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TCI in October? Weather, Access to Restaurants & Activities, etc?

TCI in October? Weather, Access to Restaurants & Activities, etc?

Old May 2nd, 2011, 02:05 PM
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TCI in October? Weather, Access to Restaurants & Activities, etc?

I have read a number of posts already and have gotten good info that has made us narrow down our choice to TCI for a 5 night trip in mid-October. Based on recs in other posts I think we will try Provo as we've never been to TCI before. I actually find Osprey on Grand Turk really appealing, but a third flight is not so appealing, and the cost savings on lodging would likely be spent on that flight.

I would love recommendations for some of the more moderately priced Grace Bay locations (Sibonne, Sands, RWI, others?). We don't need mass luxury, but it is an anniversary trip and our first in 8 years without kids, so I'd like it to be clean, and would really like to be able to access oceanfront or good oceanview from a balcony without paying high 4-star or 5-star prices. We don't need a huge suite, but don't want to be stuck in a basement or the like by reserving the least expensive option in an otherwise expensive resort either. Any thoughts from those who are experienced with TCI?

As for what we plan to do, it will mostly be lounging on the beach, snorkeling (preferably off the beach) - we are not certified divers for scuba to be an option, eating dinner out, and maybe taking a day cruise to the other islands or something of that sort.

Also, beyond moderate lodging options, my other main question is about the weather in October (beyond the obvious hurricane possibilities), and whether a lot of restaurants and activities will be closed that month.

I know I am asking a lot. Thanks in advance for the help!
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Old May 2nd, 2011, 04:46 PM
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baring hurricane (which i'd say is fairly unlikely on provo in oct) the weather should be hot & mostly dry. ocean temps will be as warm as they get.
most restaurants will be open. day trips will be available.
rwi, sands or sibbone would all be good optioins. sibbone is very small, with small pool but is in a super location pretty much in the center of grace bay beach - has more of the boutique hotel vibe than the others. rwi, the sands or ocean club west are all near the east end of the beach. a longish walk but maybe 10 mins by car. my point is whichever of these hotels offers you the best price for a beachfront room is the one i'd choose. the sibbone "beach apartment" is supposed to be delightful - fodor poster KVR has stayed in it & if you use search box above you'll find her trip report. the sands has screened porches, but it's not really bug season - could matter if you would like to have morning coffee or cocktails at dusk in your room. sands, ocw, rwi all have condo style rooms with full kitchens. this could help you with budget. (drinks out might be $8+ a piece, while you could grab a bottle at duty free on your way down for a couple $$ more, buy mixers, make ice in your frig & save a bundle)
restaurants are kind of spread out so you can't walk to all or even most of them from any given resort.
many ppl rent a car - in your case maybe only for 2 days? and dine closer to your resort the other nights. no matter where you eat the drive isn't more than 15 mins so taxi's are not that high if you don't want to drive yourself.
hope this helps... no amount of questions is too many so ask away 8-)
on the other hand anacoana restaurant at grace bay club is one of more expensive dinners on island but is oh so romantic for an anniv dinner !!!
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Old May 3rd, 2011, 03:13 AM
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weather2travel.com Climate guide

odds of rain storms great in fall

might choose another location out of the

storm belt like ABC islands St Lucia

vrbo.com good options prefer Provo

Grand Turk flat ugly good beach though.

Do careful research expect rain and insuremytrip.com

for storms if you elect to go in fall.
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Old May 3rd, 2011, 05:23 AM
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qwovadis, please don't take this wrong, I know you are extremely well traveled (I'm jealous!)

but implying that St. Lucia and ABCs are out of storm belts is completely incorrect. St. Lucia was very destroyed last year by a hurricane, and a hurricane hit Aruba as recently as last year.

If someone could truly predict the weather, they'd be worth a fortune!

T&C did get hit by 2 hurricanes back to back in 2008, the first time in 50 years! I personally have been to T&C plenty of times in October with absolutely no rain, or if it did the typical 20 minute shower then sun pops back out.

