The Cove at Atlantis - worth it or forget it?

Apr 6th, 2008, 02:40 PM
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The Cove at Atlantis - worth it or forget it?

We're trying to decide on vacation plans and wanted to get feedback on The Cove Atlantis.

We want a tropical vacation with pretty beaches, some watersports(ie. jetskies) good restaurants, and a reasonable amount of nightlife (we're not huge partiers, but don't want a locale that shuts down at 9PM).

The Cove seems extremely pricey - is it worth it?

TIA for any feedback/suggestions.
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Apr 7th, 2008, 04:54 PM
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Honest opinion sugar coating.

The customer service at Atlantis in general is poor, management has fundamentally failed to embed the importance of the guest experience into the fabric of the being of the staff.

Sorry, that sounds odd, but I believe in this stuff, and if the staff don't "get" how important it is to focus on the guest, the experience is diminished and not authentic.

As such, I'd say that no matter what amenities the Cove part says it can do, the service will still reflect the weaknesses of the rest of the property.

If you want to stay close by on Paradise Island though and happy to spend Cove type $$, try One and Only Ocean Club... owned by the same company, but the service is leaps and bounds better.
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Apr 8th, 2008, 07:33 AM
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I dont' know about the Cove, but we just stayed at the Imperial Club in the Royal Towers (March). I will say it is well worth the money. We had a nightmare to get there and with every phone call they said don't worry. When we got there they went out of their way for us. Barron and Cynthia (mgrs on the Imperial Club) were wonderful.

We ate dinner at the Cove and it appears to be very nice. The people staying there seemed to either be adults w/o children or those with older teens. The pool is for adults only and it is a long walk to other things at Atlantis. But if don't mind walking it is a lot less crowded. If just my husband and I go back, I would stay at the Cove.

I did not want to spend the money to go to Atlantis, but it was well worth the money.
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Apr 8th, 2008, 02:37 PM
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I would advise you to go somewhere else..I have been to the Atlantis & Cove, and not very happy with the vaca.

I would love to go to Maroma Hotel, this place looks really nice, less expensive and is near Cancun (nightlife is good there)...

The Cove was really nice & pretty, but the service at this resort is beyond awful. I found 90% of the staff to be rude and miserable. The beach is nice, I thought the best beach was more towards the Atlantis side, but it was so crowded over there. I felt like I was at Disney land one minute and South Beach the next. The Cove reminded me a lot of Miami. Not only do you pay so much to stay there, but you have to pay $15 a day to use the gym & the food is ridiculously over priced. It was good, but it adds up fast Maybe it just wasn't for me.

You could probably get a lot more for your money someplace else
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Apr 14th, 2008, 02:13 PM
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I stayed at the Cove with my husband and Dad and his wife last summer. My Dad was an "invited" guest of the casino. The service was definately excellent for us the entire stay - EXCEPT when I went over to the Atlantis portion of the property. No one seemed to care and frankly they were pretty rude.

If you want a "hot" pool - the adult only one is definately that - it was peppered with "stars" during our stay and topless women. I was uncomfortable. A woman was playing at one of the casinos pool side with out her top. Too much for me.

My Dad had a cabana and I stayed on the beach side of it - and enjoyed the ocean and the sand.

It really depends on what you want/ like. The person who compared it to south beach is on the money imo.
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May 14th, 2008, 11:43 AM
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OK, I've been to Atlantis three times since Oct. 2006. The first time we went we had a package for a "terrace room" promo. rate. From the moment we arrived all through our trip the service was great. The Cove was under construction at that point in time. We like to play slots and apparently we gambled enough because within a month of returning home I received an offer from casino marketing offering me a free room in the Coral Towers. I had read tons of negative reviews about the service at Atlantis before we left but I decided I'd check it out for myself. We're VERY glad that we did. We love it there. I find the staff to be not only helpful, friendly and for the most part professional. I've been twice since The Cove has opened and end up there for breakfast at MOSAIC each morning, love it. We also have dinner at MESA when we're there. In fact, here's a wonderful story about service at The Cove. We were just at Atlantis in April 2008 and as soon as I walked up to the bar at MESA GRILL, we like to have a cocktail in the lounge before dinner, and the bartender recognized me from our prior trip October 2007. The staff is warm and friendly and in my opinion The Cove is worth the money, we're going back in October 2008 and I've booked us into The Cove. I'm seeing rates of just under $500 per night for The Cove and the rooms are normally in the high $600-$700 range. The Ocean Club is very nice but for nightlife you'll want to come to either Atlantis or go into Nassau. The Ocean Club is beautiful, elegant and quiet. The lounge at Dune can be fun for cocktails and starters. Atlantis offers deals, the trick is to research and stay where you want in the resort, our favorites are the Royal Towers and I'm sure I'll be hooked on The Cove after we stay there in October. It's a unique resort setting, just get yourself a good deal on a package or your room rate. The best deal is, if you gamble use your room key and let them know how much you're gambling. My room isn't going to be comp'd. this October but my rate as a casino guest is fantastic, and we're going to gamble anyway so the money gets spent in the casino rather than over-paying for our room. Work the deals, it's an amazing place. The staff are warm and friendly. You get back what you put out, that's what I believe.

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