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Meg Jul 8th, 1998 01:55 PM

We've experience Stingray City at Grand Cayman, now we want to swim with the mantas. Does anyone know of a place? Do we need to be certified divers or can we just swim/snorkel with them? All info appreciated.

Bart Jul 8th, 1998 03:10 PM

Meg, the only place I know of where there are organized Manta Ray dives is in Kona in Hawaii. The Mantas eat plankton and are not attracted by the squid or bait that is used in Grand Cayman to attract the stingrays. They have hi intensity lights shining on the water as well as several underwater. The lights attract the plankton and the Mantas are right behind. There are occasional sightings while diving but it's unusual. To do the Manta dive, I think you need to be certified. There may be some shops in Kona that will do a resort dive(non-certified) highly suppervised. Check they may have info on their page whether a card is required. <BR>I'm going back in Feb and looking forward to it.

Louis Dameson Jul 8th, 1998 09:42 PM

We have snorkeled with 8 ft mantas just off the dock at the Bora Bora Hotel. As stated previously the mantas go where the plankton is and bright lights off the end of docks shining into the water can attract plankton and mantas. Also, there are lights into the water at the Kameakamea (Sp) Hotel in Kona Hawaii that collects mantas. The Bora Bora Hotel has since been redone so I don't know if the same conditions still exist. If you are in Kona, go along the major hotels on the water. There is a good chance you can see and perhaps snorkel with them. Conditions in Bora Bora were ideal since there is no surf. We used to go out almost every night and swim with them. It was a ball. It is amazing that they can come within inches and not hit you.

pete Jul 11th, 1998 09:50 PM

there is a better spot for diving with the manta rays than the Grand Cayman Islands , it is speyside at Tobago,and its very easy on the pocket book and while your there check out sunday school on a sunday night have fun.

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