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carolinagirl81 Oct 18th, 2009 05:48 PM

St Thomas - day trip to Virgin Gorda and Jost Van Dyke??
I'll be heading to St. Thomas in about 2 weeks for my honeymoon. Originally, we weren't going on a honeymoon, but last minute I found an amazing deal! We are going for 3 nights/4 days (our return flight isn't until about 6pm). I'm looking for some advice on how to see the most we can and make the most use of our time. I was looking into a day sail to Virgin Gorda (the baths) and Jost Van Dyke. Suggestions on who to use for the day sail?? We also want to spend a half day or day on St. Johns. Any help would be much appreciated!

ejcrowe Oct 18th, 2009 06:37 PM

With only 3 nights there, I'd recommend that you take a max of one daytrip--pick either Virgin Gorda or Jost or St. John (note: no "s" on the end). Slow down, relax, and absorb the feel of St. Thomas. There will be plenty there to keep you as busy as you'd like. St. John will be easier and quicker to get to than the other islands, and you may find once you're there that you don't want to spend more time getting someplace else. YMMV, however.

virginia Oct 19th, 2009 05:07 AM

with only 3 days i would not even consider going to another island.
things to do on st. thomas: coral world & coki beach - at coral world you can see,touch,pet stingrays, turtles, sharks. try snuba, sea trek or go in their mini sub.
charlotte amalie has fabulous duty free shopping and on the east end of town is a fun outdoor market.
tons of day excursions to snorkel a/or explore are available. jet ski tours too.
golf at mahagony run.
spend a morning or late afternoon on gorgeous magens bay beach (midday has too many cruise shippers.)
if you can get a reservation with this company they offer a perfect excursion including the baths. try to reserve now as they're often booked months ahead:
and plan to spend at least one day just staying at your resort to chill on the beach and enjoy your romance.
if you really want to see a 2nd island go to st. john. from red hook it's a 20 min ferry ride. you'll need a taxi once there to see any of the beaches.
blue moon cafe at secret harbour has great food served on a deck maybe 20 feet from the water.
splurge at havana blue at the marriott. amazing food in a beautiful room. reserve at sunset if possible.
good italian at tony romanos.
where will you be staying?

carolinagirl81 Oct 19th, 2009 11:41 AM

Thank you both for the reply! I actually just booked a day sail through Calypso on the Bad Kitty. So, that will use one day and it goes to Virgin Gorda (the baths), Cooper Island, Norman Island and Jost Van Dyke. I will definitely try some of those restaurants you suggested! Can't wait to eat some great food! We are staying at the Wyndham Sugar Bay. Right now, some hotels in St Thomas are doing a $.25 cent a night room special (to celebrate getting their own US quarter) for at least 3 nights. You can't beat it!

ejcrowe Oct 19th, 2009 05:37 PM

I'm sorry...did you just say 25 cents per room per night, with a three night minimum? Outstanding! How long does that offer last? I have a coworker who wants to travel in November for a long weekend...

The daytrip you have booked sounds like a good one, but are you sure it's a sailboat and that it goes to all of those places in one trip? Jost usually isn't on the itinerary with Cooper, Norman, and VG... You'll find some good snorkeling on that trip, though. Enjoy!

virginia Oct 20th, 2009 06:51 AM

bad kitty is def not a sailboat. calypso is and offers a different excursion than bad kitty. both operated by same company.
cg81, bay kitty looks like a great tour and is almost identical to the one i suggested. you may even find yourself "racing" each other. the soggy $ stop is a hoot. you swim into the beach for cocktails. bar has fun tshirts, etc that they'll pkg in plastic for the swim back to the boat. there are a couple other shop/stores - one has ice cream!
did not stay but hung out at sugar bay with friends who were. off to the right side of your beach is good snorkeling. you are quite near coral world/coki beach and not far from red hook.
from the balcony of sugar bay if you look to the right you'll see lindquist beach. it's a very quiet beach and would make a romantic spot for honeymooners to hang out for a couple hours. out and to the right you'll notice a small reef - snorkel there. no services. between sb and red hook is a small dirt road with permanently open chain link fence gate. road is maybe 1/4 mile long. you will need a car to get there unless sugar bay ppl have a foot path.
the road to secret harbour is just past red hook. romanos is on the coki beach road.
sounds like you will have a wonderful trip.
now would you mind sharing the site you found .25 deals on?? i could afford that i believe.

virginia Oct 20th, 2009 10:57 AM

i wanted to add, when you get to sugar bay make big deal of your money's tight short honeymoon and ask for an upgrade to an OCEANview room and not a building obscured view either - if you aren't given one. their rooms are not all the same & i doubt they will be very full in early nov. you will want to ask nicely (islanders Really appreciate a smidge of pleasant conversation - the fab weather/how happy you are to be there/ how lovely the resort is... before you ask them to do things for you) and maybe wait til there aren't other ppl around. :)

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