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Cin_in_Aliq Oct 23rd, 2009 12:22 PM

Taking Food to Punta Cana
We winter in Punta Cana at our condo. It is very expensive ($13 per pound) to buy good beef steaks. I need suggestions on how to take or get frozen food this year. Can you put it in your checked bags without a problem? Have heard people do, but am afraid to try it myself.

virginia Oct 23rd, 2009 02:49 PM

get a cooler of any desired size. freeze as much meat as you can pack into it. pack the cooler tightly just before you leave home. be sure to leave all meats in their original packaging with usda label in sight(if possible retain receipts too). i normally make a list of cooler contents for anyone who'd like to see it - this would be more DR customs officers than tsa.
take a roll of duct tape with you to the airport. if tsa handinspects they will tape it shut for you after they look, if not tape it yourself before it goes into the screening machine.
with a hard sided cooler things will stay frozen solid for up to 48 hrs. you will Not need ice or freezer cold packs and dry ice is forbidden.
this will count as an extra piece of checked luggage, so maybe a fee depending on how many bags you're taking. and it has does have to stay within normal weight & size limits. you should be allowed 2 free bags pp these days.
i should note i've not been to dom rep and don't know what they allow you to bring in. this may be why some have put meat in their suitcase??? you can surely find this out if you own property there. it is also possible that there is a import duty fee.

so i'm very interested to know how long you've been going to DR. many ppl here on fodors feel the country is not safe for indepedent travel. even to the point of saying only to leave a resort with an organized group. i'd like to know you feelings on this. what part of the island to you go to? besides the beach what sort of things are to do in your area? i like all water sports especially snorkeling. enjoy seeing historical sites. love botanical gardens. and i like to just drive around to see what's around the next corner. like to meet locals - we usually stay in villas when we travel.

Cin_in_Aliq Oct 24th, 2009 02:16 PM

We vacationed in the DR 15 times before we decided to buy. The country is extremely safe where we live. We are on the Bavaro Beach, in Punta Cana. We purchased a motorscooter and my husband and I travel every day around our area. Our complex has security 24 hrs. We love the people and the area. We were back in July and can't wait to get back to our condo for the winter. We will be there 4 months this year. Hope this helps.

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