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Kerry Phibbs Oct 3rd, 1999 08:25 AM

Staying at Atlantis!! Want to give my Wife a Vacation of a Life time!!!!!!!!!
My Wife and I are staying at Atlantis in January. We only have 4 days, and I want it to be the best 4 days of her life!! <BR> <BR>Does anyone have any romantic suggestions or shouldn't miss advice for me? <BR> <BR>Thanks I really need to make this vacation an unforgettable one. SHE DESERVES IT!!! <BR> <BR>Thanks, <BR> <BR>Kerry

tweedy Oct 4th, 1999 09:37 AM

Kerry, the first step to that amazing vacation will be Atlantis, it is the most amazing complex. You can walk around for hours and still not see everything. <BR> <BR>The Hurricane did very little damage to Paradise Island, and all the greenery will be back by January. <BR> <BR>There are so many good restaurants at Atlantis you probably won't need to go elswhere, but if you do want to go into Nassau, there is Greycliff, the only 5 star restaurant in the CArribean. Also very good is Cafe Matisse. <BR> <BR>For amazing things to do, try the Dolphin Swim (an make your reservation for that now, as the time slots will be filled very soon) and the snorkle trip to Rose Island. Atlantis can make both of those reservations for you. <BR> <BR>There are lots of shops downtown Nassau and you will find some good prices on gold and jewelry and of course there is the straw market which is lots of fun. <BR> <BR>Enjoy the Bahamas and if you need any more info, please let me know. <BR> <BR>tweedy

demi Nov 9th, 1999 01:58 PM

Hi Kerry - I'm sorry, but I have to partially disagree with tweedy. I have just returned from the Atlantis and everything Tweedy told you about the property is that and more. It was absolutely fabulous! If you want to make it unforgettable stay in the Royal Towers Imperial class rooms, they are plush, plush, plush. Worth every penny. Sign her up for massages and facials at the spa, and skip Graycliff. A really nice dinner with three courses, a good bottle of wine and possibly and after dinner liquer or a good cigar, can set you back about $400-$500 a couple. I kid you not! If you enjoy gambling, do not expect any kind of comps from the Atlantis! You really have to be a heavy duty gambler to come close to anything. There is really no need for you to leave the resort at all. Besides, parts of Nassau are not safe at night. Only on Tues, Fri and Saturday nights is town open until 9pm, all other days everything in Nassau is closed by 6! If you have any more questions, e-mail me directly! Cai o- Demi

jim Nov 10th, 1999 05:09 AM

Kerry, you'll spend a lot of money at Atlantis , and it will be worth every penny. I've not been to this resort, but I've heard great things about it. <BR>What I heard you say is how can you make the most of this trip for your wife? Here are some ideas for you that are inexpensive yet very romantic. Of course, these ideas can apply regardless of where you are going. <BR> <BR>Give her a small gift each morning. It needs to be gift wrapped and on the bedstand so she sees it when she wakes up. It does not need to be expensive at all -- a framed picture of the two of you, a short love note, inexpensive local jewelry that you bought for her while you were there -- you get the idea. <BR> <BR>Write a poem about her. For me, this is difficult (to rhyme or not to rhyme?!?), but I've done it on several occasions. Think about her and all the things you love about her. Things that are unique to her. Reasons you are happy to be with her. Spend some time and write it. <BR> <BR>Arrange to have a gift delivered to the table during dinner. This should be pre-arranged with the waiter to be delivered at a certain time (when I order the wine, bring the gift right after the wine so you can make a nice toast to her). <BR> <BR>Make a list "100 THINGS I LOVE ABOUT MY BRIDE". Put it somewhere where she will find it during the trip. <BR> <BR>Spell out her name in the sand. Make it big. <BR> <BR>Wake her up to a foot rub. Don't know how to give a good foot rub? Buy a book - that's what I did. <BR> <BR>Send her a postcard to your home address before you leave the resort (without her knowing of course). Tell her what a great time you've had with her. It will arrive a few days after you return, and will make the 4 day vacation seem like a week. <BR> <BR>Tell the staff that you just got married (and act like newlyweds!) Refer to her as "My Bride". <BR> <BR>Paint her toenails. Make sure you know her favorite color. Bring the supplies with you for this project. <BR> <BR>Shave twice a day (I know, you may be thinking "It's MY vacation TOO!"). She will appreciate it. <BR> <BR>How about starting the romanticism early? If your airport has lockers available, the day before your trip, buy a single red rose. Go to the airport and put the rose in a locker. When you get to the airport, pull out the key and say "Hmmm. Whats this?" Give it to her and let her find the locker and find the rose. Get to the airport in plenty of time -- this idea can backfire if you miss your plane because you forgot where the locker was!! <BR> <BR>Just a few ideas off the top of my head. I've been married 16 years to my wonderful bride, and I know what she likes -- good luck and have a great time. Your wife is lucky to have a guy like you who thinks about her and is willing to spend the time to make the trip an unforgettable one. <BR> <BR>- Jim <BR> <BR>

