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clkbjk Jun 21st, 2006 01:52 PM

Sunny November/December Vacation Destination
Looking for a vacation destination for late Nov/early Dec
prefer adult only
looking to spend no more than $2000pp (land portion- we will have our flights taken care of)
would like:
sunny- in the 80's
on an ocean
upscale resort setting

A_Traveller Jun 21st, 2006 02:43 PM

You'll find sunny skies and daytime tems in the low to mid 80's F. on just about every Caribbean in late November/early December and (depending on the resort) since that time of year is Low or Shoulder Season you should have no trouble finding upscale accomodations in your price range (assuming the $2,000PP is for a week's stay). There are so many options available that it's difficult to make any meaning full recommendations without knowing what type of island experience you desire. Every islad is different and no one island "has it all". For instance, do you want to visit a coral based island with long strands of sugar white beaches and little natural natural vegetation or do you prefer a mountainous island with smaller cove like beaches of golden sand and good to excellent off-beach snorkeling or perhaps you'd like a volcanic island, with lush rain forests, waterfalls and palm tree lined darker sand beaches? Do you want an island with casinos and lots of night life or do you crave a quiet island wil only a few beach bars? Do you desire and island with lots of fine dining options or would you rather eat simply at local restaurants? Do you want an island that has a decidedly American or European feel or would you rather experience an island with old world Caribbean Charm? Do you want to stay in a large resort or a smaller intimate hotel? Do you want to visit a large island that you can explore something new everyday or are you content with a small island? Do you crave lots of watersports and other activities or do you just want to lay on the beach with a good book and a pina colada? Is shopping important to you? Would you consider a private island resort? Do you mind taking two or more small airplane flights or ferry rides to reach you destination?

The more you can tell us about your likes and dislikes the easier it will be fo us to help you find your perfect place.

There are so mamany

clkbjk Jun 21st, 2006 03:13 PM

We are looking at Belize- specifically Ambergris Caye and Tranquility Bay Resort for late Nov/early December...but one travel expert told us that November was the one month that she tells everyone to that has me a bit leary.
We were looking at Zihuatanejo and La Casa Que Canta- but recent reports of crime and a very dirty Bay have me a bit leary of that spot as well.
I have been to Cancun, Cozumel, Playa del Carmen, Jamaica and Bermuda....and we are hoping to go somewhere new.
We like swimming in the ocean, snorkeling and some scuba, and laying around on the beach with a good drink. We like eating good food and shopping--....

A_Traveller Jun 22nd, 2006 06:51 AM

Of course no one can guarantee you perfect weather anywhere for a specific period of time (especially when it's 6 months in the future but the odds are in your favor.

If you like snorkeling/scuba consider going to the BVI's (check out Little Dix Bay or Biras Creek on Virgin Gorda, Peter Island Resort (on Peter Island) or one of the smaller resorts on Jost van Dyke or Guana island. You'll fine terrific beaches, excellent snorkeling and diving on and around those island. The only thing missing is the shopping but you can take a day trip to Tortola for some decent shopping or to St. Thomas for a major shopping fix. Another reorts to consider is Caneel Bay on St. John. There are some good restaurants, lots of great beaches and access to very good snorkeling and may of the same dive sites as in the BVI's. Shopping is somewhat limited but hear again you can easily get to St. Thomas or Tortola for your shopping fix.

If shopping is your main activity then consider St. Barth's or St. Martin. Snorkeling is only average or below average on those island but they have scores of shopping (lots of sophisticated fashion stores on the French side of St. Martin and on St. Barth's. Both islands offer more fine dining experiences than one can visit during a normal vaction. St. Barth's has several upscale resorts (Isles de France, Eden Roc, Guanahani, Francois Plantation, Carl Gustav, to name a few) that might appeal to you while the choice of upscale resorts on St. Martin is much more limited with La Samanna being the top resort.

Another island to consider for it's 35 fabolous white sand beaches and 80 restaurants (some among the best in the Caribbean is Anguills. This island has some limited but good off-beach snorkeling but lacks the abundance of dive sites found in the US and British Virgin Islands. It also lacks shopping (other than for t-shirts and trinkets) but you are a short ferry ride from St. Martin where you'll find all the shopping you can handle during a normal vacation.

Finally, for what many consider the best snorkeling and diving in the Caribbean you might want to check out Bonaire. This island is very far south in the Caribbean so your chances of warm good wather in Nov/early Dec are extremely good. This island, however, is very quite, lacks significant upscale accomodations and does not offer the variety of restaurants or shopping you desire.

Hope this helps point you in the right direction.

A_Traveller Jun 22nd, 2006 06:55 AM

Sorry for those obvious typos - the island with the 35 beaches and 80 restaurants is Anguilla not Anguills.

clkbjk Jun 22nd, 2006 08:30 AM

Wow- thanks for the info (A_Traveller). I will check out these spots!!
We don't need casinos, dance-clubs- party scene. We are in our mid 30's...we like upscale rooms, service, food, drinks...nice quiet & laid back beaches, snorkeling and diving, island-style shopping- we love art, carvings, sculptures etc.... I will check out the places you suggested. Many thanks.

A_Traveller Jun 22nd, 2006 10:28 AM

With the exception of St. Martin none of the islands I mentioned have cascinos and given you latest preference for island style shopping and laid back quiet beaches you might want to bypass St. Barth's as it's a very "happening" island and will probably be too "busy" for. Seriously consider the BVI's for your trip - check out the resorts I mentioned - you are sure to find exactly what you are seeking and you won't be disappointed.

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