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Robert Jan 10th, 2001 05:26 PM

Tell me about Bimini
Want to explore "Bimini Road" via scuba and explore the Mango marshes around Bimini, and meet the pod of spotted Dolphins. I know Bimini isn't 5-star island, which is OK with me. Can any one tell me about their experiences on Bimini? Any and all impressions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Robert

gail Jan 11th, 2001 04:47 PM

Bimini is a very small island chain, and there are probably not more than 1,500 people there year round. <BR> <BR>I was there for a weekend a year ago and found the island very laid back, not alot of tourists, it's a bit difficut to get to other than by boat. <BR> <BR>There are a couple of places to stay on island and a couple of restaurants and of course several stores and many places to buy bread. All kinds of bread. It seems that everyone makes bread in their homes for sale so the whole island smells wonderful. Our favorite was the coconut bread. <BR> <BR>See Hemingway's hangout, and the "museum" to him, lots of pictures. <BR> <BR>We walked quite a bit of "the road" and as I am a Casey fan, I found the concept of the road fasinating, and yes you can tell that it may in fact be a "road" leading off into the "sunset" or guess that would actually be sunrise, lol. <BR> <BR>You can dive an snorkle right over the road, as it's fairly shallow off the island. <BR> <BR>There was also a recent dig started not too far off Bimini and very ancient artifacts were found, of a large civilization with alot of ruins. Atlantis? Maybe. <BR> <BR>Have a wonderful time.

Robert Jan 12th, 2001 02:09 AM

Gail; Thanks for the info. Glad to hear we can snorkel the Bimini Road, so don't have to go with a dive op to see it. My wife is nuts on sweet Bahamian bread, so the home-baked bread smells will be nice. Robert

Toots Jan 12th, 2001 04:16 AM

<BR>Hi Gail, <BR>You walked part of the road? It's that shallow in places? <BR> <BR>I always assumed you had to motor or sail out to it. Is that wrong? Is it accessible from the Bimini shore? <BR> <BR>TIA! <BR>Toots

gail Jan 12th, 2001 09:31 PM

I found the "road" to be fasinating, and as "Casey" said the road would rise out of the ocean and lead off from the island to .....well you fill in the blank. <BR> <BR>The "road" is right at the edge of the water and you can walk along down the beach and then see it go off into the ocean, so yes you can snorkle or dive and the road leads off for quite a distance and since the water is so crystal clear, snorkling and diving would be very interesting. <BR> <BR>I have read and heard alot of ideas on the "road", but I have to say I have never seen 90* angles anywhere in maybe....well go see the road and tell me what you think......

Toots Jan 13th, 2001 03:42 AM

<BR>I too have always found Cayce's readings fascinating, but have not studied them. We could certainly use a man of that caliber in modern times. <BR> <BR>Thanks for the clarification, Gail. Have a pleasant, healthy weekend. <BR> <BR>Toots <BR>

Robert Jan 13th, 2001 09:00 AM

Wow! Can't wait to walk and snorkel the "Road" in Bimini. Quetion: Can one shore dive with scuba gear as well, along the Bimini Road?? Also, I heard Magrove Marshes border Bimini's shorelines in parts, which ocean fish use as a nursery area to lay eggs and birth offspring. Has anyone snorkeled or explored these areas, which are shallow and along the shoreline? Thanks for the help. Robert

gail Jan 13th, 2001 06:49 PM

Robert are you going by boat or flying into the islands? I am not sure if there are tanks for rent, but you might check with the Angler, that's one of the hotels on island. Also not sure if you can get fill-ups on island so you might check before you go what is available. <BR> <BR>Have a great trip. <BR> <BR>gail

Robert Jan 14th, 2001 09:57 AM

Gail; I want to take Chalk's Airline, the seaplane, which Jimmy Buffet wrote about. We have all the equipment but would need tanks. Maybe a dive op there would rent them out to us? I was also thinking of renting a boston whaler or some other small boat to explore around the beaches and mangrove marshes. Any place to rent boats there? Robert

gail Jan 14th, 2001 09:20 PM

Robert I will check to see if there is a dive shop on island, but I didn't see one when I was there, so will ask and let you know what I find out. <BR> <BR>I am sure you will be able to rent a boat but you might want to have someone take you out for a day or half day, much safer, the boatmen know the reefs and water well, probably be easier for you to rent the boat with a guide, that way you will probably get to see more. <BR> <BR>

Robert Jan 15th, 2001 02:14 AM

Gail; Thanks again! Robert

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