T&C, DR, St.K & N, St. Lucia?

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T&C, DR, St.K & N, St. Lucia?

Need some help selecting a destination. I love a nice beach, my husband loves a lush island. Have been to BVIs several times (love it), Aruba (hated it - too commericial), Bahamas, Mexico.

Looking to relax, want good food, maybe a couple nights out. Want a really nice resort, but don't want to pay over $400/night (room only - is it possible?) I've never been to an AI (the posts regarding DR scare me regarding food).

I need some help and sometimes this forum is more confusing than helpful.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Thank you, K
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I would highly recommend St. Kitts -- there are several very good restaurants, many nice beaches, good snorkeling, and beautiful scenery -- it's very lush and hilly, with an old fortress, a volcano and a rainforest.

As far as nice resorts, the really nice ones are not on the best part of the island (the south) ... not yet at least -- Marriott opens late this year. And St. Kitts doesn't specialize in luxury rooms anyway -- there are a few restored plantations which are spectacular, but they're far from the best beaches -- better to go to them for meals, but that's just my opinion. But the Frigate Bay area is very nice, with many nice beaches nearby, and it's easy to stay for under $400 a night. The island only has about 1000 hotel rooms, and many are villas.

There's not a lot of nightlife, but some. There is a casino too, and a golf course, but only 9 holes are open until the Marriot opens.

All that being said, it's my favorite island after St. Barths, and in some ways, I prefer it (certainly much less expensive). Incredibly picturesque, most friendly people in the Caribbean and not touristy at all.
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Well, Provo, Turks and Caicos has the most spectacular beach I have seen, but unfortunately it's not a lush island -- very dry and scrubby. St. Lucia is very lush in the tropical island sense but the beaches are not great. In my experience the really spectacular beaches seem to be in more dry locales, I'm still searching for that perfect combination of a lush island and spectacular beach. How about St. John? Very pretty beaches and a nice tropical ambience.
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As much as I rave abot the beaches in Turks and Caicos I would rule it out if looking for a lush island. It is a desert island - very dry.

St. Kitts, is one of the prettiest island we have been to. Beautiful beaches, prestine landscape - very peaceful, green and just lovely.

St.Lucia too is a very lush, tropical island, once you get outide the city. Still, St. Kitts is much prettier.
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Thanks so much for your responses. It's just what I needed to hear. Will start researching St. Kitts. k

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