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NanLyn May 11th, 2007 02:21 PM

Staying at Atlantis
We are staying at the Atlantis - first week of July with our two boys, 14 & 18. The reservationist suggested the Royal Towers over the Coral Towers because there is more action there? You think a whole week is too long to stay with two teens or will there be enough to do?

travelinfamily May 11th, 2007 04:21 PM

There is a ton to do there. It takes a good day and a half to see all of the exhibits (marine life) and the Dig. I havent been since they opened the new portion of Atlantis, but I am sure it just adds to the things to do. The beach is a blast and the different pools and slides will keep them busy too. Atlantis also has a "nightclub" for their age-they will hava a blast at. We have been a ton of times and never get bored. Remember to bring water shoes-the cement is very hot and you will be walking from pool to pool to enjoy the slides and different activities that are available. There are always pool games and activities pool side and live music pool side too. Be sure to pick up a daily list of activities (they may provide one in your room daily). Have a great time!!!!!!!!!

girlonthego May 11th, 2007 08:47 PM

We stayed in the Royal towers two years ago. My kids were younger than yours, but they had a blast! We were there 5 days. I think with travel time, it would have been nice to have a couple more.
I found it relaxing because everything is right there. Food is expensive and we did the gourmet meal plan. It was worth it for us because we like to eat. You have teens so you may want to sign on before. The moderate plan has lots of restaurants with buffets. The Breakfast buffet (marketplace) in the Royal towers has everything. Your kids can really eat there! Also, there is some hamburger, fries and drinks special at one of the pool bars.

galas May 15th, 2007 06:30 PM

We were at Atlantis recently. We stayed at the Harborside resort. Service there was really sub-par. Considering that we payed as much as we did at the Four Seasons in Maui, it did not compare. For example, the room did not get serviced for 4 out of the 6 nights that we were there (we asked them to not service our room from 1-3pm b/c that was when our son took a nap and I guess that translated into "don't service the room until the tenants raise hell").

the shuttles are sparce at best. And on top of that, you have to wait until 9am to get a wrist band to get into the resort.

Food was sub-par. Very expensive. I recommend spending $10 to get a cab and go into town (Poop Deck was fantastic!).
We did not get the meal plan and I am happy we didn't. Lots of people were complaining about the lines.

Yes, there was a lot to do. Especially for teens.
hope that helps.

schmerl May 15th, 2007 06:37 PM

I really don't think it's fair to compare the service and rooms at Atlantis to the Harbourside. They are two totally different resorts. The guests of the Harbourside can use the facilities of Atlantis, but they are worlds apart.

travelinfamily May 15th, 2007 07:21 PM

Just to clarify, rooms at Harborside dont get "serviced" everyday because it is a TIMESHARE not a hotel. You receive one service per week and if you want it more often you must pay an additional fee. I dont think the poster is interested in staying at Harborside, but wanted to know if there was enough to do to warrent a weeks stay........Schmerl is right, you can't compare the two the way, if you do stay at Harborside and the wrist bands are not available (do to being too early) you only need to show your Harborside room key to gain access to Atlantis-we waited to get our wrist bands until we got over to the Atlantis pools on numerous occasions. You and your boys will have a blast!!! Have fun!!

GLMDesigns May 16th, 2007 02:00 PM

We are staying at the Harborside to get away from all the action at Atlantis - We stayed onsite before. I've only heard good things about Harborside plus you get a suite with a kitchen, etc. I think it is a good option.

travelinfamily May 16th, 2007 02:53 PM

We first stayed in Atlantis and ended up buying one of the timeshare's due to the size of the timeshare (much bigger then a hotel room) and the fact that there is a kitchen. It is nice to stay away from the action, but so easy to be in the middle of it all. The Point resturant at Harborside is very nice as well, quiet outdoor eating, right on the water. We bought one when our daughter was 4 so that she can go to bed (8:00 or earlier) and we could stay up and watch t.v. or enjoy the balcony-we stayed at Atlantis and didn't like going to bed when she did-she could not sleep with the t.v. on!!!! You will love Harborside-everyone is fantastic there. Remember you only get one room service per week stay!! That is why you have a washer and dryer-need clean towels? Just run them through (just dont forget the detergent!) Have a great time!

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