I do agree regardless of where you pick, during hurricane season you should get insurance.

I usually don't, but I'm an extremely experienced traveler myself, and "go with the flow." But if you're counting on your 1 vacation, you may want insurance for the piece of mind.

To drand, I find first time visitors should stick to Provo first, Grace Bay Beach is scrumptious for a quick getaway. Do know that it is an expensive destination, on par with the other expensive islands such as Anguilla, St. Barth, etc. It can be done cheaper, but does require some work for that. Having said that, on Provo there's not a bad place to stay, just different levels of luxury.
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Old May 3rd, 2011, 05:28 AM
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i hate to be disagreeable, but i just checked on wunderground.com which is a historical record of temps, winds, rain, etc for the planet.
go to the site. roll over 'travel & activities' and click on 'trip planner'. then enter PLS - the airport code for provo - then put in your oct dates. as i see it, it is unlikely to rain more than a couple days per month & as there is no recorded accumlation, i'd assume those were brief storms.
i have been on provo twice at this time of year. both times there were short bursts of rain a couple times per week.

trip insurance would be a good idea!
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Old May 3rd, 2011, 05:45 AM
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We have been in October and had great weather, plenty of dining options and not too crowded. I would pick The Sands resort-great location, can walk to many restaurants ( as well as a good one onsite), nice pool, long beachfront, recent renovation on rooms/condos.
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Old May 3rd, 2011, 02:48 PM
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thanks all for the replies. So we are good with the weather (with insurance of course). So my picks/questions are:

Ocean Club West (room says "ocean/garden/pool" - this means I am likely to not be oceanfront, right?)

Royal West Indies

Sands on Grace Bay

Coral Gardens (we would get a 1 BR reg suite - there is a 1 BR run of house option for less $ - any ideas what this would mean?)

So let's say we want to do a fair amount of eating out (since that's a less fun vacation option when kids are along and we'll be on our own), but will probably do a little in suite breakfasts or lunches, some drinks, etc. We would prefer to walk to restaurants and bars where possible. We also like to hit happy hour at a fun bar with friendly people, but are not big nightlife pursuers. I really want to snorkel, and right off the beach in front of us is appealing.

I know the snorkeling is best at Coral Gardens, but could we walk there easily from any of the other options? Could we snorkel off the beach elsewhere? What do you think about my lodging options given what I've said so far our preferences would be, and are there any significant differences in the beach at each point, in terms of crowding and overall enjoyment and accessiblity to things?
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Old May 4th, 2011, 02:54 PM
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OC - room will definitely not be oceanfront-you get the category you pay for. Wasy walk to restaurants, need a car to snorkel.

RWI-good bang for you buck, right next to OC-same deal

Sands- the one closest to middle-can walk to places (although at night there is some dark sections, so I'd get a car) You could walk to snorkel, but after snorkeling you might be tired walking back in hot sun.

Coral Gardens, the only place to snorkel. Decent restaurant, but not good walking to other places--highly recommend a car. A negative of "Run of the house" is there's an abandoned 1/2 cemented construction sight, not only an eye sour, but dark and icky at night.

I highly recommend a car anyway, no great restaurants are together, and taxi cost more than car rental. Easy to drive, altough on the left (just pretend you're driving the passing lane) roads are straight and most things are close drive by.
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Old May 4th, 2011, 03:25 PM
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I still say The Sands...best location, updated suites, great staff, excellent restaurants nearby. Very long beachfront --largest of your choices.
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Old May 5th, 2011, 11:57 AM
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thanks again to you both - I really appreciate the input as these things are so difficult to assess when you've never been. Esp thanks for the heads-up on the construction site at Coral Gardens!

We definitely plan to rent something for at least a couple of days to have access to other parts of the island and other out of the way eating establishments. Any downsides to scooter rental v. car rental?
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