St. Lucia - 3 part question

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St. Lucia - 3 part question

Hi all, and thanks to those of you who have previously replied to my posts on this site.

Here's a three-part question for those of you with St. Lucia experience (keeping in mind that my fiancee and I are first-time Caribbean travellers who want to stay at an A-I to help us ease into foreign travel - and keeping in mind that we are going down to combine a wedding and a honeymoon next July):

1- We were relatively set on staying at Sandals Halcyon, but I sense from the message board that you can get more 'bang for your buck' at other properties such as Jalousie, Ladera or Anse Chastenet. Your feelings?

2- If we do stay at Halcyon, should we just book a deluxe room, or is it worth the extra $ to stay in a higher class. Considering the purpose of our trip, I would rather spend more to get more, but since I seem to get the sense that every room at Halcyon is just about the same, I wonder what I'd be paying for.

3- The rates I have been quoted from two different travel agents, for Halcyon, range from approx $8,500 to $14,000 Canadian ($5,500 to $9,000 U.S.) for 14 days, land-only (luckily I had enough points to fly us down there, so we're saving there). Does this seem about right, or is there some sort of great money-saving deal out there that I don't know about.

Thanks for your help!!!

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I can only commnet on Sandals Halycon since it is the only resort we have been to out of your selection.

As far as getting your money worth, I would say yes for various reasons. First off, you are using the facilities at both Sandals there giving you a different restaurants every day if you wanted, various pools, water sports, all your drinks, great entertainment, two beaches, etc.... Sandals is truely all inclusive so you really do not have a care in the world once you are there. WE personally have found the food to be very good, service is always excellent - the people are very freindly and accomondating adn the resort can be as quiet or as active as you want as there are acativites day and night.

Halycon resort itself is beautiful. Very tropical, romantic, laid back, casual and really care free. The two pools are excellent, nice beach, slower entertainment wise then the larger SAndals but still all the options there if you choose.

As far as the room -this is one Sandals were you could really book the lowest room category and be very happy as there is not a bad room location (unless you must have ocean view). All the rooms are excatly the same except the concierge is a mere four feet larger with a bar (that you don't need). What ever category you book, I would suggest that you request an upper room so you have the view - gardens are truely beautiful!!

The prices will vary - for two weeks in April to Sandals Antigua (would costs around the same) we paid $4200 US dollars. I would keep looking for different qoutes. There are tons of travel specialists on the web that deal only with Sandals and offer great prices. If you need a refferal to any, just email me at [email protected]

As far as the other resort you have mentioned - they all have very good reviews - will run you more I beleive.
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ok, heres my opinoion! I have stayed at the Sandals St.Lucia Golf resort and have visited the Jalousie. We loved the Sandals resort and have been to quite a few of the resorts. We took a day trip and stopped at the Jalousie for Lunch and we pd $185.00 for 6 people w/o tip.
An all we had was the Buffet. I would never return to that resort again. Food at Sandals was way better then the stuff we had there. "Just my opinion" for the amount of $$$$ you pay Sandals is a much better deal.
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I agree with Penny on the room type at Halcyon. All the rooms are just about the same size. Location is the real difference in the rooms. We stayed in the lowest cat. back by the Paradise Pool and loved it. Nice and quite, beautiful view of the grounds with flowers and palms. Only a very few rooms at Halcyon have ocean views and because they are close to the beach on ground level, not very private. The only thing I would ask for it to be sure your room is not too close to the ends of the property by the road. They are safe but some people we met said there was noise from the cars. You can't see the road due to lush gardens.
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We just got back from St. Lucia this weekend and we flew there on Air Canada points so, like you, our air fare was not part of our cost. We stayed at the Jalousie Hilton but traveled all over the island. Although we were on our 10 yr anniversary, we did meet many couples on their honeymoon. I will say, I thought that the south end of the island was far superior as far as beauty, accommodations, romance and PURE R&R. Regarding the Hilton, we thought breakfast and lunch were very good (and I read a lot of bad things about their food on various message boards. Dinner - much to be desired. I thought it was well worth it to pay a $ 30 US taxi fare (round trip) to eat at either Ladera, Courthouse or the Hummingbird ... and Ladera was exceptional each night we ate there. The best cost I could find for the Hilton was $ 300 US for the villa - ocean view. My husband and I thought it was worth every penny. The Villas are actual "private houses" ... kind of like a guest house at an estate. They were extremely spacious and you had your own patio, wet bar and plunge pools just outside the french doors of the villa. The staff was great too! The beach was great with all non-motorized sports included (which I did not know until we got there so this was a bonus) as there is snorkeling off the hotels beach.