Green With Envy Nov 10th, 1999 06:31 AM

To Jim: WOW...and how do we have you cloned?

Lisa Nov 10th, 1999 10:30 AM

Renew your wedding vows on the beach or any of the many gardens and then take your wife for dinner to the Courtyard Terrace Restaurant at the Ocean Club. Outdoor candlelit dining under the stars with a small live band playing "quiet" music.

Bonnie Nov 10th, 1999 01:52 PM

Jim, You should write a book! Make some money off of all those good ideas!

Anne Nov 10th, 1999 04:14 PM

Kerry, <BR> <BR>Jim has some great ideas! I think that the most important theme is that your romance does not have to cost a lot; it's the little, caring things that she will appreciate the most. Have a wonderful vacation with your wife. <BR> <BR>Anne

Danny Nov 11th, 1999 01:29 PM

Great advice. Here's some more. Because you are staying at the Atlantis take TONS of money.

noname Dec 15th, 1999 11:03 AM

Jim, you are a moron. That said, I would also say if you want to give your wife the vacation of a lifetime, you had better switch destinations quickly. Atlantis blows. Or kill your wife as soon as she returns and that way it will be her last vacation of her lifetime.

tweedy Dec 16th, 1999 06:14 AM

Kerry, you will have a wonderful trip, just make sure that Atlantis is doing a good job with your bill, and not making any overcharges. <BR> <BR>Atlantis is amazing with 30 something restaurants and the grounds are spectacular. There is even a tour you can take when you get there to get famliar with everything. <BR> <BR>Noname the earlier post didn't even bother to use a real name, how brave. <BR> <BR>One thing to be aware of Atlantis is expensive, but it is a world class resort and certainly not a budget location. <BR> <BR>You will have a wonderful trip. Enjoy. <BR> <BR>tweedy

Meg Dec 17th, 1999 09:41 AM

The best thing I did while in Nassau was take the Powerboat Adventure. You can be picked up at Atlantis on an incredible speed boat and whisked away to the Exumas, about 40 miles away, in an hour. The first brief stop is at an island only inhabited by iguanas. The second stop is snorkeling at the nearby coral beds. The final destination of the day is their private island where an open bar is provided all day and a fantastic lunch is cooked on the beach for you. There were probably 20 people on the boat with us, and we had a great time with everybody, but couples did find time to wander off by themselves - one couple even got engaged on the island that day and planned to be married there as well. It's not the least expensive trip you can take, but I definitely think it's the best. This adventure is the only reason I'd ever return to New Providence. Atlantis is incredible - you will enjoy it.

Anyonebut Dec 19th, 1999 12:44 PM

I agree with everyone. We had a fabulous honeymoon at Atlantis. But.... take lots of money. It is expensive!

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