties will be offering it this summer also.
Not really the kind of islands that you want all inclusive though with both St. John and St. Thomas themselves being the resort. Not the kind of island where there is need to stay locked up in a all inclusive compound.
Dec 29th, 2002, 08:29 AM
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Yes, it's more the budget-busting aspect of umbrella drinks than the fact that I want to "drink myself into oblivion" that makes us look for an all-inclusive. We're a pretty low-key couple--not looking for some Spring-break type party honeymoon BUT being a couple of pasty-skinned Irish Americans, we don't last too long lounging on a beach. Therefore, we liked the option of having some activities (touring the Island,karaoke, hiking, things like that). I guess that's a more accurate description of us than the raging booze-hounds that we apparently appeared to Jenn to be. That being said, any other suggestions? (besides honeymooning at the Betty Ford Clinic)
Dec 29th, 2002, 12:38 PM
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There shouldn't be a problem at all with the weather in Antigua in Nov/Dec. It is one of the islands that gets very little rain.

We were married at Sandals Antigua and it was perfect. I couldn't have asked for a better weddingmoon. I am not one of those "Sandals Lovers" but this resort really has a great laid back and romantic charm to it. It has incredible landscaping, an amazing beach...and it's so peaceful and relaxing you can hear yourself breathe!! We have never enjoyed ourselves (or each other) more than on this vacation. There is plenty to do as far as land/water sports and at night they have entertainment (usually a steel drum band). They also have a beach party once a week. But what is so great is you can join in or do nothing at all! And the resort is like having your own Caribbean village to hang out in. We loved it!

And as far as the wedding, it couldn't have been more perfect. We had no stress what-so-ever. They took care of everything and it was SO beautiful. I can't really put the experience or the place into words to describe it well enough! We truly enjoyed it!

Congrats and enjoy where ever you choose to go! And if you have any other questions, or would like me to e-mail you pics, just let me know!
Dec 29th, 2002, 02:27 PM
the real islander
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We just returned from Sandals Antigua 2 months ago on our weddingmoon and we loved the resort. I mean this place is da bomb, peoples. We had the time of our lives. The landscaping is flat out amazing, the beach/water/sunsets are even better, plenty of activities goin' down all the time or you have the option to jus chill. This resort has an amazing laid back fly romantic charm to it.
You just can't find a better weddingmoon spot than Sandals. It is the most tricked out place the Caribbean has to offer. No bad vibes at all and more sofisticated than most of those other high dollar places people are always jawflappin about.
Go and you won't be disappointed.
Dec 29th, 2002, 04:11 PM
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One of the disadvantages to an all-inclusive is that you tend to stick there and don't get out to see any of the "real life" of whichever island you're on. In the case of the Dominican Republic, you're better off NOT seeing the abject poverty which separates the "haves" from the "have-nots" which I personally found very depressing.
Insofar as St. Thomas and all-inclusives, Bolongo has always had a good reputation and they offer many different activities, Not too upmarket but they've got nice facilities, a good beach and anything else that most people want on a vacation.
Sugar Bay is more upmarket although I've heard on a quite regular basis that the food is mediocre and know first hand that some who stay there for more than a week start going off-premises to seek some good food.
I would opt for something like Renaissance which has everything you want on an immediate basis and then make plans to take some daysail trips (you will NOT have been to the Virgin Islands unless you do this!) Go to different restaurants, Enjoy the diversity of St. Thomas by taking a scenic tour either by taking a guided tour or renting a car. Take a guided walking tour through Charlotte Amalie to inhale the vestigial aroma of days long gone.
Take the ferry over to St. John (a 10-minute ride) for the day and indulge in St. John's quaint Cruz Bay atmosphere and the pristine beaches which are beautiful beyond description.
I do believe that everything you could possibly want is here in the U.S. Virgin Islands!
Dec 30th, 2002, 09:26 AM
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Thank you for your information about USVI. It was much more helpful than Jenn's character assault disguised as travel advice. I appreciate all of your helpful info!

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