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hwinokur Feb 13th, 2007 03:19 PM

St. Lucia hotel advice
My hotel search criteria is a bit unusual, so I'm hoping someone familiar with St. Lucia can help... I'll be accompanying my husband on a business trip to St. Lucia in March. He'll be working a couple days and then we'll enjoy a few days vacationing together. Since I'll be spending time alone, I'd like to stay in an upscale resort that offers things to do on my own - like snorkeling, nearby shopping, restaurants, boat tours... but I prefer to avoid all-inclusives. I don't want to be in a location that's too isolated. Pretty views and a nice pool would be great. My husband will spend some time working from our hotel so we'll need internet and phone.
Hotels I'm considering:
Jalousie Plantation
Anse Chastanet
Rex Royal

I appreciate any feedback on these or other options.

bajangirl Feb 13th, 2007 03:53 PM

You cannot go wrong with either Jalousie or Windjammer, and Anse Chastanet is nice. My personal experience of Rex resorts is to stay away from them even though they are usually on a fab beach, St Lucia included. Koko Resorts in Rodney Bay might be worth looking into - great location as you can walk (safely) to everything, nice pool and nice rooms. Don't know Discovery. A nice small hotel in Rodney Bay is Ginger Lily Hotel. Ti Kaye and Ladera are really nice but not near to anything.
Hope that helps.

hwinokur Feb 13th, 2007 04:05 PM

Thank you! You've been a huge help.

beachdreams3 Feb 13th, 2007 04:42 PM

I think that Bajangirl meant "Coco Resorts" which operates the Coco Palm and Coco Creole hotels in Rodney Bay. Although not a full scale resort and not directly on the beach, I would definitely recommend the Coco Palm for its location, newness, value, and generally helpful staff and management. It also attracts business people so it will be convenient for your husband. The hotel has wireless access (at least in the lobby area; I didn't bring my laptop so I don't remember if it was in the rooms too) as well as a desktop computer that is available for guest use. It has a nice pool, offers massages and limited spa services, and has an on-site restaurant, with continental breakfast included. Rodney Bay is great because you can walk to everything (restaurants, shopping, beach, services), and as a woman alone, it is very safe.

Jalouise Plantation, Discovery, and Anse Chastenat are supposed to be very nice, but I think it would be harder to do things away from the resort by yourself at these places versus Rodney Bay, unless you wanted to drive (which I wouldn't do myself) or take taxis.

I saw the Rex Resorts (in Rodney Bay), but only from the outside, and I thought they looked kind of rundown.

ejcrowe Feb 13th, 2007 05:03 PM

Jalousie Plantation is in the most spectacular setting of the places you're considering, but it's also *Extremely* isolated. If you don't mind staying in once place, there should be enough there to keep you busy for a few days on your own. There's pretty good snorkeling right on site near the base of the Pitons, you can do as much hiking as you'd like, there's a spa and a gym on site, and you could hire a water taxi to take you to Soufriere if so inclined. Pretty views aound here, and the pool is nice but not fancy.

dominick2 Feb 17th, 2007 11:55 AM

Where is your husband going to be working? That might go a long way in determining where you stay. For example, if he's going to be working in Castries, he'll have at least an hour long drive in the morning if you are staying at Jalousie or Anse Chastenet. Windjammer, on the other hand, is 15 minutes from Castries (although the traffic is pretty bad in the morning, so it will actually take longer).

hwinokur Feb 18th, 2007 10:28 AM

Thank you all for your help! I really appreciate your guidance.

My husband will be working in the Rodney Bay area, so the Coco Palms sounds like a good option. I think we'll stay there 2-3 nights and then 3-4 nights at Jalousie, Windjammer, Discovery, or Ladera. I'm still working on that decision, but I'm leaning towards Jalousie for the stunning scenery, snorkeling, and hiking. I figure we'll head to Ladera for dinner one night. Any votes for Windjammer over Jalouise?

starrsville Mar 1st, 2007 06:56 PM

Jalousie is absolutely wonderful. You could easily be happy there by yourself while hubby works.

vinceygirl Mar 2nd, 2007 03:50 PM

Hi, I booked a night at the CoCo Palm in November post Windjammer trip. I was quite impressed. The pool area is very nice, so is the bar and restaurant. The bar has a two for one happy hour which was a nice surprise and drink prices were not outrageous. The hotel is right in the thick of things in Rodney Bay. We ate that evening at the Charthouse. Excellent food and a chocolate dessert to die for. The staff couldn't be more accommodating. I had a massage booked that same day, I checked in around 12:30 and asked about a massage. They set it up for me and it was wonderful. The hotel has it's own website and is true to it's pictures.

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