The biggest thing with St. Lucia is to consider what type of holiday are you looking for. If it is R&R and beautiful scenery, stay on the south side. If you want all night fun, I would guess the north end would rule.

PS, if you are thinking of the south end, Ladera looked like they had beautiful rooms and, although they are 1,000' above the water and don't have a beach, they do have a shuttle that takes guests down to the beach at the Hilton at no charge.

Like previous discussions on this topic, we paid around $40 US for breakfast, $50 US for lunch and around $ 100 to $150 US for dinner (prices are for 2 people).

Good Luck,

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Hi Penny,

I just got a price quote of $4500 for a 1 week stay at the Sandals Antigua for two people. When and who did you book your trip through? Seems like you got a good deal for a two week stay. Did you like the Sandals Antigua?
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Sandals halycon is absolutely beautiful! The property is flat, with lots of trees and flowers and gardens everywhere. We just booked the deluxe. I agree that all room types are basically the same, the more expensive rooms have more of an ocean view, but some ocean views may be obstructed by trees or across the grass. From the farthest garden room to the main area is a 2 min walk. In my opinion, save your money and book deluxe, unless you absolutely need the ocean view from your room, then book the grand luxe ocean view room and request block 400. Other than the concierge rooms, this block is closest to the beach. The room block is set at a 90 degree angle to the beach. Other "ocean view" rooms would be partial, or obstructed or "a ways across the grass" to the beach.

Sandals is truely AI - literally don't need your wallet unless you want spa services or you go shopping.

We are also canadian, and paid $5500 for one week in oct 2000, from vancouver. The equivalent package from toronto is 5000. So, your price of 8500 sounds about right for two weeks, land only.

Unfortunatley, we canadians can not take advantage of US internet specials, as they provide air only from US cities, but for you, it may get you a good deal since you have the points. Air canada vacations is the only choice for west coasters, east coasters also can choose signature for sandals packages.

As for the other resorts, depends on what you like. Anse chastenet i hear is good but it is set on a hill and personally i don't want to climb stairs all day on vacation. Ladera gets good reviews too, but then you have to shuttle to the beach. Sandals halcyon, on the other hand, has both flat terrain, a great beach, beautiful gardens, and the added bonus of full included exchange priveleges at sandals st lucia for added dining and activites.

See my photos on "tropictravelonline" of st lucia and halycon.
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We went to Antigua last year and flew on points. So, for land only it was $4,000 for 6 nights for a suite. If we had booked a deluxe we could have saved $1000. We're going to St. Luica this year and with air (no points left to use) we're paying $4500 for 7 nights for a suite. The air was almost $1000/ticket.
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I have stayed at Sandals (not Halcyon). It is a supreme ripoff unless you plan on drinking alcohol nonstop.

Definitely consider one of the other resorts you mentioned. Sandals preys on honeymooners and first-time travelers who cannot compare what they can get for their money elsewhere.
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I love the Sandals concept and find that the pace is relaxed at Halcyon. You can participate or just relax, your choice. Remember to book a room that gives you the 'free wedding', I think it's a superior room. You'll also most likely be upgraded if you book thru a Certified Sandals Specialist if the property isn't sold out.

The diving and snorkel trips alone would cost $$ if you were staying at a non-AI. Plus if you or hubby golf the LaToc course would be a fun outing. The drinks are a super perk, who doesn't like swim-up pool bars to chill at...

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What room category is that for? And what time of year? April is when the prices go down.

We booked through Jason at Great prices and very professional to work with.

If you type in Sandals under search or keyword, youshould get tons of travel specialists that book sAndals for lower prices - just compare qoutes.

We loved Sandals Antigua - more so then Halycon I think although they are both great. Nicer beach and the most beuaitufl grounds - very romantic and relaxing.
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We are not drinkers and we love Sandals never feel ripped off. Have been to quite a few and loved them all but Sandals St.Lucia Golf & Spa and Sandals Negril has been our favorite. Have been to the Jalousie and did not care for the food.

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